Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unsuitable For Building

The property immediately to the west of mine sits along the side of a rather large gully and has a major and unsightly power line almost directly overhead, making it rather unsuitable for building on. Despite this, shortly after the zoning on both this property and my own land were illegally changed from residential to commercial in 2007 as detailed elsewhere in this blog (see, for example, http://vocct.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-story.html), a medical office building and complex were proposed for this property and were approved by the city.

In the last few weeks, construction has suddenly begun on this property. Due to the slope of the land, this has necessitated the bringing in of enormous quantities of fill material and heavy equipment to move it around, obviously at very great expense.

Why would someone do all this, when there is a great deal of other undeveloped land nearby that is clearly much more suitable for building on? The answer is that the other land is not located right next to my homestead. There is a medical building owned by the local hospital immediately to the east of my house that was built shortly after the zoning change and as part of a number of proposed buildings close by that were approved by the city around the same time as the complex being started along my western fence line. (Make that right up against my western fence line!--the fill material being brought in is being dumped right next to my fence.) Construction must now take place on the opposite side of my house so that my property is surrounded on both sides by commercial property. This is necessary so that the county appraisal district can raise their appraisals on my land to commercial levels, which they know I can't pay.

The obvious solutions to my dilemma are to either sell my property and move elsewhere or develop my property myself. However, these are not viable options for me, and the people and entities involved in the construction and planning going on around me know this. My former father-in-law is a very powerful lawyer, banker, and real estate developer who controls the local hospital board and the entire real estate market in our area and has close business and personal ties to three former U.S. presidents (Johnson, Bush, and Bush), Texas billionaires, and more; he also has high-level state and federal agents at his beck and call (see http://vocct.blogspot.com/2012/10/bringing-dirty-tricks-back-home.html). When he puts out the word that my property is not to be sold, purchased, or developed by me or anyone else, no one dares to defy him. This means that even if I could persuade a real estate agent to list the property for sale, no one would dare to buy it, and even if I could get someone to help me develop my land, the city would never approve another development plan.

My former father-in-law and his associates have made lifelong careers out of obtaining property for development on the cheap by getting people into financial trouble in various ways and then buying their homes and land at property tax auctions on various county courthouse steps in our region or as emergency buy-outs. Classic examples of this are the Boot Ranch development, Tapatio Springs resort near Boerne, and shopping centers at The Rim in San Antonio. In my case, I'm sure locals think the idea of the city and county receiving money for the purchase of my property instead of me (however piddling the sum) is a wonderful way of keeping their own taxes down.  They don't seem to be able to realize (at least not until it's too late!) that for the greedy, there is never enough and that their turn to have their property grabbed, or that of loved ones, will eventually come.  [This may be quite soon for some, given the current push for a bypass around my city.  Land located along any proposed routes will suddenly become very valuable commercial property that is ripe for development and therefore highly desirable!]

In the process of these land grabs, people standing in the way often suddenly turn up dead. My neighborhood is no exception to this; at least four people owning property close to mine have died suddenly and violently. Two were found shot to death, one was brought to the hospital dead of unknown causes, and one was found dead underneath a tractor. One of the gunshot victims was my next-door neighbor who, with her husband, owned the property to the west of mine that is now being developed. All of these deaths took place shortly after my husband suddenly left me in 1999,

At the time of the zoning change to commercial and the approval of the medical complex, the property in the gully that is now being built on was listed as being owned by a local physician and her husband, a civil engineer who works for a major local construction company. (The husband also currently sits on the local school board.) Recently, however, an attorney and former city judge who now heads the local hospital foundation went to great pains to seek me out at my workplace so she could tell me herself that she and her father from Colorado had purchased the property to the west of mine and would be building on it. This former judge and her father are also listed as having purchased a large, multi-story medical office building next to the local hospital and supposedly built by them, which is just to the southeast of my property.

I believe that the local physician, her engineer husband, the former judge, and the judge's father are all fronting for my ex-husband and his father. As a fellow physician who was Chief of Staff at the time, my ex- had to have known about the hospital and medical expansion that was being planned for our neighborhood. His sudden departure in 1999 coincides with the murder outside the U.S. of a person who appears to have found out what was going on here and planned to reveal it very publicly. This victim, like the gunshot victims here, was also shot in the head. And I know for a fact that my ex-husband went to great lengths to try and conceal his whereabouts at the time the foreign victim was killed.

