Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Business

I've waited until after Father's Day to write about my father, with good reason. During a strange, strained visit from my father and current stepmother here in the summer of 2004 (the main purpose of which seemed to be quizzing me extensively about how much I'd learned about my ex-husband), I told them I'd contacted the FBI. My father then shocked me by threatening to have me killed--which ended both the conversation and our relationship for good.

Later when I'd calmed down a bit, I remembered strange remarks my father had made over the years about my marriage being a "business deal", which I'd assumed at the time referred to the fact that I'd married a professional who was considered a pillar of the community. (When I tried to explain that this simply wasn't true and that these remarks were upsetting to me, my father became visibly uncomfortable and changed the subject.) I also remembered my ex-husband referring to my father as "abusive" several times while we were married and refusing to explain this, which was also upsetting because I knew I'd had a happy childhood.

Over the next few months, I received a number of threatening letters from my father in which he libeled me repeatedly and threatened to disinherit my children solely because he was mad at me. My children confided in me that they'd never felt close to their grandparents (I also have a stepmother) and actually felt uncomfortable around them. They were so upset about their grandfather's written threats that they too said they wanted no further relationship with their grandparents.

A few months later, my kids came to me very upset and said their father and his family recently told them they had actually been in close contact with my father and stepmother for years and had even hosted them here a number of times without our knowledge. I went back and looked at some old correspondence I'd kept; I discovered that my father had been repeatedly emailing my ex-husband at his office in the weeks just before my husband left. I also noticed that there was absolutely no mention of my children or me in my father's annual Christmas letters after my divorce was finalized in 2001.

Meanwhile, my ex-husband began bragging to our children about a waterfront home he owned in Tahsis, British Columbia that had a private dock with multiple speedboats. This house just happened to be located close to where the family of my well-known jet-setting equestrian cousin lives--and explained why my uncle had once emailed that he'd known my ex- had a drug problem for years. All of a sudden, my ex-'s fascination with my cousin and his well-heeled, hard-partying friends was starting to take on a whole new meaning.

Then I started remembering all my father's and stepmother's many birding trips and other long driving vacations (especially all the ones to Florida). I also stumbled across a reference to my stepmother's family in a KY AAA guidebook, of all places, describing her ancestors as the most famous hemp-growing family in KY going back to the 1700s. (which explained why I'd heard at least 10 different stories over the years as to how my father and stepmother met and when they actually bought their first cell phone?).

I remembered one visit during my marriage in particular in which my father's next-door neighbor and his wife just happened to be traveling in our area in a R.V. at the same time my folks were here. The neighbor, a KY FBI agent, parked his R.V. in our driveway and went off somewhere privately with my ex- and my father for over an hour before we all went out to dinner together. (Interestingly, a few weeks after returning from this trip, the FBI agent also suddenly left his wife and was transferred to Cincinnati.)

Then there's the fact that the trust/elder law/personal injury/criminal defense attorney recommended to me by the document expert with FBI ties told me she had ties to the equestrian world and made frequent trips to Paris. The last of the suspicious death cases connected with property in our neighborhood (the woman who was murdered in San Antonio) had connections to the equestrian world as well.

I have also remembered that my cousin's first wife had been a major witness for the prosecution in a famous horse-killing trial in New York years ago that involved organized crime. (My cousin divorced her sometime after the trial ended.)

Finally, a local woman from down the street who has harassed us regularly for years (and, by the nature of the harassment, has to have access somehow to illegal surveillance of us) is currently married to an Argentine equestrian. She was a friend of the murder victim mentioned above, is a former head of the local hospital foundation, her mother is a longtime close friend of my former mother-in-law, and we have seen both her and my ex-husband driving what we think is the same expensive silver luxury car.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Location, Location, Location

The Bush Museum of the Pacific War is here. The LBJ ranch is here. My former father-in-law is a close associate of Tom Loeffler (both are from here) and a frat. brother of Red McCombs. My former brother-in-law who lives here went to college with Alberto Gonzales, and both became attorneys. Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (ex-CIA, Bolivia) has a ranch here. Many government officials and celebrities own property here. (Ex: Patrick Swayze raises Arabian horses here.)

My ex-husband grew up with the children of LBJ's Secret Service agents and knows many of them well. (Some of them have retired here.) Most of the highest-ranking officers of the Texas Department Safety seem to be from here or have ties here. The late head of the TX Rangers' CI unit grew up here with my former father-in-law and used to live in a house owned by my ex-husband's family.) The TX Rangers are planning a museum to be built here.

