Friday, May 14, 2021

Let The Girls Speak!!

I'm so glad the parents of these victims had a chance to speak out! (See the article below from the Fredericksburg Standard, 12/2/2020.) However, it's even more important to let the victims themselves speak: through proper, accurate, and truthful investigations, crime scene examinations, and autopsies. [continued below]

But wait!--this is being prevented by deliberately not releasing any of this information at all. (See below, also from the Fredericksburg Standard, this time on 12/23/20.)

Thing is, there's been a known serial killer living in this community for years. And his probable first victim, almost 50 years ago, was another 16-year-old girl whose murder was also never properly investigated and whose story was hushed up because the killer's prominent family was desperate to conceal the crime and powerful people saw a opportunity to own and control them.

I have learned a lot about this particular killer over the years and would like to make a few predictions about what might actually be in the investigation file for these recent homicides:

1)  There is a good chance the murders occurred somewhere else.

2)  There is a good chance multiple perpetrators were involved. (As my friend Medawar likes to say, psychopaths have little trouble finding each other.) However, the actual killer will be the same man.

3)  The injuries to the victims will show medical knowledge.

4)  The crime scene or scenes will show extensive knowledge of law enforcement and investigative procedures.

5)  The injuries to the victims and the crime scenes (actual and/or staged) will show signs of the theatrical. This murderer is known to kill to stories in his head.

6)  At some point, it's highly likely that officers and agents from the Texas Rangers, FBI, and/or Secret Service will suddenly provide additional evidence pointing away from the actual killer (and usually toward some patsy or other). Some of these agents are known to live for free in housing provided by the killer's family. 

7)  There is involvement in both this and the Linda Muegge murder of the fire department, which I believe will turn out to be significant.

8)  There is a good chance for eventual justice in this case. International law enforcement has been actively investigating this killer for some time in connection with some high profile homicide cases, and these investigations are simply not going to go away, much as many here would wish.

With most of the community actively covering up for the serial killer in their midst, the entities below come off at best as total disconnects and at worst as very sick jokes... [continued below]

(Fredericksburg Standard 3/31/2021)

(Fredericksburg Standard 12/9/2020)

Let me be very clear: no one knows better than I do about how badly help for victims of domestic violence is needed here. However, if you just treat the symptoms of the problem without doing anything about the root cause, you're covering a huge, gaping, and constantly draining open wound with a pretty, pink, and frilly band-aid, meaning the problems will continue to get worse. You simply can't condemn one form of violence (domestic) while openly accepting, and at times even celebrating. another (serial killer). It's a culture of violence, and it continues to actively breed itself here because so one stops it.

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