Monday, April 4, 2011

More Illegal Surveillance Cameras Found

This equipment has been illegally installed by someone behind a drawer in an island in the middle of our kitchen. Fiber optics that are encased in putty look through pinholes through the wood of the island that are pointed straight at the screen of our home computer.

There is also an opening that's been cut under the pipes for the sink and then firmly screwed back in place with four small screws. When we unscrewed these and finally managed to pry the cut-out free (because it had been varnished over), we could see a piece of wood that's been added at the front bottom of the inside of the cabinet to cover something. This piece of wood is firmly glued in place and difficult to reach.

There are strong radio frequency (RF) signals on the outside of this island cabinet, directly in front of the equipment.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, cut these crab, look at the facts.

Are most chemicals being complainted about developed from these experiments?

Check out Edgewood Arsenal lawsuit..

The complaint addressed CS chemical being able to target a very controled area, fast acting to deter detection and evidence gathering.

You are not imaging this, they are being sued!!!