Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A common ploy of organized stalkers and their stalking groups is the deliberate and systematic sabotage of victims’ homes, businesses, appliances, and vehicles. There are several different reasons for these acts of sabotage: to annoy, anger and upset victims; to drain victims’ financial reserves; and sometimes to cause victims serious bodily harm. Most people can relate one or two such (probably coincidental) incidents during their lifetime. The difference here is that victims of organized stalking, called “Targeted Individuals” (TIs), can usually report dozens of such incidents over the space of just a few years.

In our case, my children and I have been the victims of well over a hundred incidents of sabotage during the last thirteen years. These cover the entire spectrum from minor annoyances to expensive ruining of necessary equipment to acts clearly intended to attempt to injure or kill us. Routinely, a particular item or appliance is tampered with over and over again in the same way, often at periodic intervals.

The first act of sabotage committed against my children and me actually took place much longer ago. I have mentioned this incident in previous posts but will repeat the basics here. A few months after my husband and I and our oldest child moved to my husband’s hometown in the Texas Hill Country in 1986, my firstborn, I, and the second child I was pregnant with narrowly escaped death by carbon monoxide poisoning in the house we were renting at the time. My husband, who had been away working the night we were taken ill, was not affected, but I was put on oxygen and hospitalized for 24 hours after a blood test in the ER confirmed I’d been poisoned. While I was recovering, a gas company technician discovered that someone had nailed a board over the vent for the gas heater in the attic of the house and that the door at the base of the heater was hanging open. I was later told that a previous tenant had mistakenly covered the vent opening because he thought it was a leak and that the heater door had not been closed properly by another technician who’d come out to ignite the pilot light. [Interestingly, the doctor who treated me at the hospital questioned me extensively about my experience shortly before discharging me. Also, although the local newspaper printed lists of who was in the hospital at the time, they never published my name for this stay.]

Now fast-forward to thirteen years ago this month, when my husband suddenly left to marry a co-worker he’d been having an affair with behind my back. A few months after he left, the power brakes on my minivan suddenly failed completely, and I was able to stop the vehicle only by standing with both feet on the brake pedal with all my weight. I took the van in and supposedly had the brakes repaired, but on the way home, they failed again. This time, the dealership said they needed to order a part that took several weeks to arrive, so I was without my vehicle for quite a while—a great hardship for a newly single mother! And when I finally got my van back, the brakes immediately failed again. This went on for some time, with the van remaining at the dealers’, since it wasn’t safe to drive. Eventually, the divorce lawyer I’d retained had me send a letter to the dealership (which happened to be owned by the town’s mayor at the time and his family). About a week after I sent this, the dealer called and said my husband had purchased a new van for the kids and me (that I’ve been driving ever since).

After my divorce was finalized, I began having constant problems with leaking coils on the heat pump that was installed in the house my husband and I had built (where the kids and I now lived). I eventually had to replace the unit, which was very expensive, but the new unit soon began to leak as well. Not being very mechanically inclined, I kept patiently having the company that had installed the unit out to repair it, but eventually I decided to have a different company take a look. They showed me how the unit had been installed incorrectly so that the coils and electrical connections were located down inside the drip pan. I have previously posted photographs of this at

Over the years, the kids and I have had numerous other heating and air conditioning problems. Many times, our heat pump would simply stop working for various periods of time, only to magically restart itself just as a repairman arrived. I later discovered what I’ve been told is a relay switch for turning the unit off and on remotely, laying on top of the unit.

Recently, our air conditioning stopped working suddenly again. The repairman who came out somehow knew exactly where to go to fix the problem. In fact, he could barely contain his laughter as he showed me how the clip that held the emergency cut-off switch under the unit had somehow managed to get knocked off and trip the switch—even though none of us had been anywhere near the unit. He charged me $90 to clip the switch back on, as shown on the receipt below.

Then there are the problems with our standing seam tin roof. I have records of countless supposed repairs of various leaks that I paid for over the years, few of which actually got fixed, and many of which ended up doing substantial damage to our house before they finally were taken care of properly. Once, a roofer charged me $500 to go up on our roof and apply a small amount of caulking around a vent fan over the children’s bathroom that was leaking. He knew I’d be forced to go along with this because: a) no one else would come out here to make the repair, since I’d already had all the other companies in town out to try, and b) the roof is too high for my ladder to reach and too steeply sloping for me to go up there and make the repair safely by myself.

