Sunday, August 30, 2009

Death Connections

Deaths around here are often connected by the most amazing coincidences. For example, when a woman whom I believe might have had connections to our case was murdered in San Antonio on 1/1/09 (a day after her parents' home near the LBJ ranch was broken into), a newspaper story about the death in the 1/8/09 San Antonio Express-News featured an interview with a high school classmate of hers--whose family just happens to own property close to mine.

That doesn't impress you? Let's look at a more complicated set of connections involving more than one death. An article in the 6/2/09 Fredericksburg Standard about a 5/14/07 homicide (with similarities to the one above, by the way) featured an extensive interview with a close friend of the victim's who was one of the first people at the crime scene. This friend, who helped fund a reward in the case, had lost her frail, elderly mother on 2/24/03 when she was found dead under a bridge on I-10 near Comfort, TX during an ice storm. (The mother had been using a walker, and I hadn't seen her driving herself in some time. She was a well-known environmentalist who would not have wanted her ranch developed.) This friend also just happens to share an office with the same local doctor who is supposedly developing the property in the gully just west of mine. (Although they have the same office address, the friend is not a doctor and I have never known what she does for a living. She is a close friend of my ex-husband and his family.)

Still just coincidence? Possibly--but wait, there's more. Back on 8/20/03, a rancher with property near the elderly mother/victim's was found dead under a tractor by a neighbor who is related to my former father-in-law. (There is now a major development there called Boot Ranch that locals refer to as "Boot Hill".) Also, the boyfriend of the 5/14/07 homicide victim died on 2/22/09; he was employed at the Office of the Attorney General in Austin at the time.

These are just some of the examples of connections between deaths that I'm aware of; there are many more.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How To Steal Property In Four Easy Steps

1) Get the county clerk's office to file a clearly manipulated trust document that isn't even notarized properly.
2) Get the local tax office to change the addresses on the property (without telling the owner, of course). [See sample document shown here; I have more.]
3) Get the county attorney, D.A., state attorney general, and DOJ to refuse to do anything to investigate or prosecute. [Don't believe me?--I'll be glad to show you their responses.]
4) Put the owner under intensive illegal surveillance so you know every attorney they try to contact; then either scare off or buy off all of these attorneys so the owner is unable to obtain proper legal representation.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Check Connections

When I filed a criminal fraud complaint against Diop Kamau in Florida, where he was licensed as a private investigator, officials there asked me to obtain copies of the backs of my checks to Kamau so they could see who had endorsed them. When these arrived, I was told it was indeed Kamau's signature on the backs of the checks. However, I was surprised to discover that all of my checks had been converted to wire fund transfers without my knowledge (and some of my check numbers had been changed). Even more surprising were the bank stamps from Louisville, KY; Philadelphia, PA; and "JAX", which I assume is Jacksonville, FL. [Samples shown here.] It just so happens that my father has financial ties to both Louisville and Philadelphia. Diop Kamau lives in Talahassee, FL, which is on the other side of the state from Jacksonville--but my ex-husband and his family just happen to have a close business associate who lives near Jacksonville; this is the same business associate of theirs that the FBI asked me about in 2000.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Tale of the Drs. Cone

Back in the 1990s when I was still married, one of my ex-husband's favorite stories to tell was that of his good buddy, Dr. Anson Cone, and his first wife, Dr. Florence Cone (who usually preferred to use her maiden name so she wouldn't have to be called "Flo Cone"). Anson, a radiologist, and Flo, a pathologist, were San Antonio physicians who were in the process of moving to the Texas Hill Country, and he was already working here. One Friday, Flo discovered a flat tire on her vehicle, and Anson changed it for her. The next morning, he came to work at the local hospital; the plan was that she would drive up from San Antonio later that morning and bring some of their things.

While Flo was driving on Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Boerne, the wheel suddenly came off her vehicle, causing it to roll over several times; her neck was broken and she apparently died instantly. My ex-husband said he was also working at the hospital that morning and that he was with Anson when the shocking news came in that Flo was dead. I remember attending Flo's funeral in San Antonio with my husband and also the burial service here--everyone was very sad except for Anson, who seemed remarkably upbeat for someone suddenly widowed.

A few months later, Anson suddenly remarried a local woman and my husband began talking obsessively about the fact that Anson was the beneficiary of two life insurance policies on Flo, one for 7 million dollars and the other for 7.5 million dollars. Of course the insurance company refused to pay, so a major court battle ensued. In the end, my husband said the court forced the insurance company to pay both of the policies in full, making Anson and his new wife very wealthy.

