Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Domestic Terrorism"

The following is a copy, slightly edited, of a statement that my adult daughter, who lives with me, recently submitted to law enforcement.  The incidents described here took place on February 27th and February 28th of this year.  As of yet, she has had no response from San Antonio, state, or federal LE agencies of any kind.

I am [name, age,address, and contact info. omitted].  I am a self-employed professional free-lance artist with a degree in illustration from [a major East Coast art college].  I live with my mother [name omitted], who is a long-time stalking victim of her ex-husband and my father [name omitted] and numerous relatives and associates of his.  After I willingly provided samples of my DNA to two different law enforcement agencies for filial analysis with regard to investigations involving my father a few years ago, I too became a victim of organized stalking and harassment.

I decided to drive from my home in Fredericksburg to San Antonio for the day on 2/28/2017, for a combination of work and pleasure.  I left my house around 8 AM, driving south and east on first Hwy 87 and then I-10.  At the time I left, I was already frightened and upset because of an incident that had occurred the previous day at the Whataburger restaurant in Fredericksburg, when I'd gone there for lunch around 11:30 AM and an elderly white male with glasses had come up to me, glared at me, and then started reaching for a very large knife that he had sticking up out of his back pocket so he was certain I'd seen it.

As soon as I turned onto Hwy 87, I noticed that I was being followed and tailgated by numerous vehicles of all sorts.  Many of these were weaving dangerously in and out of traffic.  This continued for my entire trip to San Antonio, and the speeds involved in this on I-10, plus the fact that I drive a very small car, made the trip particularly frightening.  Along the way, I saw numerous marked police vehicles of various sorts and entities parked along the sides of the roads.  Uniformed officers in these vehicles had to have seen what was going on, but none of them did anything at all to help me.

In San Antonio, I exited I-10 at the Fredericksburg Road exit.  As I did so, two mid-sized SUVs, one white and one very light silver, tried to run my car off the road. [Note that my car is also white.]  A third vehicle, a black car, attempted to do the same, but failed.  This happened around 9 AM and should be clearly visible on any surveillance cameras in the area.

Around 11 AM in the area around the Witte Museum, a skinheaded white or Hispanic male began tailgating my car very aggressively in a red pickup truck.  When I turned onto a side street, he followed me and then pulled up right behind me and glared at me angrily.

Later, I went to Crossroads Mall.  As I started walking toward Target around 1:30 PM, I realized that I was being followed by a very thin white male, over 6 feet tall, with dark or tanned skin, quick/athletic, and wearing glasses, a white hat, and a brown poofy wig.  This man kept getting closer and closer to me, and as he got nearer, I felt threatened and sped up in an effort to get away from him.  I hurried toward Target, because there was no one around in the parking lot to help me; as I sped up, he did as well.  This was absolutely terrifying.  The man was right behind me when I entered Target, but when I turned to the right a short distance inside, I saw him hurry off heading straight into the store.

My drive home was the same as my drive down:  same route, same problems with being aggressively tailgated and driven around at high rates of speed, etc.  And once again, I saw numerous marked police vehicles parked along the roadsides doing nothing to stop the dangerous drivers, even when they were clearly tailgating me, changing lanes without signaling, not bearing legal license plates (many had no plates at all), etc.

I was so shaken with fear by the time I got home that I was uncertain about what I should do.  I did almost immediately sit down and draw the man who chased me through the parking lot, since I'd had no chance to photograph him.  I am good at drawing faces, so I drew him without the wig and hat to show his facial structure.  Both of us should be easily visible on cameras in the mall parking lot.

I have finally calmed down enough to be able to report what happened yesterday.  I expect the San Antonio Police Department, the Texas DPS, and any other law enforcement entities with jurisdiction to investigate what was done to me very thoroughly.  I am also providing copies of this statement of mine to the LE agencies that I provided DNA samples to, and I am sending copies to the FBI and the DOJ/  I will be happy to answer any and all questions anyone might have to the best of my ability. 

My daughter insists on calling what is being done to her domestic terrorism.  I'm not sure I can go that far, but I can certainly understand her being able to make a case for this. Certainly, these incidents are classic organized stalking.

Besides the obvious threats to my daughter's safety, I hope readers from outside this area will begin to grasp the sheer extent and magnitude of the lawlessness that exists here, because I realize how hard it is to wrap your head around this until you actually see and experience it. Situations and conditions like this simply can't exist unless there is a total lack of functioning law enforcement!

Coincidentally (???), I have become aware that there have been major recent developments in both of the homicide cases that my daughter provided evidence for.

By the way, I immediately recognized both of the men in my daughter's drawings below.  The first is a close associate of my ex-husband's who has been involved in stalking incidents with me numerous times going back to 1999.  The second is a man who has also been involved in many stalking incidents targeting me, including some where he followed me out-of-state;  I believe him to be a professional (=hired) stalker.  If he is the man I believe him to be, his natural hair color is light sandy/red.

Drawing of the man with the knife at Whataburger:

Drawing of the man at Target:


Anonymous said...

Although this post is a bit over the top, I grasped it fully when I saw the man pacing in front of your house. If I had a close up, I'd think he was the creep that made the hair raise on the back of my neck sitting next to my vehicle in a small blue car in the grocery store parking near where another followed me from a golf course.Hours away, and in another state, looking at your pics gave the same creepy feeling. There are more than one stalkers doing these things, and all creepy, but that particular guy made me ALMOST leave the store. I didn't thinking I'd catch him inside tailing me, but I didn't. What's weird is he wasn't creepy looking at all, but a nice looking man.

I was, and still am, concerned about the grocery items you posted that had been tampered. I hope you are safe now and this isn't a hoax, as others have feared for their life over such events (sans the driving...some people don't know how).

Heinrich Mueller LOL said...

Once again: shoot him. Buy a gun and start shooting. If this is real and you're not insane, buy a @#$%^% camera for your house and car, and buy a fucking glock and start brandishing it. You know what happens if somebody brandished a knife at me? They get shot in the face.