Friday, December 25, 2015


First, consider the following two articles, both of which were published in the December 16, 2015 issue of the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post newspaper:

Then consider the following update, which was published by the same newspaper a week later:

Now it's time for an explanation of what is actually going on here.

The property being considered as a site for the new tax office is in a residential neighborhood that is well off major highways and not at all close to any other comparable offices.  It lies just west of my house, homestead, and agricultural property.  All of this land, including my property, was illegally zoned commercial in 2007 as detailed elsewhere in this blog.

A little additional information:  There have been repeated attempts to illegally obtain my homestead and agricultural land for development in the past.  Most of these have involved the GCAD, and all of these have specifically involved the man who now heads this agency.  I have detailed and documented many of these attempts here previously, and I have attempted to file numerous criminal complaints against the perpetrators, who have very high-level government connections, also as detailed and documented elsewhere here.  In addition, I have already tied my ex-husband, his family, and various associates of his to these attempts.  The current listed owners of this property under consideration as a location for the new GCAD office are also close associates of my ex-; the wife is a fellow local physician, and the husband is a member of the local school board who works for a major local construction company.  The bank financing the proposed project is my ex-husband's family's bank.

The asking price of 1.57 million dollars for the property in question is frankly outrageous.  It clearly represents both an attempt to funnel large amounts of public money to certain entities, and it also clearly represents an attempt to establish what the GCAD intended to use in the near future as a comparable property value for my own land so as to provide an excuse to raise my property taxes to a level that I can't afford to pay.  No doubt, my ex-husband and his associates also thought it would be extremely amusing to place the office of one of the main public entities that has committed crimes against me practically right next door to my house.

It's encouraging that some local officials finally had the courage to stand up to this attempt.  Unfortunately, the same issues of this newspaper also contain notices that longtime incumbent county commissioners are no longer running for office, which implies threats against them.

I find it both interesting and ironic that the attempt to rush this deal through was made at Christmastime.  I believe a very high-profile homicide in London that took place in 1999 was the direct result of a visit the victim had made to this area that was related to the Christmas holiday.  During this visit, I believe the victim learned of the shocking criminal activities taking place here and that they were killed to prevent this information from being revealed publicly.  At least some locals appear to realize that the eyes of people from around the world are now fixed on them and that they are now being held accountable for what they do.


Medawar said...

It's increasingly the case that the online versions of Fleet Street newspapers, such as the Daily Mail, will cater for an American audience by publishing stories of local relevance and these are very often stories which America's own press fails to report at all. This means that particularly in cases of local government corruption, criminals can miscalculate the odds on being exposed.

Anonymous said...

You have a very interesting blog with a lot of detailed information. I'm glad you have persevered through the terrors you have gone through and would like to offer some advice to you and your family that I think may help you. If you're still having trouble, I would seek help from the FBI immediately. I've been dealing with a very similar situation and I've found that these stalkers will often try to discredit the FBI and other US law enforcement organizations by saying they're corrupt. The truth is they don't want you to seek help and will try to stop you at all costs. In fact, you can usually spot stalkers who try to infiltrate your life because of this.

Naturally, you should try reporting it to the local police first, then try the FBI if the local authorities cannot or will not help you. The other thing I would like to mention is that many of the stalkers who infiltrated my life have tried to give me misinformation, usually about the size and scope of their organization. I don't know whether this has happened to your family as well but generally speaking, you should report only things you have personally experienced. I have told the authorities about your situation as well and I really hope things improve soon.

Heinrich Mueller LOL said...

Illogical. They killed a Londoner for finding out "their" dirty little secret but they leave you alive to blather on on a public blog, and in the same town? Fucking nonsense. Illogical. Sorry, lady. This is all just plain horse shit. You either thrive on drama or you badly need attention or both. Just explain this: