Monday, December 30, 2013

Look Where It Came From

For information on where the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned of originally came from, please see:

Notice in particular the connections to the Bush family and Standard Oil, both of which are relevant to Texas (with the Bushes being particularly relevant to Central Texas!).

Now see:

for a further discussion of the first article.  

As Medawar recently pointed out to me privately, it appears that a lot of modern victims of organized stalking (a.k.a. gang stalking) may have fallen foul of modern versions of the same networks.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Removed Post

I have received a private email from someone asking me to remove my post from August 12, 2012 titled "A Warning".  The sender of the email claimed that their private email address had been hacked in the past and that someone else had sent out an email I included in the post.  I have moved this post to the "Drafts" section of my blog for now, pending further investigation.  None of the material from the post has been lost, including the attached comments.

Whatever the truth of any particular claim or comment, it's very clear that one party or another has engaged in stalking, hacking, and defamation.  Somebody else has also tried to paint me in the blackest possible terms for reporting this.

I must point out that in my experience and that of countless other Targeted Individuals (TIs), backing down has never helped a stalking victim yet and probably never will.  The best protection  is exposure of who is doing the hacking, along with their motives and an indication of whom else benefits from their actions.

[With thanks to Medawar, who has given me advice on how to handle this.]

Update:  I believe all of the comments below are actually from my ex-husband.