Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Lincoln Town Cars

As I was driving on I-10 recently in heavy traffic that was moving well, someone in a dark pickup pulled up next to me, to my left and slightly in front of me, and suddenly threw a square black metal object directly at my vehicle very hard. This object just missed hitting my vehicle, and I heard it hit the road and go flying off somewhere. I never saw who was in the truck the object came from, and I never saw anyone reach out to throw it; all I saw was a distinctive-looking black metal square come flying toward me. In describing this square to others later, I learned that it was probably a plate that goes on the bottom of a scaffolding pole or on top of a builder's screw jack.

Then, on the morning after Thanksgiving (11/25/11) at around 9:45 AM, I had just entered I-10 at the La Cantera entrance ramp heading west in heavy traffic that was again moving well, when a white Lincoln Town car came speeding up, pulled in behind me, and began tailgating me. About a minute later, this car abruptly pulled into the lane just to my left and came speeding past me, going very fast. As it passed by me, I tried to see who was inside, but the windows of this vehicle looked almost as white as the car, as if they were frosted, and it was impossible to see anything inside.

The white Lincoln then cut in front of me and began driving directly ahead of my vehicle in the same lane. It began swerving back and forth a bit, so I tried to make out the license plate, but I couldn't see it well and couldn't make any of it out; in retrospect, I believe it was either a temporary tag or was obscured by a plastic cover.

Then all of a sudden, a light tan piece of what looked like wood came flying directly at me and very hard from the passenger side of the Lincoln. By some miracle, the wood fell just short of the front of my vehicle, missing it by a foot or less. I both saw and heard the projectile hit the road very hard, and I saw it bounce off the pavement and go flying fairly high up into the air before coming back down and sliding off the righthand side of the road. Once again, I had not seen an arm reach out to throw the object; I'd only seen it hurtling straight at me.

This second object had a square shape, size, and thickness that were all very similar to the black metal one from the previous incident, but it was even stranger and more distinctive-looking to me than the first. Although it had looked like it was made of light-colored wood, each of its four corners had a small diagonal line running across them that looked, in the split-second glance I had at them, like each corner had a small, sharp cover over it. I'm pretty sure these covers were metal, because they were shiny gray in color, and I thought I could see small sparks as the corners hit the pavement and bounced off. I'm less certain that the body of the square projectile was actually made of wood as it appeared, since the tan square seemed a bit heavier than I'd have expected and had made a sort of brittle noise when it bounced.

Besides the surprise of having these items come suddenly flying at me, the other thing I remember most about both incidents is how hard they had to have been thrown at me. In thinking about what I saw (and didn't see), and in discussing the incidents with others, I've come to the conclusion that these objects were probably launched at me mechanically somehow, rather than having been thrown by a person. This could have been done by something like a clay pigeon throwing device used for shooting skeet, or by using some sort of combination of a rail and surgical tubing. But again, I never saw anything like this protruding from either of these vehicles, either, although to be honest, I wasn't exactly looking for them at the time.

As soon as the wooden? object bounced away, the Lincoln immediately sped off down the freeway, going very fast (well over the speed limit) and still weaving slightly. As you can imagine, I was fairly shaken up by both incidents, particularly the second one, since that projectile had come much closer to hitting me and had been aimed straight at my head when it first came flying at me.

The other thing that shook me up badly about the second incident was that both LBJ and my former mother-in-law used to be famous for driving around our small town in white Lincoln Town cars, although they of course were older models than the one I had the incident with. (This is the reason the title of this post is plural, not singular.) My former father-in-law and his father were close business associates of LBJ's, and my ex-'s mother never made any secret of the fact that she enjoyed driving a car just like Johnson's.

I believe both of these incidents, and particularly the second one, were attempts on my life. The first I thought might possibly have been an accident at the time, but the second was clearly a serious attempt to injure or kill me, either by hitting me in the head or making me swerve, causing me to hit someone or something. Worse, these attempts aimed at me might have also hurt or killed someone else who happened to be driving nearby me.

