Friday, July 30, 2010

The NCJRS Said...

Remember as you read this that I've found it impossible to find proper legal representation here (see, for example, the earlier post entitle "The Legal Situation"). When I contacted the NCJRS to ask for their help, I told them this, and I also explained that every lawyer the state bar's referral services had sent me to had either refused to talk to me or tried to con me. In fact, this was one of the main reasons I went to them.

This is a classic example of what Alexis A. Moore calls "the domestic violence run-around". She discusses this in detail on her blog at

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dating Problems

First of all, it's not what you think.

About a year after I'd discovered private investigator Ed Hodges had forged my name on a fraudulent trust document that gave him and a lawyer friend of his total control of my house and land, I suddenly received the bill shown here and another from his friend the lawyer that was equally ridiculous. Of course all of the charges listed were completely fabricated, had never been discussed with me or previously billed to me, and were not even for anything either man had actually ever done.

Most outrageous of all was the fact that some of the charges were from periods of time when I hadn't even known Ed Hodges! He first called me on the evening of June 25th, 2003 to talk to me about why I should hire him, and I did not know who he was before this and certainly had not previously had any business dealings with him. And as you can also see here, I didn't sign a contract of any kind with Hodges until 6/26/03. (The posted document is a page from the investigation contract I signed with Hodges. It also happens to be the page that contains the DPS violations discussed in an earlier post here entitled "Addresses" from 9/15/09.) The fraudulent trust document in question is dated 12/31/03, which is even later.

Seems to me if you're going to try to con someone out of money, you'd want to make sure you didn't try to charge them for work done at a time when they didn't even know who you were--unless you were so unafraid of being prosecuted or successfully sued that you and your associates considered it humorous to submit something like this.

I received this bill at a time when I'd spent many months searching desperately and unsuccessfully for proper legal representation despite having contacted all of the state and national legal assistance organizations I knew of. It was because of that, having received such a ridiculous set of documents from Hodges and co., and some other things that were equally alarming that I decided to take the fraudulent trust document to the professional document examiner whose findings are posted here under "She Said".

Immediately after I received this, I also sent a copy of it to DPS Investigator Taft Green of Dallas, who'd been assigned to look into my complaints against Hodges and others. Trooper Green called me back and said he agreed with me that the bills were ridiculous--but he never had any charges filed against Hodges or his attorney associate.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guessing Games

Shown here are a series of strange ads that were published in our local newspaper, probably with the full knowledge of the owners, since ours is a small paper in a small town. All but one appeared immediately prior to my hiring private investigator Ed Hodges [see numerous previous posts as well as "My Story" at the beginning of this blog]. They stopped when I hired him, except for the last one, which was published 2 1/2 years later.

Here's the game: search the ads carefully to see if you can guess the word that's both directly tied to my ex-husband's business and also connected to local companies that manufacture federal surveillance equipment.

There's also a second game law enforcement investigators should play with these ads: compare them to 1) what was going on with my property as far as the tax appraisal office and the city at the time; and 2) the dates of certain suspicious deaths of persons owning land around mine. I'm guessing they'll find the parallels extremely interesting, to say the least.

People Named Ferrier

As discussed previously here in "He Said" (9/17/09), a former Secret Service agent named Ferrier was willing to lie in court about the authenticity of my initials on a document. When I contacted my lawyer at the time (the most recent attorney I had to fire for conning and misrepresenting me) with a copy of the partial ad shown here and asked if the woman shown was his wife, Ferrier quickly withdrew from his position as Ed Hodges' expert witness and was replaced with someone else (see "I Was Told He Said", 9/18/09).

As I told my lawyer at the time, I was concerned that the ad might have been placed by a woman related to Ferrier (his wife?) and that it potentially tied him to the local real estate market, which would tie him to my former father-in-law and also with what was going on with my property and our neighborhood. I also told this lawyer about a younger man named Ferrier (his son?) who worked with my ex-husband.

I was concerned as well because my ex-husband had been reimbursing me for some of the children's medical expenses with checks drawn off a Wisconsin account near where Ferrier was from. I knew of no other ties my ex- might have had to that state.

Just recently, on 7/9/10 at 8:45 PM, my kids and I discovered a woman who looked a lot like the one in the photo above blatantly trespassing by standing in the middle of our front yard with a small gray fluffy dog on a leash. I went out and warned her not to trespass again or I'd have to press charges, and she left (walking very slowly).

Today one of my children showed me a posting on my ex-husband's Facebook page made by this same woman but with an additional last name added on the end. From the posting, it's obvious they are good buddies. What I assume is the woman's maiden name, Mayer, is a local name.

Monday, July 19, 2010


A small article in the 7/13/10 edition of the San Antonio Express-News announced a guilty plea in the murder of Donald H. Althaus that occurred on 1/22/09 in San Antonio. (I discussed this case here previously in a post from 8/23/09 that is followed by a comment by my ex-husband.) Coincidentally, the middle name of the man who admitted committing the crime is a very prominent name in my ex-husband's family. Also, the mother of the accused apparently is involved in the case.

There are also some interesting coincidences concerning another old murder case. In August of 2007, a man named Kenneth Polan was said to have been murdered near I-10 and 1604 (i.e., northwest of San Antonio) at a trailer sales business owned by a couple having the same last name as close friends of my former in-laws. Polan's body was found later in a river south of San Antonio, and a man was charged with the crime. One night while watching television newscast coverage of this case, my children and I saw news footage of a very distinctive Suburban with unusual coloring and markings being towed to the crime lab for forensic examination. We instantly recognized this vehicle as looking identical to one owned by my former brother-in-law and his wife. News reports said the case was an extremely complicated one and involved multiple jurisdictions, but no additional information was ever given out and I have never seen any updates or status reports on this case. Coincidentally, a few months after this, my kids said their aunt and uncle told them they had sold this vehicle. We continued to see them and various family members and associates of theirs driving this Suburban, however, so we weren't sure they'd really sold it. A few days ago, we spotted it parked next to my former brother-in-law's wife's workplace with a "For Sale" sign in the window.

After my husband suddenly left in 1999, people around town began telling me he was a close associate of a man here who's a member of an extremely wealthy West Coast family with extensive media holdings, a fact my husband had apparently concealed from me. Coincidentally, this man also filed for divorce from his wife around the same time my husband left and filed. This man's children, who happen to be around the same age as mine, almost immediately became some of our worst and most long-time harassers, and they continue to stalk and harass us to this day.

Finally, although a recent pair of local shooting deaths made me suspect coincidences, not enough information has come out yet for me to know for sure. I first learned of these deaths when I turned on the 6 PM news just after it had started and was shocked to see the San Antonio reporter standing in front of our small-town law enforcement building with the word "Suicide" written in large letters below her. The story ended before I heard any of it, so I tried other stations, but no one else seemed to be carrying the story, which I thought was odd for what had been a lead story on the first network's newscast. Immediately afterward, I turned the t.v. to our local station to catch the story on the local news-radio channel--and was shocked to discover music playing instead and the announcer making no mention of the missing newscast and acting as if nothing was wrong!

That night at 10 PM, I watched the entire newscast on the channel where I'd caught the end of the story originally, but this time they never mentioned it. There was nothing in the newspaper the next morning, so I was mystified as to what had happened to what I knew had been a lead story the night before. I saw no mention of the story on the noon news from either San Antonio or Austin.

That night on the 10 PM news on the station originally carrying the story, I finally found out what had happened: a married couple and their pet dog had been found shot to death in their home out in the country here. I did not recognize the couple's last name and did not believe at the time that I knew them. I was very surprised to hear the reporter say the deaths had been ruled a murder-suicide by the police, both because of the "Suicide" label used by itself the previous night and also the fact that normally such a story would be front-page news.

The San Antonio newspaper finally ran one of their little "mini-articles" on the deaths the next day. Our local paper carried only a very brief article about the deaths containing little additional information.

According to the newspaper accounts, the wife was the same age as my ex-husband. I've been watching for obituaries for the couple to find out who they were related to, her maiden name, and where she went to high school. If she's the person I now believe she might be, she's very closely connected to my ex-husband and there are some very interesting coincidences indeed. I'll post an update here when I get more information.

7/25/10: Here's the promised update. I finally saw an obituary for the wife, and she's not the person I was afraid she might be. Coincidentally, however, she has ties to the equestrian world, as did Dana Edwards, a local woman who was murdered in San Antonio, who had harassed us, and whose family may have owned property near ours. (I've discussed this death previously in an earlier post here. In "My Story" at the beginning of this blog, I've also discussed the fact that my first cousin is very well-known in the equestrian world and that I have good reasons for believing my ex-husband married me in order to make certain "business connections" to my cousin and his wealthy jet-setting friends.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tricks Of The Trade

As I've discussed before, early in 2005 I hired a former FBI agent and a former DEA agent who were working together as private investigators to look into serious problems I was having with a previous investigator I'd hired named Ed Hodges. The new investigators insisted I talk with a lawyer they worked with and spoke very highly of who was also on the Boerne, TX city council at the time. The former FBI agent even personally accompanied me to my first meeting with this attorney. It was at this meeting that I first realized Hodges had conned me. On the ex-FBI agent's advice, I immediately hired this Boerne attorney to handle the fraud for me.

At one point during this initial meeting, I also mentioned to this lawyer that I needed to have a new will drawn up. The lawyer said he could do this for me but it would have to wait until the fraud was dealt with because it was more urgent.

As detailed in "My Story" at the beginning of this blog, I became increasingly confused and frustrated when this lawyer kept stalling. (A sample email exchange of mine with him is posted at "They Said", 9/16/09.) I became especially concerned when one of my children and I photographed a car we believed belonged to Ed Hodges parked in front of my ex-husband's office during what was described to my other children as "a big meeting about real estate development in our neighborhood" and this lawyer still wouldn't do anything.

In August of 2005 I suddenly received a call from the Boerne attorney telling me he'd finally drawn up the new will I'd originally asked for. I was puzzled as to why he'd suddenly done this without my having asked again and even more puzzled when he insisted I make the long drive to his office right away to sign it, but he said he'd recently been less busy and had finally gotten around to drawing it up, so I headed down there. My oldest child, who was home from college, went with me.

When we got to the attorney's office, I was very surprised to discover he'd drawn up far more than just a will for me: there was also a power of attorney document, a guardianship document, a medical power of attorney document, a directive to physicians document, and more.

I was very confused by all the documents which had never been explained to me or discussed with me. I was also upset when I saw numerous references in the new will to the fraudulent trust Ed Hodges had altered and forged my initials on [Ex. 1], but the lawyer said these were necessary until the fraudulent trust issue was resolved legally. He suggested I go ahead and sign the documents and then if I later changed my mind about any of them, I could simply destroy the original to void it.

I hesitated for some time over what I should do and discussed the matter at length with my adult child. In the end, I did decide to go ahead and sign the documents.

After I got home and was able to study the documents a little more, I realized that one of them could be easily altered by someone by simply crossing items out [Ex. 2a]. I was seriously concerned about this and immediately destroyed that document. I also emailed the lawyer to let him know what I'd done and why [Ex. 2b]. His reply is also shown.

Shortly after this, I discovered my former father-in-law had been allowed to listen in on a confrontational meeting between myself, this lawyer, and the two ex-feds who recommended him. I fired all of them, and I immediately destroyed the originals of all the documents I'd signed and sent emails and handwritten letters to my children and several friends stating I'd voided all the documents.

I did, however, keep obvious copies of these documents (clearly marked as such). When I hired a professional document examiner to look at the fraudulent trust document in 2006 (see "She Said", 9/16/09), I also asked her to look at the copies of the Boerne legal documents.

The document examiner found numerous problems with these documents, some of which I'm posting here. Since I don't have any legal training or experience, I never realized that I was the affiant, not the lawyer and his secretary, who therefore knowingly signed some of the documents incorrectly [Exs. 3a and 3b]. Notice that these documents were also notarized this way [Ex 3b]. In another case, one page I initialed was swapped for an uninitialed page [Ex 4] when the secretary stepped out of the room briefly to copy the signed documents and bind them into folders--I know this because I checked all the pages twice and very carefully to make sure I hadn't missed any pages, and that's the only time the originals left my sight.

The document examiner recommended another attorney to me (see "She Said") whom I hired--and later also had to fire for conning me! When Ed Hodges stated in legal documents that he'd turned over documentation he claimed he had to my former Boerne attorney and the Boerne attorney would not give me a complete copy of my file, I filed a formal complaint against him with the State Bar of Texas that included copies of the documents he'd drawn up with the problems clearly marked. The attorney then provided an extremely incomplete copy of my file.

The State Bar of Texas refused to discipline this attorney in any way, so he's still practicing law with no complaints listed on his webpage. I'm posting these examples now in the hope they will prevent someone else from being victimized.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ancient History

There is a long history of strong anti-government sentiments in this area. As shown by the article from the San Antonio Express-News posted here, these feelings go all the way back to the first white settlements. During the Civil War, local German farmers sided with the North because the large Southern plantations with their relatively cheap slave labor competed with the Germans' small farms. Many Germans here were persecuted or killed as a result. In one well-documented incident, a group of local Germans were attacked and many killed as they attempted to join the Union army by first making for Mexico.

As you might guess, the persecution of German locals here was severe during the two World Wars. At the same time, earlier alliances with Mexico among the Texas Germans developed into important smuggling networks that became very important to the local economy during Prohibition and later, with illegal drugs and human smuggling.

I believe if you're going to try and understand what goes on in Central Texas today, you must first look to what's happened in the past. It's important to understand how strong and deep-rooted the anti-government feelings are here and how close and long-standing the ties to Mexico are. I know there are many groups in the U.S. that are anti-government, but this particular group has connections to the very highest levels of the government, military, law enforcement, and the media (see for example my earlier posts entitled "Namedropping" and "Questions and Answers"). They are making a concerted effort to send as many members to the various military academies as possible and place their members in as many high-level positions as possible.
They have access to billions of dollars made from trafficking in illegal drugs and various other criminal enterprises. They have access to sophisticated government weapons and equipment (see for example "What's The Buzz Revisited?"). They pose a real and serious threat to national security.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Credentials

As an extension of the previous two posts and others here, I feel I need to let readers know I'm well-qualified to make observations about young people. Although I never specifically intended to, I've spent most of my life teaching and guiding kids. Neighborhood parents started asking me to babysit their children when I was in junior high. When I couldn't find a summer job in high school, I saw a need for a morning day care service so moms could run errands and started one. (Hint to teens: I made good money with this.)

I continued my various childcare services during high school. I also did volunteer work with children through scouting programs. When my mother decided to become an early expert on gifted and talented education, I studied her course materials and helped her set up programs in schools statewide (in another state).

In college, I paid for about half of my tuition doing piano accompanying for music students. I also taught piano lessons to children of some of my professors when they asked me to do so. In one particularly memorable experience, I was asked to stay with the seven (!) children and frail grandmother of one of my professors for a week so he and his wife could attend a conference. (Thank heaven for their wonderful 16-year-old!) During graduate school, I visited local high schools doing lecturing and career counseling in my field as part of a program run by the research society Sigma Xi. (During one of these lectures, I was pleasantly surprised to run into one of my former piano students from a different state.) I also taught college labs at a major university as part of a teaching fellowship I was awarded. As part of my later work for the research lab of a major oil company, I trained affiliates from all over the globe.

After I had children of my own and moved to Central Texas, I began doing a great deal of volunteer work relating to young people. I helped start a new scout program at one of my children's schools and did merit badge boy scout seminars on request. I taught Sunday School and Bible School regularly at our church. Teachers at the local schools began asking me to teach various science units and give special class demonstrations. I mentored several high school science projects, all of which won state awards. Since all Texas students are required to pass an Algebra I exam in order to graduate, I've tutored lots of my children's friends in math over the years.

Because I am well-known to be caring and reliable, at one point I was contacted by a woman I didn't know and asked if I would give her son a ride to his after-school care or activities every day. I made sure this boy (now grown) got safely to his destination every day for over five years, not realizing until he eventually told me that he was the nephew of the local county sheriff.

As criminal activity has increased dramatically here over the years, I've witnessed firsthand the resultant dramatic increases in local social ills discussed in the editorial in a previous post. When I gave one requested lecture at school and discovered discipline problems so severe that teachers were unable to control their classrooms or teach, the principal offered to move my child to any other class I requested, but when I went and observed them, I found the problem was school-wide. (I immediately moved my child to a different school even though it meant a great deal more driving.)

The same students causing many of these problems back then are now young adults living in our community who have never been made to face any serious negative consequences from their behavior because of the way the community covers up for them. I can also assure you that every one of them is fully aware of the very high-level legal, political, and judicial protection available here just by knowing the right people.

As I've stated before, I feel very strongly that people who complain about problems should also take or at least propose steps towards solutions. Although I've done so much teaching over the years and have had many close friends who are educators, I've never taken any formal education classes. At one point, out of curiosity, I arranged to take the test used to certify elementary school teachers in Texas--and made a perfect score. (I guess my mother and my friends' knowledge must have rubbed off.) Unfortunately, however, the harassment from students and teachers and the lack of support from administrators (students continue to come and go from local classrooms and campuses pretty much at will, for example, and potential drop-outs know they can always simply stay on the roles at the local alternative school for a few months and be handed their diplomas without having to do much) make it impossible for me to teach anywhere here even if I was certified. (In Texas there is also a problem with loss of Social Security income due to state teacher retirement laws.)

In recent years I have been gradually forced to end most of my volunteer work because of the severe harassment, which I know for a fact is a loss to the community. For example, it's hard to accompany children at a music recital when you have half a dozen uniformed police officers laughing and talking loudly at the back of the room during the performances. I have so much knowledge and caring and so many unique life experiences to offer young people: I've been a delegate to an international Antarctic research symposium and been involved in the Antarctic research program; I've learned to rappel down sea cliffs and scuba dive as part of thesis work; I've taught and worked with people from all over the world and learned to appreciate them and their cultures; I've cared for mentally challenged children; I've taken lessons from a well-known concert pianist; I've lived from one end of the U.S. to the other in communities both large and small; and MUCH more (like teaching myself to blog?). Instead of trying to use some or all of this to their advantage, Central Texas has made it very clear they can't wait to be rid of me, and they delight in victimizing me as much as possible in the meantime.

I certainly can't fix what's wrong here, and it's reached the point where I don't even see people here being able to fix it; it will now almost certainly take massive outside help coming in forms most people here are not likely to view as positive. Until it comes, conditions here will continue to deteriorate and spread, locals will continue to endanger themselves and others, and the unique gifts, talents, and life experiences of ALL of us will continue to be wasted.

The Soccer Mom Gang

In the spring of 2004, someone began repeatedly mailing me copies of the document shown above (with the names omitted here). Each time the basic page was the same, but anywhere from 2-5 names or sets of names were added or subtracted. Each copy was mailed separately, and all were mailed by themselves except this one, which was included in the envelope containing one of my children's report cards (meaning someone at the school added it or the envelope was tampered with).

The problem is that, like most things around here, this document is not at all what it seems; it's actually a very sick "insider" joke. All, or nearly all, of the persons listed on the documents are people my children and I have seen many, many times in the past few years doing very suspicious things under very suspicious circumstances. In fact, long before we ever received any of these documents, my kids and I had christened many of the women who were listed on the page "The Soccer Mom Gang" because we'd seen them so often under such strange circumstances that simply hadn't fit their normal roles in the community as "ladies who lunch".

For example, many times we'd see these women driving from one house to another making some sort of deliveries, usually in neighborhoods they normally wouldn't go near. Other times we'd see them or their husbands at unusual hours and in unusual places loading or unloading numerous items (usually in boxes or plastic shopping bags) into or out of strange vehicles like small trailers, rented trucks, or Suburbans. This loading and unloading often took place behind small office buildings or at the backs of parking lots.

In fact, at that time nearly all the women on the list drove Suburbans of different colors. We'd often see them pull up in front of someone's house, get out, hand their keys to someone else, and wait at the house until the other person brought their vehicle back. The persons borrowing the vehicles were nearly always people from much lower socio-economic levels that the Suburbans' owners normally would not associate with.

The other reason my children and I knew the list was not what it seemed was because we'd been harassed so much by these same people. Many of the persons on the list were some of the worst offenders as far as people who tailgated us with their headlights on, threw things in our yard and pasture, screamed and yelled things at us as they drove by repeatedly when we were outside, deliberately rammed me with their shopping carts at the store, sent us other harassing mail items (more of which I intend to post, since many are equally outrageous), disturbed us at all hours with prank calls, and MUCH more.

As you've probably guessed, the people whose names were listed on these documents also happen to be from many of the most wealthy and/or prominent families in our area--the kind of families others in the community look up to. (As you've also probably guessed, most of them are also people my ex-husband grew up with and knows very well. Interestingly, no members of my ex-'s family were ever on the lists, althouh we'd also observed them in similar situations and places.) I'm posting and discussing this here because it's such a good example of the kinds of role models our kids have and the kind of depraved, victimizing behavior kids here grow up believing is hilarious and fun and to be emulated.

The problems of our young people outlined in the editorial in the previous post should come as no great surprise to objective outsiders after seeing things like this. These same readers will probably also not be terribly surprised to learn that most of the families named on the list desperately try to conceal their own dysfunctional relationships, substance abuse, and other serious problems. I'm sure the facts that bullying and the various forms of physical and emotional abuse are enormous problems here are also not unexpected to outside readers who keep up with this blog.

The humor in such harassment is sick, the people who commit it are sick, and the community as a whole is very sick indeed. And none of them seem to be aware of what's really wrong, just as none of them seem to realize that they themselves are being conned on a massive scale by those they look to as leaders. These leaders seem to always know exactly how much money, social prestige, and fun to trickle down in order to keep the masses happy doing what they want (i.e., what makes the top of the pyramid the most money) and to keep them from figuring out that they're really being used and destroyed. It's heartbreaking to see people being victimized and victimizing each other on such a scale.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Related Items

I mentioned this column above by T. R. Fehrenbach a few days ago. Then when I saw this new editorial in one of the local papers, I was reminded of Fehrenbach's column again, so I decided to post both pieces together here for your thoughtful consideration. I believe they are most definitely related to each other.

Our young people have grown up looking to the same leaders adults in the communities have chosen to follow (both elected and secret). When our youth see these chosen leaders saying one thing but doing something completely different--and being glorified and rewarded for doing so--why is anyone surprised when young people want to emulate them? (See my previous discussions of this in my posts entitled "Compare and Contrast", "The Coach", and "Almost Daily", for example.)

Many of the problems mentioned in the local editorial are related to a serious lack of properly functioning law enforcement. These are small communities where everyone knows everyone (and is usually related to everyone) and knows everyone else's business, and this certainly includes law enforcement officers and officials. In fact, officers are not hired here unless they are very well-known within the community, which often means we go without personnel until someone with local roots graduates from the police academy. There are simply no valid excuses for the way law enforcement turns a blind eye to what is going on or even actively participates. Given that our law enforcement leaders are either appointed by elected officials or elected outright means you can read the Fehrenback piece again substituting the words "law enforcement" for "government".

Other small Texas communities in similar situations have lost an entire generation of young people to substance abuse, incarceration, and/or violence (Balmorhea, for example), and we are perilously close to that here. Our youth are too young to have had any direct participation in most of the leadership decisions that have led to the current situation, meaning they are innocent victims. What kind of message do you think it sends them when they see all the honest, decent, hardworking, and truly caring people in our communities repeatedly victimized and systematically and deliberately run out of town rather than being encouraged and supported and appreciated by their communities? By this, I mean the people like me who not only say we love our young people but back this up with our actions on a daily basis. And yes, this sometimes means tough love, where young people are held responsible for their actions on an age-appropriate basis and required to understand and accept the consequences of their behavior.

The author/s of the local editorial ask what citizens are willing to do to help our young people. My response is to start with making better leadership decisions. There needs to be a lot done, and it had better be done quickly and involve a majority of the community. The infection here is so deep-rooted that it needs to be surgically incised in order to heal. Covering it up with a bunch of band-aids will only allow it to keep festering and destroying lives.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birds Of A Feather

Over the years, I gradually began noticing more and more references to birds with regard to the case of myself and my children. At first I thought it was coincidental, but now I'm not so sure. I'll let you decide for yourself.

The first private investigator I hired, Ed Hodges, ran a company called Peregrine International that had a falcon's head as its logo. It was this company I hired Hodges under. He never told me he had a separate investigation company called Pegasus; I only knew Pegasus as his email address. (Hodges only directed me to his own company website and never explained about the Texas DPS-PSB website, where I would have learned about the second company--and the fact that he, his investigators, and Peregrine weren't properly licensed.)

A woman who worked for Hodges named Sandy used "piasabird" as her email address in her dealings with me. She was the woman who shocked me by telling me outright that her Middle Eastern-sounding last name was the result of an arranged marriage for purposes of immigration fraud. (In fact, at the time, I thought she was joking.) She was also the woman who called me out of the blue one night and tried her best to persuade me to go on a free cruise with her--and got mad when I turned her down. She is also the woman who gave me information about the suspicious death of her own sister in another state, both by email and on the phone.

Many of the long (often cross-country) driving trips of my father and step-mother and their friends supposedly revolve around bird-watching activities. They make these trips regularly, and while on them, they meet up with other "birders", often in Florida or near the Canadian or Mexican borders.

Some of the harassment directed at my kids and me over the years has involved loud, obnoxious bird noises of various kinds. Often when my children and I get undressed, someone broadcasts amplified owl hoots outside our windows. Different bird sounds are also broadcast when we are outside or trying to sleep, and these noises are usually far too loud to be natural. For a long time, someone at the local grocery store would broadcast loud jungle bird (or ape) noises outside the front of the store as I walked across the parking lot to go in or out. People often drive by us, lean out the windows of their vehicles, and make these sorts of noises at us. [No doubt my posting this will result in a new round of this behavior!]

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who has a ranch here and is very wealthy, owns a private investment company called Falcon Seaboard Company. As detailed previously in this blog, I was once harassed on I-10 by someone in a large, bright red SUV that had a custom lt. governor's license plate, and when this vehicle finally sped off, its place tailgating me was immediately taken by my ex-husband and his wife in one of their many pickup trucks.

Dewhurst has refused repeated requests from various watchdog agencies to provide documentation and information regarding his personal financial, real estate, and corporate dealings as required under open records laws. He also refuses to publicly explain certain secretive trips he's made to Washington, D.C. and elsewhere on taxpayer time. Dewhurst once worked for the CIA in Bolivia; coincidentally, my nephew did a summer internship in Bolivia a few years ago.

There's one final bird-related piece of information you need to know. The Spanish word for falcon is used by Mexican narco-traffickers as a term for a drug lookout or scout.

More Mail Tampering

Once again one of my children has received an important piece of personal mail that has clearly been illegally opened by someone else and then crudely closed again with a single small piece of scotch tape. It does no good whatsoever to complain to the USPS--believe me, I've done this many times over the years, and they never do anything at all. (See my previous discussions on the subject; I may post more as well at some point.)

We still see unauthorized persons coming and going from the post office as well. As US citizens, we're entitled to secure mail delivery, but as far as I'm concerned, this is just another of the many blatant violations of civil rights that go on all the time around here. Exactly what will it take to correct this and get privacy for victims (not to mention justice)?

Knowing about all the drug-related activity around here makes me wonder what else is being covered up at the post office!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mysterious Deeds

My divorce was finalized in February of 2001, although my lawyer would not let me attend the hearing.

In April of that year, I received a packet in the mail from my lawyer that contained the first two documents shown above (two letters, one from my lawyer, and one from my ex-husband's lawyer) plus a number of copies of property deeds with vague locations and an unsigned quitclaim deed form. When I spoke with my lawyer about this, he said a mistake had been made with the paperwork involved in my divorce and I needed to sign the quitclaim form and return it to him. However, he would not explain the mistake or what all the enclosed deeds were, and I told him I could not sign the form until I felt I understood them. He told me he'd get back to me on this, but he didn't.

In June of the same year, I received the letter from my ex-husband's divorce lawyer shown here and marked as #2, along with more vague deeds. Again my divorce lawyer insisted I sign a quitclaim deed form, and again I could not get a straight answer to my questions about this. I made it clear to him that I needed a better explanation from him as to what I was signing before I could sign the document, and again he said he'd get back to me but didn't. As a result, I never did sign the quitclaim document.

In 2003 when I hired private investigator Ed Hodges, he, the lawyer he worked with in Dallas, and George Petrie, an investigator who worked for him, all told me repeatedly they'd found some sort of evidence of money laundering on the part of my ex-husband that was concerned with numerous deeds at the local courthouse; this is documented here by the last email shown here. These people too kept saying they'd tell me more later, but they never did. (They just kept charging me large sums for investigative work they said they were doing at the courthouse.)

Later, after I found out Hodges and his associates had defrauded me, I learned Petrie had been impersonating a licensed private investigator. I filed a formal complaint against him with the Texas DPS-PSB, but they refused to prosecute him. As with the file numbers in the previous post, I've never been able to get anyone else (lawyer or otherwise) to explain to me what the deeds were or why these two lawyers were so anxious for me to sign off on them. As you can see at the top of the document marked "1A" above, I even faxed copies of all of this to Diop Kamau after he said he worked with an attorney who could look at them--but he never got back to me on this, either.

Because I'm STILL unable to find proper legal representation, I still don't know what this was all about.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

File Numbers

Early in 2005, I hired a lawyer to represent us that the ex-DEA and ex-FBI agents I'd hired as private investigators to help me figure out what was going on with Ed Hodges recommended highly and even went with me to see. On the day I first met this attorney and hired him, he told me why the trust document Ed Hodges had mailed me was fraudulent and I looked at it carefully for the first time and realized it was not the document I'd signed. Also at this meeting (which the former FBI agent also attended), this lawyer casually mentioned some sort of problem with file numbers on the document but wouldn't explain this further.

Several times over the next few months, I tried unsuccessfully to get this attorney to explain to me what he'd meant about the file numbers, but he just changed the subject or said it didn't matter. Eventually, I tried to get him to explain his earlier remarks to me in writing as shown here, and you can see his reply.

I'm no lawyer myself and have no idea if there's anything to this or not, but given the fact that I later caught these people allowing my adversaries to listen in on my private conversation with them and fired them as a result, I have to wonder. Therefore, I'm posting copies of the file numbers from various versions of the fraudulent trust document here in the hope that someone else will explain to me what's going on with them.

For more information on all this, please read "My Story" at the beginning of this blog.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


And now, back to the fraudulent trust document discussions. In my previous post entitled "Pages", I mentioned some handwriting I'd noticed at the top of one copy of the document that has been used so often to victimize myself and my children.

Here I'm posting a copy of this writing along with a sample of handwriting found on an application for an agricultural exemption on our property my former husband filed with the county in 1997. Most of the handwriting on the older document is my ex-husband's, but I'm positive this portion was not written by him.

I'm no handwriting expert, but the capital "G"s and the numbers certainly look similar, which leads me to believe they may have been written by the same person. If so, I'm interested in finding out who this person is.

I wouldn't be posting this if I didn't have some ideas about who the writer might be. I suspect most people working at our local courthouse will recognize the writing immediately.