Monday, May 10, 2010

True Logic

Beginning sometime in 2004 (I can't remember exactly when), I began receiving numerous automated calls on my cell phone from a company called True Logic Financial Corporation. These calls came daily to every few days and at all hours, so they were annoying to the point of being harassment. Worse, the message that played when I answered these calls or checked my voice mail said they were from a collection agency I owned money to, when I knew this wasn't the case. Sometimes the messages included a phone number I was supposed to call, but when I tried to do this and/or return the original call, I got only more recorded messages about either paying what I (supposedly) owned or asking for my account information, which of course I didn't have.

I received these calls for about 18 months with no relief because I couldn't even speak with a live person about them and never received anything in writing from them that I could respond to. Finally in April of 2006, I located True Logic's website on the internet and emailed them a complaint about the calls, explaining that I was certain I did not even have an account with them and threatening to go to the authorities if the calls didn't stop.

It wasn't long after I sent this email that a live person from True Logic finally called me. The customer service representative told me their records showed the account of a different person was listed with my phone number, and he asked me if I knew this person. I recognized the name he gave me immediately as that of a woman who worked with my ex-husband, as I explained to the representative. I also told him I'd had a lot of trouble for many years with people associated with my ex-husband harassing me in various ways, and I made it clear that I expected True Logic to stop participating in this.

The representative did a little more checking. He said this woman owed money on an account somewhere that had been turned over to his company and that she'd given True Logic my cell phone number as her own contact number. He apologized to me, assured me he was taking immediate steps to correct their records, and promised me the calls from True Logic to my cell phone would stop. Thankfully, they did. (Later, I learned True Logic was under investigation by the Texas Attorney General's office for some reason.)

I thought that was the end of the matter, but in January of 2007 I started receiving calls from a company called Jefferson Capital. This time it was much easier to connect with a real person at the company, and I quickly discovered that the same woman had again given my cell phone number as her own to people she owed money to. I explained the situation and told them she'd done this to me before, after which I received no further calls from them.

Over the years, I have seen the woman who did all this to me harassing us in many other ways: sitting in various vehicles in front of our house (either alone or with friends), speeding through our driveway (which is trespassing), following us, etc. This woman's husband used to work at one of the funeral homes in our town. I believe he was the same person who was found dead under suspicious circumstances a few years ago whose death was ruled a suicide.

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