Because of the way law enforcement at all levels in the U.S. (including the Department of Justice) has repeatedly refused to help me over the years (undoubtedly due to my former father-in-law's high-level connections), I have little hope of getting any of the assistance or relief I'm entitled to under the law here or of getting the homicides of my neighbors investigated and prosecuted properly. The victim from outside the U.S. is another matter, however, since other countries tend to become upset when foreigners come over and assassinate their prominent citizens. I have every confidence that the foreign victim's death is currently being investigated thoroughly and that charges, if warranted, will be brought. I'm also very glad there are no statutes of limitations on murder cases.

Meanwhile, the illegal stalking and harassment directed at me and my adult children continues unabated. Much of the construction noise from next door is deliberately amplified at times when we are at home. One day last week, I awoke to find that the top portion of our trash had been removed from the bin and scattered all over our front lawn so I'd have to be outside for longer than usual while a large number of heavy construction vehicles that had been waiting just around the corner could slowly parade by. (Most of these vehicles belonged to the same construction company that the afore-mentioned civil engineer works for.) And my ex-husband was careful to leave his latest calling card (a bright pink Christmas bow; he know it's my favorite color) in the center of all the mess. Just this morning, on the way to work, I was headlight-harassed (see http://vocct.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-spot-gangstalking-primer.html) by a young female physician with a short blonde bob driving a gray car. In fact, the community-wide stalking and harassment are currently so severe that I sense a documentary film coming on.

By the way, property immediately across the street from the gully currently being built in was the scene of another bizarre and violent death; see http://vocct.blogspot.com/2012/02/developers-greed.html.

Finally, I am far from the only one currently having problems with our local hospital, which recently was awarded one of only two very prestigious national awards (the other recipient being Duke Medical Center).  Coincidentally (??), the major hospital in a neighboring county that is our hospital's main rival was informed around the same time that they'd just been listed as not being up to Medicare standards in the field that my ex-husband specializes in here.  Both of these smack highly of a combination of my former father-in-law's national connections and the expensive public relations firms he employs.  (The rival hospital and its doctors are furious, of course.)

As my friend Medawar likes to say, there's no crime a property developer won't commit!

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dead On The Roadside 2013

Organized Stalking in the News

Open discussions of organized stalking are becoming more mainstream:

This needs to continue!

Update:  See also http://www.theagencyinc.net/true_stories/gangstalking.pdf

Hicks Case Reopened

According to this article in today's San Antonio Express-News, the murder case of probation officer Beth Hicks is being reopened.  If the case is being looked into seriously, this is good news indeed!

I have blogged about this case previously at

http://vocct.blogspot.com/2010/01/right-on-schedule.html and elsewhere.

Despite what it says in the article, I know of at least two other major unsolved homicides in Kendall County from recent years:

http://vocct.blogspot.com/2010/09/what-are-odds-part-4.html  (Suicide victims don't shoot themselves in the head multiple times.)


http://vocct.blogspot.com/2009/07/shue-case.html and  http://vocct.blogspot.com/2009/09/shue-case-update.html (Suicide victims don't tie themselves up with duct tape, cut off their fingers or nipples, or wear their seat belts.)

I hope and pray that this new look at the Hicks case will also lead to serious reopenings of these other two (possibly related?) cases.  In particular, both Hicks and Col. Shue were waylaid on their way to work in the morning by a person or persons who clearly knew their routines, indicating they were probably stalked.

More On Drugs

As the following letter to the editor of the Kerrville Daily Times indicates, it's not so much a War on Drugs here in Central Texas as it is More and More on Drugs:
I have personally known of situations similar to what this writer describes.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Wild West

The Valero station near our house was the scene of a recent shoot-out, allegedly between a robbery suspect and local police.  Notice that almost all of the front windows were shot out.  Although our local newspaper covered this event, I never saw anything about it in the San Antonio paper.

         One hopes proper police procedures were followed.