Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Culture Of Impunity

It's fitting that I've spent my last few posts discussing the importance of sharing for victims of organized crime and organized/gang stalking. Another friend and fellow stalking victim has recently written and posted a two-part essay that I believe is very important, and when I contacted them to ask permission to share portions of it here, they not only agreed, but were even kind enough to help me edit their material into a briefer format that's geared toward American readers. (The author is from another country.) I've included the location of the original posts at the end of the piece for those who'd like to read them in their entirety.

The Culture Of Impunity

"In the cases of those of us who are targeted, the culture of impunity
that is created is one of psychopaths, rogue and mercenary officers,
government officials, corporate executives, politicians, lawyers,
medical personnel, and other professionals, etc. actually engaging in
criminal conspiracy to break the law.

This was well demonstrated in the video I published previously called,
Listen To A Stranger, where ordinary people were asked to commit
crimes such as robbery, drugging, and kidnapping at the behest of
actors who were impersonating police officers, federal agents, bounty
hunters, etc. as well as the victims of these crimes.

Not a single person questioned either the identity of the person or
the legal authority of the request to commit the crime. One woman
explicitly stated that she assumed she wouldn’t get in trouble since
the person asking her to rob a woman claimed to be a police officer.

It is this culture of impunity and the blind faith sheep mentality
that it encourages that the American Declaration can protect us from.

While the targets of this type of abuse have been few in numbers, the
numbers are rapidly increasing and these strategies are now becoming
standard practice in the abuse of social activists, whistle blowers,
etc. as well as innocent targets like me and others.

It’s my opinion, that people like me who were targeted in the 1960s
and 1970s were simply the experimental test cases for the development
of these techniques by Psychopathic rogue and mercenary elements who
have now created an industry out of them and are advocating and
selling them to government agencies, corporations, organized crime and
any other buyer who can afford it and wants to target someone for any
number of reasons."

"In my opinion, this topic is critical to understanding exactly how horrific crimes like Organized Stalking can occur in the West, in countries which laud themselves on being open democracies and claim to value individual rights.

We are, in fact, open democracies and we do, in fact, value civil rights both individual and social, except ….

And it’s the words that come after the 'except' that are what matters and what turns these claims into nothing more than a shameless hypocrisy. It’s the 'except' that establishes that we live in a Culture of Impunity for certain elements in our society and our open democracy and social and individual civil rights only matter when it’s convenient to the “right” people."

To read the entire post: http://organizedstalkingandcyberstalking.blogspot.com/

Legislation to make Organized Stalking Illegal Is A Necessity!
January is National Stalking Awareness Month.

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Update, 12/2014:
The following has just been published in the San Antonio Express-News.  It's written about Mexico, but everything said here applies to the U.S. as well!

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