Saturday, April 30, 2016


First, see my post below from 12/1/15.

Now see above; once again, someone has broken into our house and slashed some of our food with a knife, this time a plastic bag containing bread that was in our refrigerator.  It's hard to see in the photo, but there are a number of cuts in the bag that were clearly made with a knife; it's not just one hole.

Organized stalkers do this sort of thing all the time in order to harass and frighten their victims.  In our case, many of the incidents involve knives, because the stalkers know my adult children and I are afraid of my ex-husband; see many posts on this blog plus his numerous bizarre and rambling comments here.

It does little good to complain to local law enforcement about the constant break-ins, harassment, illegal surveillance that is 24/7, and more, since law enforcement personnel are in on it--they openly follow us around in their marked vehicles doing headlight and turn signal harassment.  (The latter is when vehicles are illegally modified so that one or both turn signal lights can be turned on all the time without blinking.  Headlights are also illegally modified so that their intensity can be dialed up and down independently of each other.)

As I've said many times before, our entire community participates in this and finds it amusing.  It's unbelievable and sick, but they breed that here.


Medawar said...

Regardless of who commissions the harassment, it is only possible for it to persist from months and years with the collusion of local police. The FBI seems to think that harassment is solely a matter for local police, so there's no help there. However, organised harassment is a conspiracy to deny the victim his or her civil rights, so it is a Federal crime.


Thomas S. Bean said...

FBI is a joke when it comes to outrageous civil rights violations.

A pathetic group of bureaucratic, tit vulture, overrated, slime: cocaine distribution though Montana using Miami FBI agent TERRY NELSON'S Big Sky Cartel.

Brett Anderson said...

Have you thought about getting a less than lethal weapon? Stun guns and tasers are a great way to protect your family just in case your crazy stalker tries to take it to the next level.

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lily blu said...

I just found your blog & I'm very interested in learning more about gang stalking. I noticed your last blog post was from April of last year, so I hope you'll continue your blogging of this subject. A lot of us don't know about this or understand it. But blogs like yours help make ppl aware that this is going on.
I'm sorry you're having to go through all this and hope that your safe. God Bless.

Heinrich Mueller LOL said...

They slashed your bread??? Those bastard have really upped the stakes this time. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry. This is all just nuts. I've seen vids of "gangstalking" and "targeted individuals" on YouTube. Literally everyone and everything you people see is some sort of surveillance apparatus. I wish you luck with your mental health.

Medawar said...

The ones who need help with their mental health are the ones who do this kind of thing. They really need to be in highly secure hospitals. If they are in medium-secure local units, they can actually get out, harass people, get back in and have an alibi.

There was a scandal at a MSU on the Herts/Beds border near Letchworth, where patients had been coming and going as they pleased, aided by corrupt staff, strolling across the fields to the Western Way estate, Letchworth, and causing a major crime wave. You're probably going to find the same thing happening at any equivalent American unit where the staff are sufficiently unpaid and demoralized.

A lot of these places depend on magnetic locks, which yield if given a good thump.