Monday, March 14, 2011

Take A Number, Please!

[This post is a continuation of the previous post.]

In January of 2004, a private investigator I'd hired named Ed Hodges forged my name on a fraudulent trust document that gave him and a lawyer-friend of his complete control of my house and land. (This document was filed by the county clerk's office despite the fact that it was not even properly notarized.) At some time between then and June of that year, the county tax office changed the owner's address on my house and property to that of my ex-husband's business office, as documented in the earlier post here titled "Address Changes".

In February of 2004, as shown here, a woman named Sandy, whom I'd been told was an employee of Ed Hodges, sent me the two completely unsolicited emails shown here. She told me I should consider changing my Internet service to one of the two companies she mentioned if any of their access numbers were not long distance for me because their fees were cheaper than the provider I'd been using.

At the time, I was satisfied with our service, so I ignored these. Later, however, our provider raised our rates considerably, so I went back to these emails to take a closer look. Each of the two servers had only one number that was a local call for us: the same number in nearby Willow City. I chose the cheaper of these options and switched our service over.

The provider I switched to as a result uses the server involved in the Man In The Middle attack on my computer in the previous post. In retrospect, I believe Sandy knew there was only one number in each list that I could use. I feel certain she deliberately sent me to it knowing it would enable the attack on my computer.

These emails provide documentation of serious federal offenses that can and should be added to those documented in the previous post.

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