Thursday, December 12, 2013

Removed Post

I have received a private email from someone asking me to remove my post from August 12, 2012 titled "A Warning".  The sender of the email claimed that their private email address had been hacked in the past and that someone else had sent out an email I included in the post.  I have moved this post to the "Drafts" section of my blog for now, pending further investigation.  None of the material from the post has been lost, including the attached comments.

Whatever the truth of any particular claim or comment, it's very clear that one party or another has engaged in stalking, hacking, and defamation.  Somebody else has also tried to paint me in the blackest possible terms for reporting this.

I must point out that in my experience and that of countless other Targeted Individuals (TIs), backing down has never helped a stalking victim yet and probably never will.  The best protection  is exposure of who is doing the hacking, along with their motives and an indication of whom else benefits from their actions.

[With thanks to Medawar, who has given me advice on how to handle this.]

Update:  I believe all of the comments below are actually from my ex-husband.


Florida CAT TRAP said...

I have reported to medawar and now to you I CRACKED THIS WIDE OPEN !! I mean that. I am TAMPA. I fled TAMPA. THe same thing happened where I fled. THAT and an illegal foreclosure (two in five months on a CURRENTLY PAID HOME) exposed the ENTIRE SCHEME> I would personally not believe the person who said their email was hacked. Why would someone DO THAT when they can mirror or imitate someone's email? But I can't fault you for investigating it. You're a good sort. Are you also the one who comments on someone trying to get you to buy a smaller house? I hope so I have tried for over a year to get your attention. I DO HOPE that you know I understand that it's difficult to trust anyone. I know that. I know my comments can range and contain many subjects and that I am in a blasting hurry when I type them. Yes I was being killed in the damned house in Florida and NOW I KNOW HOW. Please please ask Medawar what he thinks. I am also connected through the SAME PEOPLE #samepeople to the person or persons who left morgan ingram for dead in her bed. SAME TACTICS. #SAMEPEOPLE. As well, there are MANY OTHER factors which tie us together. SO THAT LED to the near complete cracking of their case too. Mine is cracked wide open. With ed snowden and other help we can prove all of this now readily. I am about to go to court. I could use your help and your affidavit. I will present your blog but it would be so much more authentic if you would provide current affidavit. Please consider doing so.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

Did you remove my other comments or are they somewhere else/ No matter. Look !!! I know where that hektor7 plate came from now. I won't be able to get to it but I KNOW NOW that I SAW IT and I KNOW where it drove from to drive past me.

I'll never see it again. I also saw O'Neill plate frequently and VERY ODDLY numerous times. THAT is meant to represent Robert E O'Neill florida middle district who left DOJ to work for Louis Freeh former FBI. Google Freeh to see what that now means for innocent workers across america.

HERE is what was posted at topix after I commented on your blog. Nor sure how the eleanor white comment sandwiched in between those because it was not there when I read the hektor7 IN FACT everything on my computer was acting up FIFTY VIDEOS PLAYING at once all having to do with THIS, hektor7, controlling drug addiction, the helicopter of the tampa police dept which stalked us relentlessly for years and etc. More on that later.


ELEANOR IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. I DO NOT KNOW HOW SHE WEASELED IN WITH YOU BUT SHE WAS OUTED IN 2006 and she is DEFINITELY A SKANK. Isn't that amazing that I would post all of that as knoxcountydot org then NOTHING then I wake up and that is there and JUST AFTER I reported to you that I saw that tag of hektor7 here in rural ky.

I was posting as knoxcountydotorg BECAUSE I found the attorneys, judge, guy next door and the SAME PEOPLE from FLORIDA all holed up in a community in KNOXCOUNTY DOT ORG. I am sure that has now disappeared from the Internet but I have it here. I accomplish this by juxtaposing one player/stalker with another ... IT WORKS.

Again, I advise you to take everything you learned from Eleanor, set it aside and go back about solving your "case". I have solved mine. It's the #samepeople. I promise you that.
I also outed David Lawson, eleanor's little sidekick who I am sure is an exfirefighter from glen falls NY but it would take me a full day to tell you how. Google THAT is david lawson. LOOK WHAT IT DOES NOW. Watch your address line in your browser.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

OKAY my comments are between here and the brown hand post. I posted this link there as well. What happened is I fell asleep and woke up around TWO AM and fell back asleep around 530 am. You remember how terribly you probably slept when they were after your house? SAME HERE. TWICE IN FIVE MONTHS they have dragged us into foreclosure court. ELEANOR HINTED TO THAT ON TOPIX. You must must re-evaluate EVERYTHING without her input. In fact, I doubt IT is a SHE. If it is IT has you fooled. SHE IT has also threatened my family member/my son BY NAME. BY NAME. You understand. Then they came after him in real life. And kidnapped him to first TN then IL then MO. Out of curiosity go see how far elgin is from decatur il. Also that part of Illinois is blackwater. My remaining nephew also ended up in illinois. AT THE SAME TIME. What do you think the chances of that are for two florida boys?

Florida CAT TRAP said...