This ares is also considered a national aerospace, military, and security center. A major new military cyber-security facility is being planned for here. There are many companies here that have federal government contracts to manufacture sophisticated parts and equipment (including surveillance equipment) for the DHS, NASA, the CIA, and others; some of these same companies make equipment my ex-husband uses in his business. [Is any of this equipment among the millions of dollars worth of missing DHS equipment reported by WOAI?] There are ranches here that look more like military fortresses--the one owned by business writer Roger Cameron, for example. ("Follow the money.")

The Mexican border is only a few hours away by car.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Good Ear

Many years ago I took some advanced training in music and discovered I had a naturally good ear for it. Occasionally this ability comes in handy.

When the man who called me on 9/13/07 and said he was an FBI agent but couldn’t decide which office he was from—he first said “Milwaukee” and then said “Oh, sorry, I meant San Antonio”--was talking, I immediately noticed his unusual and distinctive high-pitched voice. During my conversation with him, I became even more alarmed when he tried to convince me to sell my property and leave town and then started quizzing me about whether I’d ever gone to the DEA with information about local drug trafficking we’d observed and uncovered. At that point I realized he’d never even given me his name, and I ended the conversation as quickly as possible.

After I got off the phone from this call, I was so suspicious and frightened that I immediately began contacting both the San Antonio FBI office and, later after I’d had no response from them, the DOJ, asking them to either confirm or investigate the call and caller. Eventually, I received only a strange letter from the DOJ refusing to either confirm or deny that the caller was in fact an FBI agent, but I continued to remember the man’s distinctive voice and felt sure I’d recognize it if I ever heard it again.

Recently I did. I’d made an appointment with the local dealer to have routine servicing done on my vehicle, and I drove over, parked outside, entered the side door of the showroom, checked in my vehicle with the service manager (who’s one of the owners), and sat down in the waiting area. A few minutes later, a gray-haired man I didn’t know walked in greeted the service manager (but did not check in a vehicle as far as I could tell), and then proceeded to walk very slowly directly in front of me, which was odd. The man passed me and then proceeded to cross the rest of the showroom and sit down in a chair in front of the sales manager’s desk (also one of the owners). The two of them then started what turned into a lengthy and loud conversation about politics (mainly how much they hated President Obama). As they talked, I could scarcely believe my ears—I immediately recognized the stranger’s distinctive high-pitched voice as my suspicious caller of 2 years ago.

My suspicions seemed to be confirmed when the sales manager called the stranger “Jim”, since I’d always believed my caller was a former Secret Service agent and DHS consultant named Jim Ferrier who was from Wisconsin. Earlier in 2007, my lawyer at the time had provided me with a letter (but no report) from Mr. Ferrier stating he would be willing to testify in court as an expert witness that the fraudulent trust document forming the basis of the case was not manipulated, which I knew for a fact to be untrue. Mr. Ferrier was the only person I knew of from Wisconsin, and he had quit the case abruptly when I pointed out to my attorney that my ex-husband had a WI checking account, that there was a prominent local realtor named Ferrier who had a local maiden name (probably Ferrier’s wife, by her age), and that there was a speech therapist at the local hospital who was also named Ferrier (their son?).

The two men were soon joined by the female office manager of the dealership, who came out of her office, pulled up a chair, and joined the men in talking loudly. This office manager happens to be the sister of a local police investigator who had just returned from a trip to Quantico, VA with his partner after being asked to present a local unsolved homicide case to FBI profilers there. (This case involved local police officers arriving on the scene extremely quickly and originally ruling the death accidental until a M.E. ruled it a homicide.)

The three of them continued to talk loudly for the rest of the time I was there, and I believe the stranger left right after I did. It’s also important to note that another of the owners of this dealership (all brothers) was the mayor of our city at the time my husband left—and at the same time that the brakes on my vehicle kept suddenly failing and the dealership could not seem to fix them despite repeated attempts over a 6-month period. I believe the former mayor joined the conversation group at some point, but I got busy with my own business and lost track of the group while checking out and preparing to leave.

As I said before, sometimes my good musical ear comes in handy. Now I know what my suspicious caller looks like as well as sounds like, which means I’ll be able to identify him every time he sits down near me at high school football games, my children’s music concerts, etc. as other local law enforcement officers and associates of my ex-husband and his family routinely do to harass me. (You can bet I’ll be logging each of these events in my logbook of incidents, too.)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heating Up In Texas

It's HOT here right now! Temperatures have been at or near triple digits and record highs every day for some time, with no rain or relief in sight. Most of our area remains under extreme drought conditions.

Two days ago, our central air conditioner went out. The technician I called from a neighboring town quickly diagnosed a coolant leak and said he'd be back the next morning when the coils thawed out to look for it. He also mentioned possible problems with the way the unit had been installed in our attic.

