Monday, January 3, 2011

The Benefits Of Sharing

My post immediately prior to this one was the result of information and documentation that was shared with me by a fellow victim who has been extremely helpful and supportive. As soon as I saw the information, I realized its potential importance to other victims and was glad to be able to try and help her get it out to as many people as possible. [Note: These posts can be easily emailed to others, the media, political representatives, law enforcement professionals, etc. by clicking on the envelope icon at the end of each.]

Recently, another victim of organized/gang stalking contacted me with a link to his video on what he has been subjected to, and he was kind enough to include permission to share it. The link is:

I sent this link on to others I correspond with, and one of them immediately recognized certain details that may connect what's being done to him to a particular stalker and/or group.

Having this information helps those of us who study stalking with a goal of ending it tremendously. Hopefully, this knowledge will also be able to be used to help the victim eventually. In any case, he's also now in touch with a group of caring, supportive people in similar situations who understand very well what he's being subjected to.

One of the primary goals of the evil that is organized/gang stalking is to isolate victims so they feel hopeless and helpless. Because this person had the courage to reach out to us, his problems can now be addressed on several different fronts.

The most important advice I can give to fellow victims, whether they are victims of stalking, crime, domestic violence or abuse, or whatever, is to keep fighting back and keep reaching out to others. I say this knowing all too well from personal experience that many of the websites and discussion groups that claim to support victims are often actually run by stalkers, but when you run across these (and you likely will, at some point!), just cross them off your list and move on. Don't ever give up!--that's just what criminals want you to do, and it only encourages them to keep victimizing others. Don't fall into the vengeance trap, either, because it will ultimately end up hurting you far more than those victimizing you. Instead, speak out as loudly and clearly as possible to as many others as possible, and remember that you can always find people who really care and give really good advice right here.

I can be reached by email at I'm always happy to share victims' stories, advice, information, etc. (with personal information removed), but I won't share what you tell me without your permission, so be sure to include who can be given access (me only, private support network, post on blog, etc.).

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