Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fredericksburg Police Chief

This old photo of the current Fredericksburg police chief was published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post's July 9, 2008 edition.

Years ago, I was told that this man had worked as an undercover narcotics officer but was fired by the DEA for using and stealing cocaine. I was also told he was sent to some sort of rehab. program.

A few years later, he was appointed police chief after having been recommended by a Texas Ranger who had headed the DPS's state Criminal Investigations unit.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Hoerster, You should get your facts straight before you libel someone. Paul never worked for the DEA. Never used illegal drugs. Never was fired. Never stole anything. You are subjecting yourself to a lawsuit for damages for defamation of character.

ML said...

My statements above are based on what persons close to the police chief told me plus things I personally observed at the time concerning the chief's behavior after I was told he'd just returned from rehab.

I can provide a copy of an earlier article on the police chief published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post that does state he worked undercover for the DEA. This earlier article has somewhat different career dates than the ones in the article that accompanied the above photo, and I don't understand why they are different.

I have nothing to hide and welcome any public forum where true facts can be openly revealed and discussed. I would be interested in hearing confirmation or correction of any of these facts from anyone else with accurate information that can be documented. I'd also appreciate it if someone would clear up the apparent confusion regarding the information that is different in the two articles for me.

In any case, I believe the photo speaks for itself, and I believe the police chief authorized its publication.

ML said...

I have now looked up the older article I mentioned above, and I stand corrected: the article does not say the police chief worked for the DEA. I believe I must have confused what I was told verbally by persons close to the chief with what was actually in the article.

Because I want to emphasize that I strive very hard to keep this blog as accurate as possible (and have no problem with correcting myself when proved wrong!), I have posted the portions of both the older article and the newer one accompanying the photo that deal with both who this man worked for and when. As you can see if you read them carefully, there is a 2-year difference in the printed dates this man ended his undercover work between the two articles. From what I can remember, I believe the 1990 date is correct because it is closer to when I remember being told all this stuff, but I'm not positive about this--it was a long time ago.

ML said...

Update: Last evening I was harassed by a law enforcement officer who kept riding by me on a bicycle. This officer, who was not in uniform but whom I recognized despite his bike helmet, somehow knew I was coming and was waiting for me either at or near my ex-husband's business office, because I saw him come from there.

I believe there's a good chance he's the person who wrote the anonymous comment above. If there's someone at the DOJ who actually takes harassment by police officers seriously and is willing to look into this, I will provide the officer's name and additional details about the harassment which can then be potentially linked to computer information.

Anonymous said...

Ms Hoerster you are a sorry crazy bitch. You are the only person harassing the good people of Fredericksburg. You need help or to just move away. You are a pathetic excuse of a human and to claim this is domestic violence makes me want to punch you in your sorry face. Go to Hell.

Anonymous said...

mary lou retracts only when confronted by a letter written by what sounds like a lawyer

what about the other hundreds of lies and insinuations?

you will pay