I was reminded of this story again recently while talking with a mutual friend. Anson and Flo had a daughter together, and my friend said the daughter had been accepted to medical school. I mentioned how proud Flo would have been about this and was told it was not yet certain that her daughter would actually be able to go to medical school--it seems Anson and his wife had flatly refused to help her out financially in any way. [My friend also said Anson might possibly be related to a couple named Wright who used to be listed as owning the gully just west of our property that is currently under heavy construction, although she wasn't positive about this.]

Monday, August 24, 2009

Secret Rooms

Years ago when my former brother-in-law and his wife were building their current home, I remember them showing me a large room they'd had carved into the hillside behind their house that was accessed by a hidden door. When I was shown this room, it was completely filled with firearms that I was told were their "gun collection".

When my ex-husband built his current home, my children told me they were shown numerous secret rooms, cupboards, and niches that were being hidden throughout the house, garage apartment, and attics. My children said one larger room also contained their dad's "gun collection", which they said was "very large".

A few years after my husband left, we discovered a large hidden space inside our own house we'd never known about before. Unlike the others, ours was empty--except for a large amount of food-related trash (that appeared to have been left deliberately to attract vermin) and a large pile of cedar shavings that had been left in a back corner that could be accessed separately through a concealed opening in the wall.

Back in the 1990s, my ex- and his friends all became licensed gun dealers. They also all became obsessed with reloading bullets, and my ex- purchased extensive equipment for this and spent many hours out in our garage workroom making large amounts of ammunition he said was for "target practice out at the ranch". (I have no idea what happened to all the ammo. he made.)

Since President Obama's election, these same people have started talking about secession.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Victim: Donald Althaus

I don't normally read the obituaries in the San Antonio Express-News, but one day last April as I flipped through the paper, a photograph with the Central Texas name of Althaus underneath it caught my eye. I knew I hadn't heard of anyone with that name passing away recently, so I read the obit. It stated that Donald Herbert Althaus, 55, of San Antonio and formerly of Iowa, had been the victim of a homicide in San Antonio on Jan. 22, 2009. I didn't recall seeing or hearing anything in any of the local media (print, television news, local obits., etc.) about this death, much less that it was a homicide. I also wondered about the long wait to announce the death, post the obit., and announce the funeral.

It has long disturbed me the way obvious homicides were being ruled accidents, suicides, etc. around here (ex: Phillip Shue). Is the latest strategy to simply not report them at all? [Is Donald Althaus related to local "insider" Dudley Althaus who writes for the Houston Chronicle?]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kamau Victims' Update

I have been contacted by additional persons victimized by Diop Kamau and the Police Complaint Center, and I have some important additional information for victims. If you filed an online complaint with iC3 before 2009, you will need to refile it. Note that this procedure (under "File A Complaint" at is quick, easy, and secure, and you won't have to worry about retailiation after you do this. It is VERY IMPORTANT that at many people who've been victimized as possible file their complaints AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, even if it's been many years since your incident/contact took place.

Also, if you are interested in trying to get your money back, please go to the website of the Washington, D.C. district attorney's office and file a consumer complaint (mark/file it to the attention of Ms. Carter with this office). Important note: on the complaint form, there is a place where you have to check whether you give your permission for the OAG's office to contact Kamau and the PCC on your behalf; if you check "No" because you are afraid of retaliation, Ms. Carter says your complaint will simply go into a permanent database and they will not be able to pursue trying to get you a refund; if you check "Yes", they will contact the company about trying to get your money back, but based on the experiences of myself and other victims who've done this, you can expect serious retaliation such as having your personal info. posted online, being libled and slandered severely on Kamau's and other public websites, etc. Each victim will have to decide on their own whether this is worth it to them or not (sadly), at least until law enforcement finally acts to protect us.

We know there are A LOT of people who've been victimized, both because of various web postings and also because another victim I'm in contact with made an open records request to the FTC and received many, many pages of copies of formal fraud complaints filed over the years with the FTC. Some of the stories told in these complaints are heart-wrentching. Collectively they tell the stories of people from all over the U.S. who were first victimized by law enforcement in various ways and then were victimized again by Kamau and his associates. The stories of what happened with Kamau and the PCC are remarkably similar: people were conned into believing they needed to purchase various expensive goods and services based on PCC employees "professional expertise" (which was believable based on the facts that the PCC website was linked to other legit. law enforcement websites, advertised having done award-winning investigations for major t.v. networks, was staffed by law enforcement professionals and professors, etc.); they purchased these goods and services based on these recommendations; and they never received what they'd paid for. When they confronted Kamau and his associates, they were threatened, harassed, etc. For more info. on this (some of which is frankly scary), see the posting by Guest entitled "Fraud Alert" on the LEO Affairs website.