Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cellular Tracking

This article appeared recently in the San Antonio Express-News.

There are a great many indications that these types of equipment are in common use in Central Texas, both by law enforcement and by organized crime.  In particular, the equipment is most definitely being used to facilitate organized stalking.


Lissa Humane said...

They've been using this since the para-militarized with infiltrating police since at least 2004 under Bush. Be aware, lots of infiltration now. Even in the Christian community. Jade Helm has been going on longer than realized. Read this article by Nathan Leal. As a target now, what he says about HUMINT human terrain mapping has already been done in America; Wikileaks Assange's articles move then prove they were doing this in Africa long prior, after 911, brother, our world changed before our eyes by high treasonous luciferian traitors. I'm a dying watchwoman on the wall for Christ and my fellow countrymen and woman. It is my obvious un-chosen mission after they maliciously murdered my husband, and warped justice placing me on this target list just as maliciously. See this as an ex: And God be with us all.

Anonymous said...

Best of my knowledge this has been operational since 1999

Heinrich Mueller LOL said...

So i guess Jade Helm really was just an exercise? Or is it still going on??? Ooooooo