Friday, April 22, 2011

They Arrest Stalkers, Don't They?

These two articles taken from the San Antonio Express-News provide excellent illustrations of the first of the "Axioms For Stalking Victims" that I discussed in a recent post here: It's the stalkers who are mentally ill, not their victims. Notice how they commit repeated criminal acts that are far outside the realm of normal behavior, even after having experienced negative consequences from their actions. They are simply not capable of stopping their criminal behavior on their own, and when not stopped by law enforcement, their acts tend to escalate over time.

These two perpetrators appear to be at the most serious end of the spectrum of stalkers I discussed previously. While I'm no mental health expert, I would venture an educated guess that their criminal behaviors classify them as psychopaths.

Can you see that although the victims in both of these cases were severely traumatized, now that they are protected from their stalkers (and probably receiving counseling and/or therapy), they will get better? Whereas, if their tormentors aren't kept behind bars, they will almost certainly continue their criminal behaviors?

These cases also show very well the known connections between stalkers at the worst end of the stalking spectrum and serial killers. These types of psychopaths get sick thrills from stalking, torturing, and killing human prey (they do not see other people as human beings!), and they are arguably the worst criminals law enforcement faces as far as their danger to the public.

Please also notice that the first article hints at the perpetrator's involvement in organized stalking as well as one-on-one stalking. I am currently aware of a number of organized/gang stalking participants who concurrently commit sexual assaults, murders, and other personal crimes against victims they are hired to stalk and then attempt to hide behind the gang for protection from law enforcement, which all too often they receive.

It's encouraging to see that some of the most serious stalkers actually are charged and arrested. There are honest, hard-working law enforcement personnel out there who need to understand the seriousness of stalking behavior and be encouraged to vigorously investigate and prosecute these types of perpetrators.

7/22/2011: Here's an update.

10/1/11 Update: Crews was sentenced to two years in "Club Fed" for federal interstate stalking, plus an additional three-year federal supervision sentence after he gets out. As he has previously served six years in state prison without apparently learning anything, I have serious doubts as to whether the new federal sentence is long enough.

Monday, April 18, 2011

False Bravado

My ex-husband is apparently so unafraid of being prosecuted for the crimes he's committed against me and others that he's started bragging openly about what he's done on the National Topix Gang Stalking Forum. Two examples of posts he's made there are shown here. (You can find the originals at .)

Notice that he used the street address of his house so I would know these posts were from him.

After you've read his first post below, you might want to refer back to my earlier post titled "The Most Corrupt Town In America" (11/10/10). After you've read the second post, please see my earlier post titled "Who Lied?" (3/25/11).

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Thursday Apr 14

It's pretty easy to ruin someones life to the point where they're property can be foreclosed on. It's even easier when the perps are in the real estate and mortgage broking business. Fraudulent ghost mortgages are an easy way to finance other crimes that you get hired to do, such as driving a spouse crazy during a divorce!

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Friday Apr 15


Or maybe the person behind the targeting could hire a corrupt ex-FBI agent to use very advanced surveillance technology on the victim to determine their precognition, rendering a prepaid cell phone as useless as a regular one!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Show Me The Money Again

Someone has sent me another email that's similar to the one I discussed in my post of 10/10/10 titled "Show Me The Money". The new message is shown here.

Because this new email is clearly harassment, I'm also posting the path it took.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Axioms For Victims Of Organized Stalking

If you are a victim of organized/gang stalking, there are two very important axioms you need to memorize so you can repeat them to yourself regularly as needed:

1) It’s the stalkers who are mentally ill, NOT their victims.

2) A stalker’s greatest fear is that the people they are stalking separately will band together and take concerted action to expose them.

I’ve discussed both of these before, but these axioms are of such great importance for stalking victims that they bear repeating for emphasis. I’d also like to add some details and examples this time around.

Let’s start with the first axiom: It’s the stalkers who are mentally ill, NOT their victims. As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, one of the primary objectives of organized/gang stalking is to drive victims into mental illness. Many stalking victims do seek treatment from mental health professionals (where they are too often plied with pills instead of being sent straight to law enforcement!—but I’ll save that subject for another day). However, victims usually improve with proper treatment, and if the stalking stops, these victims recover fully or get significantly better very quickly.

Stalkers, on the other hand, are mentally ill from the start. Normal people don’t need the sense of power or control over the lives of others that stalkers do. Mentally healthy people are basically secure in themselves, whereas stalkers are insecure, sometimes to the point of paranoia. In fact, people who stalk others exhibit a spectrum of deviant behaviors that range from mildly insecure and controlling individuals at one end to psychopathic killers who stalk people as prey at the other end.

Unlike their victims, stalkers do not admit to anything being wrong with them and therefore do not seek mental health treatment. On the rare occasions when they are forced into treatment, they are almost universally resistant to therapy because, as with other aspects of their lives, they endeavor to dominate and control the therapy as well. Recovery of mental health by most stalkers is rare to nonexistent because they never had it in the first place! (When you see a comment in an online forum that accuses stalking victims of being mentally ill, that should be an immediate tip-off that the writer is a stalker.)

Since stalkers strive to find out what upsets or disturbs individual victims the most and then tend to repeat those actions for maximum adverse effect, victims need to be able to remind themselves frequently that “their buttons are being pushed” deliberately by mentally ill people who get perverse pleasure from hurting others. Fully understanding this concept and being able to remind themselves of it when the going gets rough is critical for victims of stalking, because it allows them to see their situations fully and accurately and to retain important feelings of control over their lives.

