Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Knife Attacks

On the morning of November 2, 2015, my adult daughter got up early to bring our horses up to the barn because the farrier was coming to shoe them.  Above is the sight that met her just inside our gate, where the perpetrator knew she would find it.

This blackbuck antelope is one of a number of exotics that my ex-husband and I used to raise on our property when we were married.  After my ex- left, some of the exotics escaped capture and have remained on the property.

Notice that the killer of this animal left behind what is a very nice set of horns.  Also notice that the removed flesh is mostly skin, muscle, and connective tissue; that the animal has not actually been gutted; and that the knifework was done with surgical precision.  This does not in any way appear to be the work of a game poacher.

My daughter called the city police, and they sent out an officer. My daughter said that the officer appeared extremely uncomfortable about being there, took down only very minimal information, and did not do any sort of examination or further investigation.  He did say he would "write a report".  He was not on the scene for more than 5 minutes or so.  We have never heard anything further from law enforcement.

That same morning when I went to fix my breakfast, I discovered that a box in our refrigerator containing gluten-free waffles (i.e., something that only I eat) had been slashed several times with a knife; see below.  I'm positive this box had not been cut when I had taken it out the morning before.  These cuts could only have been made by someone breaking into our house while we'd been asleep the previous night.

The attack on the antelope clearly targeted my daughter.  The slashed box clearly targeted me.  Both of us have made a number of serious complaints to high-level law enforcement recently about the continued stalking, harassment, and hacking that we are constantly being subjected to.  We believe these attacks were done in retaliation.

My daughter and I are totally disgusted, outraged, and appalled at the way law enforcement at all levels continues to cover up for someone who is clearly extremely dangerous and deranged.  We and the general public at large demand protection from this monster!

For more information, I refer you to a 3-part series of posts I did earlier:




Finally, please consider the following:



Anonymous said...

get two eye bolts and a stick of rebar 36" plus at your local lumber yard and install on each door (appx $7 a door). Keep windows battoned down with a stick to keep them from being slid upwards or sideways.
Install security cameras on home, barn, and access areas that can be viewed from a smartphone. Have another set with a drive.
Put an additional lock on garage door so the remote can't be used for entry and manually operate it(ex., clasp lock and padlock) to prevent entry

fishing line with bells, deer cameras on trees, and solar night lights may help.

Animal cruelty is more important today than cruelty to women. Explore what has been done to this animal and how others may help.

And, most importantly, stay away from these serial killer sites and sites that solve crime. Most likely they are the perpetrators of the crimes you are experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, it's unlikely all this is one monster doing all the terror.

If you live near a military base, odds are their police are recruited based on their military experience; hence, no police force.
The Nazi article is symptomatic of what is going on. Typically, it's the military, media, and general consensus Americans must relive WWII Germany if local, state, and federal police are to place all the blame on the citizens for not solving crime. (Remember how our General blamed the Germans for the atrocities?)

You don't live in Germany and you shouldn't have to act like you do.

It's always a research for them; terror to the general population.

Contact stalking advocates, animal abuse advocates, file trespassing charges-make certain your property is posted clearly-and keep your barn locked so they can't poison or harm your horses and keep your pets safe, too.

Have an escape plan. Keep your car packed with an extra disposable phone if needed, emergency lights, food, water,clothes,blanket,and always check maintenance.

People are into psychobabble moreso than living in peace, health and welfare and trying to force others into living in terror. It is the world in which we live nowadays.

Get a weapon for protection. Be prepared to use it.

That knifing of the box in the fridge is serious. Lock up good and take a little time for yourself.

Most of the conspiracy minded are likely to inflict such terror. Where you are, I can only imagine there are many.

Anonymous said...

Gang Stalkers are nobody to mess around with: they have the support and protection of the shameless scumbag clown trash known as law enforcement.

Never once have prosecutors ever once...considered indicting any group of gang stalkers (they seem to be protected under a legal fiction called "state secrets-National Security". Remember the NSA wiretapping scandal so long ago? NSA and their contractors and associates (contractors working for DHS, DEA, FBI, etc) all rely upon the NSA SIGINT to track vehicles, torture in homes, tracking people on foot-vehicle-homes-buildings.

They have amazing tech: they can read your thoughts, interrupt sleep, subliminally program ("entrapment" legalized under WAr Commissions Act-2006).

I advise you to......sell the property for a fair price and be done with it. Seems as though the goal is to get you to move out of that home.

Anonymous said...

I was targeted in Austin, Texas, for along time: believe me, these joker idiots can and do get away with anything. Recently the lying punks at Texas Atty Generals Office claimed they were "publicly seeking info concerning stalking" and were apparently ready to investigate and indict.


Never once in 32 years, have I seen the clown pigs or joker stooge idiot slimebag prosecutors.....do a damn thing.

FBI would not conduct an interview, and therefore...did not open an investigation or brief review of my allegations.

My known associates were routinely murdered or maimed.

And....to this day....FBI AND DOJ lives in denial and do not offer excuses, explanations, or anything but "blue wall of silence".

I hate to say this but...try to figure out "just what the f--- these slobs want from you" and then...try to live with that.

They may be focused on your land and property.


It might work.

Perhaps the worthless slob pigs....could act as a mediator in this affair.

Anonymous said...

Even when I threatened to shoot the damn stalkers.....they kept coming. If they find something that annoys you...and you speak of that over the phone-email-in your home.....they will exploit that, and continue whatever annoys you.

Cynthia Vurbeff in San Antonio, got roofie raped in her home? No charges of the ex FBI agent-contractor who was directing the gang stalking (predicated on Vurbeff's association with a doctor associate friend of Dr. John Hall).

How San Antonio DOJ-FBI and Texas AG-Rangers.....ignores this level of felony crime.....is anyone's guess. Never once has the clown msmedia, ever confronted law enforcement over their indifference. Never once has their been an explanation from US Attorneys or shithead scumbag FBI punks.

These moron-stalkers are always cop groupies (like George Zimmerman in Florida). They are all bored losers. Most are just frustrated dorks who think "their heroes" and special operatives of the cop jerk off family of illiterate, white trash.

These morons are usually ex military, or friends and family of the police state-military dork patrol. I always assume, they are armed.

They are pathetic scum.....and.........pigs and feds protect it all.

You can easily get "jammed up in the courts" as a way of harassment: you have to spend time and money to defend yourself, and...prosecutors and pigs always protect these slobs when they commit perjury or disseminate tainted evidence.

Pigs are convinced they can and should get plea bargains based on Brady violations while secretly relying upon The Citizen Rule Exception to The Exclusionary Rule.

Anonymous said...

If you have ever experienced legal troubles caused by the same group of people that this blog is dedicated to apprehending, please contact the FBI about it as soon as possible. These people thrive off of your silence and your fear, but if you complain and let your voice be heard, they will have no more power left and there will not be a thing they can do to prevent themselves from going to prison.

Below is the link. Please tell as many people as you can that they need to complain as well, and please refer to the criminals as terrorists or hackers instead of gang stalkers (this is so that your complaint will have more validation).

The link is below