Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brown Hand Center

Consider the article below.

I strongly suggest someone take a close look at whomever has taken over ownership of the Brown Hand Center and exactly how the takeover of this business was accomplished.  

Please also see


Update, also from the San Antonio Express-News:

If this gentleman is up against any of the same people I am, I can understand why no lawyers, courts, or government organizations will help him.


Florida CAT TRAP said...

SAME TYPE THING IN ATLANTA and these folks I refer to ARE BEHIND the stalking along with another powerful old woman who provides this and that to them. I will not be pointed in my commentary HERE but I have directed it at them at my own filthy blog. I discovered they murdered AT LEAST THREE and probably more of my family members. Up to nine of my family members IN FLORIDA but FOR US this started in Detroit Michigan and maybe before that in England. But I can't know things which happened before I was born.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

OH SORRY. GOOGLE HOWARD JENKINS CLINIC IN ATLANTA AND THE DOCTOR WHO "SUICIDED" PLEASE NOTE these are all the same things I commented on at your blog before I finally gave up ... I don't blame you for not trusting me but please we MUST move past that. OH I nearly forgot.. I laughed about it but I am pretty sure that a FRONT CAR TAG passing me yesterday said what really appeared to be Hektor7. I can't be positive but it really looked like it. I was video'ing at the time so you hear my surprise in the video but you do NOT see the tag... because I didn't realize it until it was in my rearview mirror too late to read or go back.

If you recall when I first began to tie our "cases" together I began being followed by MANY MANY texas tags. I documented all of that too and I know now how we can identify all of the folks I haven't yet identified. Unlike others I believe all of these people should be called in and questioned. We can do that

Florida CAT TRAP said...

http://www.topix.com/forum/state/co/TQUG7AF89JUHII4I0/p679#lastPost RIGHT HERE. I duped his post with my own commentary. THAT appeared there after I made this comment.

Florida CAT TRAP said...