Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Last Warning

To the woman in the dark blue Jeep, Texas license plate GRR-3792,  who brazenly drove down onto my property when she knew I was watching:  consider this your last warning; if you do anything like this again, I will be contacting the city police about filing trespassing charges against you.

And if they refuse to do anything, despite my providing them with proof of what you did, then please know that I consider finding out you are one of the people who are considered above the law here to be very important information as well.

Same goes for the woman in the red pickup pulling a bright red Winnebago trailer who, knowing we were watching, stopped directly in front of our house, got out with a dog, walked quite far down onto our property, allowed her dog to relieve itself on our lawn, and absolutely refused to leave, despite being told she was trespassing and we would be calling the police. (She did quickly leave when I went inside to call.)

Do you people really think we don't take photos and log incidents and license plates??

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Heinrich Mueller LOL said...

Oh I have no doubt that you take lots and lots of pictures. One question though: why would you call the cops? Arent they the very people who are helping to facilitate all of this CRAZY stuff that's happening to you? Does that sound sane or logical? I have an idea. If these people are tresspassing, shoot them. Then youll really find out everything about them. I have a little more advice though: try not to shoot an innocent, old, retired couple in a farging Winnebago.