However, all of our other sabotage problems pale in comparison to those relating to our water heater. After one was installed incorrectly, workmen managed to flood parts of our house while fixing it (again, amid much laughter and a general “party atmosphere” on the part of the plumbers involved, whom I also caught attempting to steal some of my children’s toys on their way out!). Next, unknown persons began breaking into our house repeatedly and changing the temperature setting on our water heater, resulting in some near scaldings and numerous cold showers for my kids and me and more expensive visits by various plumbers, until we figured out what was going on. Lately, someone has been tripping the reset button on our tank, which Dr. John Hall of San Antonio told me the Hays organized stalking ring we know is being paid to target us apparently can do remotely from a vehicle parked in front of our house. (They can also park by our transformer, push a button on some gadget they have, and shut off all of our electricity for a few minutes, which they do quite often as well. When this happens and we look outside, the stalkers wave at us or dance around briefly in the street in front of us and then speed off.)

Then there are the problems with our cable television. Besides our service failing completely quite often, someone is able to selectively take out particular channels, usually because there’s something we really want to watch. Of course, only that channel (and sometimes a few random others) go out right as the show is is coming on, and of course they usually come right back on when the show is over. However, certain channels are taken down quite a lot of the time on our set, most notably Investigation Discovery and CNN.

The sabotage and hacking of our computers, computer connections, and related equipment are so common and so severe as to be worthy of their own separate post or posts. (For a start, please see "Man In The Middle".) Suffice it to say that our printer magically turns off and on all by itself at odd moments, our fax machine sometimes broadcasts voices or strange sounds of various sorts, and whichever port our mouse is plugged into fails often and repeatedly, forcing us to have to constantly switch it to a different port as we work. [It’s doing this now as I’m typing this!] It took us months to get the video shown in "Proof Of Organized Stalking" uploaded, because the connection would mysteriously fail every time we tried.

Some of the sabotage directed at my children and me continues to be life-threatening. A little over a year ago, I noticed a loud hissing noise coming from under the heavy cement cover on top of our water well outside. I briefly considered having my kids help me lift the cover and take a look, but the water heater happened to go out that same day (one of the times the reset button was tripped, as it turned out), so I had the plumber check the well when he came. This turned out to be a very good thing, because when he got the cover off the well, we discovered a suspicious-looking hole in the PVC pipe that was causing water to spray into the top of the well where the pump was; the water had filled the hole to the point where all the electrical connections on the pump were submerged. As soon as he saw this, the plumber’s face turned visibly white, and he began shaking noticeably. He immediately had me go to the breaker box and turn off power to the pump. He then asked if we had metal doorknobs in the house and whether anyone had ever been shocked by them. I told him we did but hadn’t had any problems with them, and he said this was a miracle. Later, he said our well pump was rigged slightly differently than most, which had prevented anyone from being shocked in the house, but that if any of us had put our hands down in the water to try and repair the leak, we might well have been electrocuted.

Recently, one of my (now adult) children was out running errands when the throttle on their car suddenly became stuck in the open position, and the engine began racing. [Note: This vehicle is not one of the well-publicized ones known to have this problem.] Thankfully, my offspring was able to make it home safely, but when I went out to take a look, the vehicle was stuck in “Park” with the wheels and ignition switch locked as well. Eventually, by jiggling the key around, I was able to restart the still-racing engine. I then unstuck the open throttle by stomping on the accelerator twice, after which the wheels and gear shift lever unlocked, and I could drive the vehicle into the garage. Early the next morning, when I went out to leave for work in my van, I found a small bolt laying on the floor of our garage, directly behind my child’s vehicle, which was parked next to mine. I don’t recall ever having seen this item before, and I’m positive it hadn’t been there the day before.

These are just a small sampling of the many, many constant acts of sabotage we have been forced to deal with time and time again. I’m posting this now because I’m currently in the middle of having to deal with two different items of sabotaged equipment, one a continuation of something discussed above, and the other a separate repeated problem I haven’t even gone into here. At the moment, I’m unable to get either of these problems corrected because of repair persons refusing to return my phone calls or putting me off in various other ways (potentially forcing me to pay huge long-distance service charges to bring someone else in, since we live in a small town). There is simply no reasonable excuse for business owners to treat a customer in the ways I’m being treated.

In closing this discussion, I feel a need to sternly remind some of my readers that organized stalking, harassment, and deliberate sabotage are serious criminal acts; see "U.S. Anti-Stalking Laws". These offenses are potentially punishable by strict federal sentencing guidelines that don’t include parole. Furthermore, in our case, the persons behind our stalking and many of their connections are known to both us and to high-level law enforcement.

If you participate in organized stalking and harassment in any way, even if ordered to participate by someone else, OR if it can be shown that you had knowledge of acts of organized stalking but did nothing to report or prevent them, you can be charged and convicted of these crimes just like the persons behind them. You should also be aware that although the persons persuading you to commit these crimes in various ways (such as through lies, threats, or whatever else works) may pretend to be your friends, they actually consider you completely expendable.