Monday, June 6, 2011

Dressing Area

In my "Bedside Matters" post of 5/15/11, I discussed my findings of strong radio frequency (RF) signals and obvious signs of tampering at the backs of a set of tall built-in cabinets located on the other side of the wall behind the head of my bed that are strongly indicative of the presence of illegal devices sealed inside the wall there.

I'm now in the process of going back to some areas of our house where we have not yet found signs of illegal surveillance devices but, for various reasons, have good reasons for suspecting they might be installed there. One such area is the small dressing area just off my bedroom where the built-in cabinets mentioned above are located.

Once I checked the dressing area more carefully, it didn't take long to locate an area of strong localized RF signals in the corner of the outside of the built-ins, on the side next to my closet. (See first photo below.) And sure enough, there's a suspicious-looking hole in the moulding there (second photograph).

I suspect this is the fiber optic end of an illegal surveillance camera that is sealed inside the wall between the dressing area and the side of my closet. A camera installed in this particular location would have a clear view all the way down the length of the area where I usually get dressed and undressed each day. It would also be pointed straight at the bathroom sinks and mirror, a second closet that forms the entrance to our attic, and into the entrance of the area where my children and I shower.

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