I have reported the second incident to the Texas Department of Public Safety by email but have not yet had a response and have not yet had time to talk to anyone there. I doubt there are many white Lincoln Town cars owned by people living in our area, so I'd appreciate any information on them that my readers might be able to email me through this blog (anonymously is fine) or post as a comment here.

Before I end this post, there's one more thing I need to add. I'm currently working for a national company whose name you would immediately recognize, and as part of my on-boarding paperwork when I signed on with them, they required me to sign off on a vaguely worded life insurance document that said it covered me while I travel to and from work with them. And sure enough, I was indeed either heading to or from my work with them when each of these projectile attacks against me took place.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Truck Wars

The stalking and harassment being directed at me while I'm driving to and from work continues unabated, despite my earlier post on the subject. Recently, however, I've noticed a serious increase in incidents involving large trucks and other heavy vehicles, like over sized pickups, trailers, RVs, large SUVs, and the like. This is very dangerous, both to me and to other vehicles, particularly on I-10, where the speeds involved are high.

Large trucks come barrelling down the entrance ramps at me, trying to force me into someone else next to me in the passing lane. They tailgate me (usually with their lights on, as described in a previous post here) in the right hand lane, ignoring clear opportunities to pass me. They zoom past me, then cut into my lane in front of me and slow to a crawl (at which point, at least 100 of their friends in smaller vehicles suddenly start passing me to my left in a line where they're so close together that I'm trapped behind the slow-moving vehicle; remember, I'm being stalked by very large numbers of people from this area). The big trucks and other large vehicles also drive for long stretches in my blind spots, hoping I won't see them and will hit them (in which case, of course, I'll come out second-best). They swerve repeatedly at my vehicle from neighboring lanes, trying to make me panic and lose control. They surround my vehicle very closely on three sides and then start swerving at me, which is especially disconcerting and dangerous when the three vehicles doing this are all semi rigs.

But wait, there's more! Two weeks ago, a passenger in a large pickup that had just passed me suddenly threw a square black piece of metal out of their window at my windshield. There was nothing I could do to avoid this, but luckily, it just missed hitting my vehicle and bounced onto the pavement next to me.

Then there's the constant variety of bizarre and dangerous objects and items left in the roadway for me to either attempt to avoid or hit: everything from everyday items to trash to scrap metal to dead animals I've previously seen off to the side of the road that are suddenly moved back onto it for my next trip (yes, they definitely were dead the first time around; they didn't move by themselves!). On one particularly memorable occasion several years ago, two guys riding (illegally, of course) in the open bed of a pickup suddenly pushed an antique sofa off the back of the truck directly in front of me and laughed as I swerved to miss hitting it (successfully, thank heavens!).

This week, I had problems several days in a row with a particular white over sized pickup with a HCTC logo on it. I also had problems near the Comfort entrance ramp with another large white pickup truck that was carrying a large concrete vault on the back that had "Biohazard" printed in black lettering on the back of it. This last was especially interesting, given that the location where I encountered it is very close to the property that is the subject of discussion in my earlier "Death In Comfort" post.

Although, as explained in previous posts, some of the vehicles involved in the stalking and harassment of us are marked law enforcement vehicles of various kinds, I will be submitting a copy of this post to the Texas Department of Public Safety, along with my latest request for their protection of both myself and other innocent drivers. My previous complaints to them have gone unanswered, but I will continue to file written complaints with them nonetheless, in order to leave a written record of what's being done.

Stalking As An Addiction

There's a good article on this posted at:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update On Organized Stalking

Recently there has been some good updated information on organized stalking (aka gang stalking) posted in various places on the Internet that I'd like to share. These are posted here in no particular order, along with a brief explanation of what they're about, for your consideration.

The first of these is at

and is titled "Types Of Organized Stalking". This article was written by a friend of mine and contains a brief mention of me. The information this post contains is excellent.