I’ve been told that each individual stalker is responsible for adversely affecting the lives of 14 different victims on average. This means it’s critical that the mental health profession start to focus on finding effective methods for treating stalkers if this equation is to ever be reversed. (The corollary to this is that stalking problems will get worse if mental health professionals continue to only treat stalking victims and ignore the stalkers themselves.)

Now let’s move on to the second axiom, which I’ve discussed in a more limited way in an earlier post here entitled “The Benefits Of Sharing” (1/3/11). Recent events resulted in someone phrasing this concept in the broader context as noted above and repeated here: A stalker’s greatest fear is that the people they are stalking separately will band together and take concerted action to expose them. I’ve decided I like this new way of expressing the axiom, so I’m shamelessly borrowing it.

A week ago, I posted an important petition at addressing the serious problems U.S. citizens face when they attempt to file formal complaints against police officers for corruption or misconduct. (The link to my petition is ; I’d appreciate your reading, signing, and supporting this.) The other day, a woman from Denver signed my petition and left the following comment after it:

“My Grandmother, Father murdered and my dog poisened,,myself beat up, raped, armed carjacked, all set up by a former employee of the Denver District Attorneys Office,6 of her corrupt Police friends, an RTD bus driver,a grocery store clerk,phone&cable tech and Comcast dispatcher,bank clerk,Statesman whom exploit and got rid of all the elderely white people and stole millions worth of antiques to "take over" and steal property cheap for the "family" around St. Cajetans Church they are exploiting for everything to be smuggled in. Useing hidden cameras,and voice receivers to get the people out of their houses. Local PD knows does nothing. Me and my 65 year old husband where wiped out of everything and our retirement even our underclothes, not one item of 16 police calls reported but instead threatened and some of their own in internal affairs to cover up, includeing these people admitting killing the District Attorney.”

I do not know this woman and was shocked to hear what she’s been through. Others I shared her information with, however, were not as surprised, because they’ve received similar reports from other victims in her area. Because this woman had the courage to speak out about what was done to her, people who care about putting a stop to these kinds of criminal activities gained valuable information and insight on what’s going on in her area and how it relates to similar problems both nationally and globally. (Organized/gang stalking, like other forms of organized crime, is an international issue these days!)

I have my own personal examples of why stalkers have good reason to fear cooperation between victims. When I was put in contact with Dr. John Hall of San Antonio (a well-known victim of organized/gang stalking) and began comparing notes with him, I immediately learned that a man I’d believed had simply defrauded me back in 2005 actually heads the major organized stalking gang out of San Antonio that targeted Dr. Hall. I now know this man and his organization have also been involved in the stalking of my children and me since at least 1999, even though I didn’t know him then. (This man is “P.I. #2” in my recent post here titled “Who Lied?”.) Further, Dr. Hall had information on persons working for this stalking gang that matches information on stalking incidents logged by my children and me years before I knew about Dr. Hall or P.I. #2 and his gang. I believed that local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies had refused to do anything about only my serious complaints; I now know they’ve received criminal complaints against P.I. #2 from Dr. Hall and at least three other persons as well. In the past few days, we’ve been contacted by three more stalking victims who appear to have been targeted by this same gang—and two of these victims live in other states!

Concerted actions taken by stalking victims should not be limited to information sharing. I found the examples of illegal surveillance equipment installed in our house that are documented in the two previous posts because one fellow victim was kind enough to provide me with a crucial piece of detecting equipment and another who’s familiar with P.I. #2’s methods was able to explain to me where the illegal surveillance equipment was most likely to be located. My children and I had been positive for many years that we were under illegal surveillance and that this surveillance was being used to facilitate the stalking of us, but we’d never been able to find the illegal equipment on our own. Now with help from fellow victims, we’re finding more of it every day (and will be continuing to describe and document it here).

In the past few days, I’ve also received information on several other types of equipment fellow victims are finding helpful in dealing with the illegal surveillance that almost always accompanies organized/gang stalking. Much of this equipment is not terribly expensive to purchase if you know what to get, and other pieces can apparently be borrowed from fellow stalking victims. I’m collecting this information currently and hope to do an entire post on the subject in the near future.

In summary, it’s critically important that organized/gang stalking victims understand that their problems originate from others who are sick, not from themselves. And rather than feeling helpless about their situations, victims need to realize and remember that the best way to find meaningful help is to have the courage to reach out to other victims and share as much information as possible with them. Victims of organized/gang stalking are encouraged to email me at and share their stories so we can add their information to confidential data bases, put them in touch with other victims in their areas, and try to find them the specific kinds of help they need. (My children and I are still in desperate and immediate need of proper legal help, so information on this would also be greatly appreciated!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

More Illegal Surveillance Cameras Found

This equipment has been illegally installed by someone behind a drawer in an island in the middle of our kitchen. Fiber optics that are encased in putty look through pinholes through the wood of the island that are pointed straight at the screen of our home computer.

There is also an opening that's been cut under the pipes for the sink and then firmly screwed back in place with four small screws. When we unscrewed these and finally managed to pry the cut-out free (because it had been varnished over), we could see a piece of wood that's been added at the front bottom of the inside of the cabinet to cover something. This piece of wood is firmly glued in place and difficult to reach.

There are strong radio frequency (RF) signals on the outside of this island cabinet, directly in front of the equipment.