Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can You Help?

These two are apparently missing. If you've seen them, please call one of the phone numbers listed right away.

The man in this photograph is reported to be stalking people out in California. If you know who he is or have any information on him, I'd appreciate your emailing me at kamaudocs at gmail dot com as soon as possible. I'm told the license plate might be a custom one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Local Deaths

These are all very recent. Even one of them is too many!

At least two of these deaths had connections to Fair Oaks Ranch, which happens to be where P.I. #2 [see previous post] lives.

I'm told the skull in the bag may possibly be some sort of sick medical prank.

Finally, Mr. Scripps was a member of the well-known media family.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Notes On Illegal Surveillance And Organized Stalking

Since my children and I continue to find clear indications of the presence of large amounts of illegal surveillance equipment in our house and on our property on an almost daily basis (and are positive this equipment is still fully operational and functioning because of various acts and actions committed regularly by persons stalking us), I could go on documenting this here indefinitely as I’ve been doing in preceding posts. (I almost certainly will be returning to this at some point.) However, I believe, for various reasons, that now is a good time for me to pause and summarize what I’ve both found and documented so far, discuss what it means, and compare it with things I’m currently learning and hearing from other victims of organized stalking.

My children and I have been victims of organized stalking for twelve years (with no end in sight). The children are now young adults (all over the age of 18), but they were all underage victims for many years. We believe we are being targeted as part of a “Trammel” conspiracy (see my "Code Names" post from 9/28/09) in order to illegally obtain our house and land for development by physicians and other persons connected with our local hospital.

Most of the various kinds of stalking-related incidents committed against us could not possibly have been committed without the persons committing them having had access to extensive minute-to-minute knowledge of our whereabouts at all times plus knowledge of what goes on inside our house, on our property, and inside our vehicles. A few of these incidents might be considered coincidental, but thousands of them, committed day after day for twelve years, are not. Because of this, we are positive that illegal surveillance equipment is installed in our home and vehicles and on our property.

Over the years, I have hired a number of private investigators (p.i.s) licensed with the Private Security Board (PSB) of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to find and remove this equipment and gather evidence to be used to prosecute individuals installing it and accessing information from it. These p.i.s charged me large sums of money for this but never actually did anything and also defrauded me in other serious ways. (I filed complaints with the DPS about this, but they refused to do anything.) Some of these investigators were (or claimed to be) former federal law enforcement agents and/or persons with close ties to federal agencies.

Because there were also clear signs that local law enforcement officers were involved in the stalking of us, I then hired Diop Kamau of the Police Complaint Center, a nationally know organization that’s linked to many respected law enforcement websites, to help me deal with the stalking and the illegal surveillance. Instead, Kamau also defrauded and victimized me. When I discovered this and confronted him, he began insisting that I allow persons in his employ to enter our home and remove some sort of equipment they’d installed, but he repeatedly refused to describe, list, or give me the locations of any of this equipment, so I refused them entry. Kamau then threatened us with an illegal invasion of our home by local police officers to remove the equipment (see “Illegal Surveillance, Part III”, posted here on 11/12/09).

I filed repeated complaints with the DPS, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) begging them for protection, asking them to properly sweep our property for illegal devices and remove and prosecute for them, requesting that they prosecute the various other serious crimes committed against us (which I repeatedly submitted extensive documentation of), and more; I even personally visited the San Antonio FBI office three times. None of these agencies would do anything to help us. Sample responses I’ve received from them are posted here under "Today The DOJ Said" (12/4/10), "DOJ Civil Rights Division" (6/28/10), and "The DOJ Said" (9/19/09).

At the same time, local first responders had serious problems with missing, unaccounted for, or improperly used surveillance and other equipment, much of it purchased with federal grant money. (See, for example, my "Defibrillators" (10/7/09) and "Missing Equipment" (1/14/11) posts here.) Not long after the threatened invasion of our home, Brian Collister of WOAI reported on over $30 million worth of missing federal equipment, much of it sophisticated surveillance equipment (see “Illegal Surveillance Summary”, posted here on 11/17/09). Collister said he had turned a list of this equipment over to Rep. Lamar Smith, who promised to look into it, but as far as I know, nothing was ever done. It’s also important to note that there are companies located here that have federal contracts to manufacture some of this equipment.

Because I was not able to obtain any of the help we needed despite years of constantly trying, I was advised to start documenting what was being done to us and to others here on a blog, which was why this one was started. Eventually, the blog attracted international attention. It has been assistance from outside the U.S. that has enabled us to start locating and documenting the illegal surveillance equipment being used to facilitate the stalking of us, rather than U.S. help of any kind. That fact alone ought to cause every American citizen considerable concern and dismay!

The vast majority of the population knows stalking only as a one-on-one kind of criminal victimization and has trouble dealing with the concept of organized stalking, the idea that people can be (and are!) being deliberately stalked by large groups of people who are being given access to illegal surveillance of victims wholesale. It is my fervent hope that the things I’m describing, explaining, photographing, and posting here will go a long way toward educating the general public about what’s really going on. For example, the ways I’ve illustrated and explained that illegal equipment has been installed in and on our house alone require the involvement of skilled professional electricians, carpenters, construction experts, wallpaper and flooring installation experts, heating and air conditioning technicians, painters, electronics and telecommunication experts, computer experts, and more. There’s simply no way a single person could have this much expertise!

There’s no question about the fact that large numbers of people are currently participating in the illegal stalking, harassment, and victimization of others, both here and around the world. The question then becomes why. For an excellent discussion of this at the interpersonal level, please see "Science Is A Freedom" at the Medawar's Cornflakes blog (posted 12/14/08) and "The Culture Of Impunity" (posted here on 1/4/11). For views on how this fits into an historical perspective, please see “Empire Builders”, posted here on 10/30/10. As to why large numbers of people would knowingly and willingly access illegal surveillance of others (including young children), often in their most private moments, I direct your attention to the excellent book People Of The Lie, by the late F. Scott Peck.

This blog has brought me into contact with other victims of organized stalking from across the U.S. and all over the globe. One major trend that’s emerging as we compare notes is that victims commonly report being followed and/or stalked by either persons flashing law enforcement badges or persons who say they were asked to follow or commit harassing or illegal acts against someone by a person or persons flashing law enforcement badges and claiming to be law enforcement officers (often federal). U.S. citizens (and those of most other countries as well) should be aware that no legitimate law enforcement officer will ever do this, and that is someone ever asks them to do anything like this, they should refuse and threaten to call legitimate law enforcement—and then do it!. People also need to be aware that a high percentage of the time, the badges the people making these requests flash at them are fake (even though some of these are extremely realistic-looking). I have personally seen some of the people following me flash very official-looking badges at people, so I know for a fact that this is occurring. Several times, this happened to me at various post offices, after which the item I was mailing disappeared or was seriously tampered with.

Many victims of organized stalking also report the involvement of local law enforcement officers. A new trend that is developing, however, is the extensive involvement of “community policing” groups or organizations, some of which appear to actually be operating solely as a cover for organized stalking. (Comparisons with Nazi Germany here are encouraged!)

There’s one extremely important trend in particular that’s emerging as a result of my sharing information with other organized stalking victims that fellow victims must be made aware of. Many victims are reporting that their stalking began because someone powerful, wealthy, or well-connected badly wanted something they had. Usually, this is real estate, but sometimes it’s a spouse or significant other, assets, or something else that’s coveted. Often, the specific targeting day after day, plus the lack of help from authorities, combine to make victims believe that if they simply give up what is wanted and leave the area, the stalking will stop. When they do this, however, victims discover to their horror that their stalking not only continues, but actually worsens. This is because whoever is behind the stalking now both knows what “gets to” that particular victim and is anxious to silence and/or discredit the victim about what they know. (The “discredit” part is done by deliberately making others believe the victim is mentally ill. Please remember that it’s the stalkers who actually have the mental problems, not their victims!)

Here in Central Texas, by comparing notes with fellow organized stalking victim Dr. John Hall, I’ve been able to identify some of the individuals who’ve committed acts of stalking and harassment against us as members of what appears to be a major stalking gang out of the extended San Antonio area that’s run by one of the licensed p.i.s who defrauded me. This man is discussed as “P.I. #2” in my 3/25/11 post, “Who Lied?”. Although one San Antonio FBI agent personally told me P.I. #2 had once worked as an FBI agent and a second San Antonio FBI agent told Dr. Hall the same thing, so far no one that I’m aware of has been able to obtain confirmation of this in writing directly from Quantico. Regardless of whether P.I. #2 ever actually worked as a federal agent or not, he certainly has known close ties to the San Antonio FBI office, where I have every reason to suspect he might have been given improper access to classified information. According to Dr. Hall, P.I. #2 employs mainly extended family members of his and his wife’s to do the stalking, and I know that on one of my visits to the San Antonio FBI office to request help, these relatives of his were allowed to party loudly both in the lobby of the building and out in front of the building the entire time I was there. (When I was persuaded to hire him as a p.i. without realizing who he really was, he twice wore shirts belonging to one of my children to meetings with me and lied about where he got them!)

I’m told it’s very expensive to hire these gangs to stalk someone, so if you are a victim of organized stalking, it’s important to try to identify both the particular gang that’s stalking you and the person, entity, or organization that hired them. In our particular case, based on the many serious incidents we’ve documented in our logbooks over many years, we believe the expensive formal stalking gang out of San Antonio appears to have been hired in more of an “advisory capacity” and for specific incidents only. The more routine, day-to-day stalking of us seems to be done by locals whose services are likely either free or far cheaper. I do believe, based on comparisons with Dr. Hall and other victims (some of whom have also filed serious criminal complaints against this same gang that have also been ignored) that the San Antonio gang, with its known connections to federal law enforcement, is likely to have been involved with the installation of illegal surveillance equipment in our house and on our property. Interestingly, some of the known or suspected victims of this San Antonio gang are located in other states, meaning this particular gang has a reach that is well beyond Texas.

Now there are apparently new problems with the use of federal grant money in Texas; see the San Antonio Express-News article below). The statement about the DPS’s refusal to respond to requests for information about this is especially interesting. And this article further begs the question of whether any of the equipment sealed within the walls, cabinets, tile, porches, and elsewhere or installed or mounted in our vehicles and on our property was purchased with federal funds.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dressing Area

In my "Bedside Matters" post of 5/15/11, I discussed my findings of strong radio frequency (RF) signals and obvious signs of tampering at the backs of a set of tall built-in cabinets located on the other side of the wall behind the head of my bed that are strongly indicative of the presence of illegal devices sealed inside the wall there.

I'm now in the process of going back to some areas of our house where we have not yet found signs of illegal surveillance devices but, for various reasons, have good reasons for suspecting they might be installed there. One such area is the small dressing area just off my bedroom where the built-in cabinets mentioned above are located.

Once I checked the dressing area more carefully, it didn't take long to locate an area of strong localized RF signals in the corner of the outside of the built-ins, on the side next to my closet. (See first photo below.) And sure enough, there's a suspicious-looking hole in the moulding there (second photograph).

I suspect this is the fiber optic end of an illegal surveillance camera that is sealed inside the wall between the dressing area and the side of my closet. A camera installed in this particular location would have a clear view all the way down the length of the area where I usually get dressed and undressed each day. It would also be pointed straight at the bathroom sinks and mirror, a second closet that forms the entrance to our attic, and into the entrance of the area where my children and I shower.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

More At The Door

We've found more signs of illegal surveillance embedded in the walls by our back door, as shown in the photographs below. This time, the area that gives off strong radio frequency (RF) signals indicative of a hidden camera or microphone is right next to the door and about halfway up.

After I photographed this, I attempted to remove it by grabbing the part protruding from the wall with a tweezers and pulling on it. A small brownish crust similar to the one I removed from the leg of my bed as explained in an earlier post broke off and was so thin that it was crushed into tiny pieces. A small grayish area that's slightly recessed remains on the wall, and this appears to have a hair-thin fiber optic line in the center, although it's so small that it's hard to tell for sure. The area still gives off strong RF signals, so the stuff I removed must have been there to hold something in place.

The wall this pinhole is on intersects another at right angles a short distance away as shown. On the opposite side of the intersecting wall is a built-in cabinet that has clear signs of tampering at the back of it: the back of the cabinet has been removed at some point and then both heavily glued and crudely screwed back together so that in order to get to the illegal equipment sealed inside, one would have to either destroy the back of the cabinet or cut a hole in the wall itself.

I assume the embedded item is a camera, since it's positioned in a way that gives a view of the entire length of our downstairs hallway and looks directly at our front door.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fiber Optics?

I found this piece of what looks like fine fiber optic line laying in the middle of our kitchen floor when I returned from walking my dog. I'm positive that all the doors to our house were locked while I was gone. Also, my kids were home at the time (but they were busy in other parts of the house). I'm very sure this was not on the floor when I left, either.

Other organized stalking victims often report similar incidents--so often, in fact, that these are considered to be a major and definitive part of the problem.