The second link I'm asking my readers to look at is

This post, by the same author as the one above, discusses problems with Canadian mail and package deliveries experienced by a target of organized stalking. Her experiences with illegal mail and package tampering are very similar to ones my children and I have been the victims of in the U.S. for over 12 years now. ALL of our private (i.e., non-junk) mail arrives having been clearly opened, tampered with, and either left hanging open or having been crudely taped shut again. Sometimes bizarre items are added to our mail, as discussed in previous posts here dealing with mail tampering. Other times, the contents of our mail are missing or vandalized. For us, it does not matter how our mail or packages are sent; ALL the major carriers (USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.) are involved. I have filed repeated, very well-documented complaints with each of these to no avail. I have provided the USPS alone with copies of a stack of receipts for missing/stolen packages and certified letters that is over an inch thick, the tracking numbers on which all come back as "No Record", and they STILL won't do anything about it.

[Update, 11/15/11: The author of the above has posted an update that contains considerable additional information at ].

The nest link I'm providing here is for a post at the Topix National Gang Stalking Forum that was written by well-known organized stalking victim and advocate Eleanor White. This time, I'm also providing a partial sample of Ms. White's writings at this site, along with my hope that you will take the time to go to the site and read the rest of what she's written there in other postings. Important Note: Hektor Seven, who started this forum, is a very serious perpetrator of organized stalking who is well-known to me. He seems to have started the forum as a vehicle to taunt and torment victims, rather than as a way to help victims share information and help. It's also very important for those who follow this particular forum to realize that many, if not most, of the posts on this forum are actually written by Hektor Seven under a multitude of different names. Once you understand this, you'll realize that H7, as he's known, actually uses the forum to "talk to himself" in many different personalities, which serves as a GREAT example of one of my basic axioms for stalking victims: It's the stalkers who are mentally ill, not their victims.

" [For below]

Eleanor White
Sault Sainte Marie, Canada Reply »
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Friday Nov 11

I don't follow this thread real closely, but if police records of complaints about organized stalking are being discussed, there is a HUGE number of those.

One problem is that police often try to avoid taking a written complaint that would go in their files. This makes it difficult for crime statistics to reflect the true level of organized stalking activity.

But in spite of that, recent statistics (post 2000) show that for the U.S., Canada and the U.K., complaints of group stalking represent about one complaint to police out of eight. That's a huge number.

More detail is available in pages 9-12 of my e-booklet titled "Organized Stalking" at this link:

Also relating to numbers of complaints about organized stalking are the calls received by the National Center for Victims of Crime. An attorney who is a member of our group has been trying for some time to get NCVC to reveal their full information relating to organized stalking. They have resisted.

However, our attorney member provided me a copy of an affidavit he swore, which is viewable on pages 49-51 of the above e-booklet.

Attorney Keith reports one call-taker at NCVC acknowledged 10 percent of the calls she receives on an average shift are about "gang" stalking, which is a poor term but does mean organized stalking by groups.

The NCVC call taker, reports Keith, acknowledged "thousands" of calls per month relating to "gang" stalking.

Keith could not get supervisors to put that in writing, unfortunately. Subsequent attempts by Keith to find out why the silence brought a hint that the official NCVC position is, and again, this was hinted at, not publicly declared, that organized stalking complaints are the result of mental illness.

Of course no mental health worker or other official has ever explained to our membership why they roll out the red carpet for targets of a single stalker, but deny that stalking by more than one stalker is even possible.

What psychological or sociological barrier absolutely prevents two or more people from getting together to "give someone the business?"

Organized stalking in the workplace has been recognized by researchers under the name "mobbing," and a book by mobbing researchers is available from under that title. The authors are Dr. Noa Davenport, Ruth Distler Schwartz and Gail Pursell Elliott. Copyright 1999. References there to other research.

So where do psychiatrists and officials get this idea that organized stalking happens in the workplace, but NEVER, no no no no no no NEVER, in the community?

We all pay officials and doctors HUGE cushy salaries, and we allow them to treat targets of group stalking like crap. Time for that to change.

Eleanor White"

My final shared link cam be found at Cause Stalking by David Lawson:

Lawson is a private investigator who managed to infiltrate an organized stalking gang and then wrote a book about his experiences. This link provides a great deal of additional information from Mr. Lawson's book.

I'm providing these various links to my readers because they contain a lot of accurate and basic information (some of it new) on organized stalking. I hope they will encourage you to explore the subject further. And then I hope they will help motivate you to take action to do something about it!