Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sad Start To The New Year

WARNING:  The photographs below are disturbing.  Unfortunately, they are also necessary.

Neighbors of ours appeared to get a puppy for Christmas, because a cute little dog turned up in their yard around that time.

Unfortunately, we soon began to both see and hear signs that this animal was being abused.  A few days ago, one of my adult children both discussed with me inside our house and communicated by email with a friend that they were seriously considering making an official complaint of animal cruelty against the owner/s.  Note that at no time was this matter ever discussed by any of us outside the privacy of our home.

This evening, we found the body of the poor dog in our pasture.  As you can  clearly see, it had been hit over the head and brutally stabbed to death elsewhere and then thrown over the fence onto our property.

These are the kinds of acts organized stalkers commit.  They also happen to be the kind of acts serial killers commit.


Anonymous said...

Despite the dog's age, it would appear that the person keeping it, had obtained their concept of how to do so, entirely from those who keep and train dogs for fighting.

If that wasn't what they had planned, they can't ever have had a role model who kept a dog in a more normal way.

Anonymous said...

The scam here, by organized stalking rings, is to spread the rumor that you, the target of the organized stalking ring, did it. This is their real evil. Not only do they commit the types of crimes committed by psychopaths they also try to blame the victims for the crimes they commit.

They really are pure evil.

Anonymous said...

The person who killed the dog in this manner, must either have been informed by, or provoked to do so by, someone who illegally monitors the household's conversations and communications, which has been the subject of many earlier posts.

Either that, or they are one of the persons who has been illegally bugging the household over a very extended period of time.

Anonymous said...

Poor animal. What a pretty dog. I disparage and despise anyone who hurts anyone or thing. But especially anyone or anything helpless.