I left a comment at medawar and meant to copy it here but found something else and copied it and lost what I had on clipboard due to that. Please get it from him. It involves hektor7 I AM ALMOST POSITIVE I HAVE NARROWED DOWN WHO THAT IS OR ONE OF WHOM THAT MIGHT BE. Please ask him for the comment. I am up to my rear in alligators here at this time but I did leave it there asking him to tell you.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

Does this mean anything to you? I am running down a thread. Related to a plane crash and other things not out of the blue but a definite stalking
Linda Ann Gentry
Member in Good Standing Eligible to practice in Florida

ID Number: - 949360
Address: 985 Avondale St
Merkel, Texas 795366007
United States
Phone: 325.928.1792

vCard: Download contact information

Admitted: 09/23/1992

10-Year Discipline History None

Florida CAT TRAP said...

THere are more florida lawyers with that windstream email please go to florida bar member search .. search for gentry or any name on your own list of skanks and see which ones may be familiar to you. There exists a list t0p 500 inhouse counsel in america the .xls NOT the .pdf this is the root of this and masons and mennonites. This is NOT a guess. This is factual. EVERY PERSON WHO HAS HARASSED US GOES BACK TO THAT LIST. I believe the same to be true for you and for morgan ingram and for many others.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

OK it's DEFINITELY connected. I found out what hektor7 means and then when I left my house for the only time today my son and I were confronted with THE ENTIRE FIRE DEPT sitting parked in our path. This is a small place but they have a TON of fire vehicles for some reason. SO there were ten of them, one after the other all lights and sirens blaring... THE FRONT ONE (going the opposite direction as they all were) blocked the lane with his truck. I COULD have passed but with the number of people he had lined up behind him (maybe ten cars after the ten firetrucks) I felt I should wait it out. I guess he expected me to pass. He had kept all those people blocked there waiting for us. It took us awhile to get out of our yard due to mud and some machinations required to get free of it. OK. So I video all of that I sit tight and do not move and tell my son of all the things I have discovered today ... TONS. Finally he gives up and comes RIGHT AT ME. He almost had to because the other cars raced up behind me two or three of them. ALso at the corner to our stop was the FIRE DEPT with the big name of this place EMBLAZONED ON THE SIDE.
At the store was the regular fire tag stalker and IN the first store was a regular group of them as well. THEN at the grocery another arrived and one I have noted passing slowly FOR DAYS. With the exact type van employed by the five last people (young prostitutes0 used to inveigle my son. An Indiana tag and a girl his age got out. My father was killed in Indiana, I have noted this van as it is the same type honda van driven by Christine Breen wife of Robert O'Neill's business partner. I know you understand me better now as these are also things you are familiar with the following and the cars and the methods. I don't know how they don't get to your kids. THey infiltrate my kids ALL THE TIME. You are very lucky in that respect.

So I have kinda wanted that tag number and now I have it. It went on and on.

HEKTOR7 holed up right here in RURAL KY. I KNEW IT. I knew it said that. I was so almost positive but now ... NO DOUBT AT ALL.

Oh when we drove back home about ten minutes later they were re-parking all the fire trucks.

These volunteer guys totally strive to do the job of their highly paid city counterparts SO THERE MUST BE SOME MANDATE. There is no other way unless they took it upon themselves. DO the firemen do this in your area? I know the cops are complicit there but I don't remember reading anything about the firemen there.

westopgangstalking said...

Florida CAT TRAP said...

EVERY TIME I research the slightest thing it goes STRAIGHT to TEXAS as I tried to tell you previously. This one has a clerk of court in its pocket in texas along with multiple others. See if anything is familiar.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

Lawrence Michael Thacker Anti Domestic Terrorism Act.

He is a known victim of a chasing death more commonly referred to as gangstalking.

Yes it DOES sound crazy. Didn't realize that until I finally realized I was living the insanity he was trying to relate to me just before he was murdered.

Anonymous said...

If the post you removed was the email sent to you in regards to FPD and a case in regards you an assualt of of young woman I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart . I do not care what other locals say it means a great deal to me .
That letter was sent via a email of mine that was hacked and it was very loosely based of a complaint I made with FPD . Only it was much more salacious , malicious and just all wrong . It lead to forms of stalking and harassment from several people and sadly I could not get any help with it. I do not blame you . I blame the person who viciously did it knowing it would harm me .
In the last 7 + years a local woman , who is friends with a city servants wife , stole my identity in : name , address , date of birth , ssi # .... she has racked up numerous bills in my name and now is sharing my personal information with family and her father and siblings are now doing the same . I have had NO luck at all with any of our legal departments even so much as contacting her. My complaints have lead to very open hostility from city employees and her family including two attempts of assualt via her step-sister.
It has become a very hopeless , helpless and sad situation because I know her actions are very illegal and my asking for help has lead to retaliation . I get daily calls and visits from people looking for her and it has taken a horrible toll on my health . We do know she has made email , Youtube and other social media accounts in my name but where I believe some of this might tie into you also is that I did register a comlaint with a medical board after somebody we both are linked to overlooked 7 cracked disc in my back . Oddly a doctor in a larger town ran the same test and found the fractures . I would like to think one or their employees would not retaliate over being reported for so a severe screw up but it does happen .
Again thank you for removing the post .

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my use of you instead of to in the first few sentences . Auto-Correct on my phone . This has nothing to do with you somebody is just using your forum to cause me and others grief as they knew many read it . So sorry .

Anonymous said...

And I am a stalking victim too . Not nearly as badly as you are but it stems from simply telling the truth and making l.e. angry over reporting crime and misdeeds in good faith . We luckily are moving to a state that does not care about Fbg or its pettiness .