Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Phantom Hacker

Recently, I received the following warning email from Google regarding my main email account, letting me know that they had prevented someone from signing into my account:

After checking the activity log for my account, I sent the following request for assistance:

Because of severe hacking problems on our family computer and my adult children's laptops here, I often find it faster and more convenient to check my emails on my Kindle. I have actually been keeping an eye on the activity logs for my account for some time, and I have been noticing a great deal of unauthorized accessing of my account by unknown persons using Amazon IP addresses. It appears hackers may be using other Kindles set up to somehow "mirror" mine so they can get into my emails without arousing Google's suspicion. In the case of the Phantom Hacker from Washington State, when they traveled from Washington to Colorado and then tried to access my account, their device automatically connected via T-Mobile instead and triggered the alarm.

This Phantom Hacker and others on the West Coast seem to often be illegally accessing my emails while I'm asleep, which the time difference makes much easier.

The most interesting aspects of the Phantom Hacker's attacks, however, are the timing of their trip from Washington to Colorado and the two particular places involved. More information on these must wait for now, but hopefully it will be able to be revealed in the near future.

I am seriously considering posting copies of some of the activity logs from this email account in order to document the amazing amount of illegal access going on.  And of course, there is also the matter of just who is handing out all my current account passwords...


Black Rose said...

Document, document, document.... then post it. It makes them mad, which is good from my experience. Anything that makes them mad or that they do not like is obviously something that is good based on my experience.

For example they hate that I journaled their activities and that I have back up images of the items they have altered.

Anything that makes them try to shame you or stop you is good. It means that they are scared.

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thanks for sharing your experience

Anonymous said...

Do you get now that people do hack into other peoples accounts, use other peoplrs names and emails for malicious reasons. Several months back you posted a persons email,name and supposed copy of a letter what you did not know is that her email was hacked too. She hired a lawyer due to the humiliation snd harassment caused by the email and you sharing it knowing that law enforcement reads this blog. This woman also noticed your name,hers, personal emails posted on a site called Topix .She immediately reported the the posts and was successful in getting many removed. Including ones with your name. She felt bad for you and was disgusted by the sites unethical allowance of othets posting peoples personal info.
The internet can be so helpful. It also can be a place of great harm an malice. So please remember you are not the only one being harassed . As for the matter of the poor dog thrown on your property after being abused and killed, just sickening. Somebody who is extremely evil did that . I am so sorry your children and you had to see that.

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