Yesterday morning he was back, and this time he showed me multiple leaks in the coils due to severe rust caused by the bottom of the unit's having been installed sitting down in the bottom of a drain pan that was filled with water. He said the unit never should have been installed like that and that I'd need to have the coils replaced, the unit raised up on blocks, and the drainage made functional again. Of course all of this is going to be expensive, and it's also a safety hazard because much of the electrical wiring is sitting in water.

The technician took photos to show his boss and co-workers what had been done. Later, I went up in the attic to take some photos of my own--and happened to notice that someone has removed the overflow pan from under our hot water heater! (It wasn't today's technician.) I also documented alterations to the duct work I'd noticed before, mainly the installation of a separate duct that leads straight from the blower to the vent directly above my bed. Our new set of coils is now on order and may take up to a week to arrive. Note: The J-shaped pipe at the base of the unit in the photos was part of the new repairs to make the drain functional that were done today.

Last night when I got the day's mail, I found an oversized advertising card sent to us by the company from here that had originally installed our a.c. unit; this card read, "Your Summer Comfort Depends on a Mechanical Massage." (This is the same company that tried repeatedly to get me to allow one of their employees into my house in the fall of 2007 at the same time that Diop Kamau, his associates, the local police, and a Verizon repairman were ALL frantically trying to force their way inside our home.)

Update, 2/2011: I just received the following letter from the man that originally installed the heat pump shown in the photographs here.

There are several important things you should know about this letter. The business owner who sent it never mentions his company by name, either by its name at the time of the installation (Schneider Refrigeration) or its name now (72 Degrees); even on the envelope this came in, there's no business name. Also, the brand he mentions here (Amana) is not the brand of equipment he normally sells, but it IS the brand he installed for me (because I told him I couldn't afford his usual brand and threatened to take my business elsewhere). This man's sister used to be my neighbor, and she was found shot to death under very suspicious circumstances. Her husband grew up with my ex-husband and is a life-long close associate of his.

It appears this businessman wants access to the inside of my house very badly all of a sudden. He also seems to want me to pay for repairs that he should be fixing for free and paying me damages for having done in the first place.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Construction Update

Frantic construction continues along my western fence line--down in a large ditch, underneath a large power line, out in the middle of an open field, and on the completely opposite side of my property from anything else medical/developed. It's blatantly obvious to anyone driving by that the intent is to deliberately surround our house with development in order to justify the enormous increases in my tax appraisals.

This is clearly conspiracy involving the persons fronting for my ex-husband by claiming to own the property being built on (remember, my children said long ago that their dad showed them blueprints for these buildings and told them he would be the one building them; I documented this in letters to authorities and law enforcement at the time; this land also directly adjoins land from two of the suspicious death victims), public officials, and others. Law enforcement all the way up to the Department of Justice knows about all of this through my numerous complaints and still does nothing, which means the people doing this are also free to do this to others--and it is well-known around town that a new outer loop around the city is planned, so there WILL be other victims.

Hopefully all of these will survive, but given the past, you can't count on it. The only reason I'm still alive is that I've made such a public appeal for help to both the media and law enforcement. There have actually been a number of attempts on my life in the past, but it's now reached the point where my ex-husband can't afford the scrutiny of his finances and his character that an investigation and major media attention would bring.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outside, Looking Inside

People living here are either “insiders” who know what’s going on or “outsiders” who don’t. Most “insiders” are either members of one of the original white/European settling families that came here in the 1800s, people who have married into one of these families, or those who have certain business dealings with these families (usually shady). “Insiders” used to intermarry almost exclusively (my former father-in-law has multiple double cousins, for ex.), but rates of birth defects in the area are so high that the last few generations have been forced to try to marry from well outside.

Many of the people who came to settle along the frontier here did so because they were criminals not welcome elsewhere, so this area has a strong affinity for criminal undertakings and an inherent disregard for the law. “Insiders” are extremely clannish, banding together against “outsiders” with an “us against them” mentality filled with disdain. They believe in working together for the good of the group, even when individuals don’t agree. They actually have their own language—a special slang so highly developed that a U. of TX language professor is actively studying it and so difficult for “outsiders” to understand that it functions as secret code. (Local law enforcement officers use this a lot.)
Smuggling contraband has been a major part of life around here for generations; the dry climate makes farming and even ranching very marginal and difficult as ways to survive financially. During Prohibition, this area was a mecca for illegal alcohol, and the smuggling routes and connections made then translated easily into modern drug trafficking.

Many of the local families were severely persecuted during the Civil War when they sided with the North against the large Southern slave plantations that competed with their small farms. Since so many of the “insider” families here have German roots, persecution was even worse during the World Wars. As a result, “insiders” have a very strong hatred of the U.S. government—they despise any and all forms of outside interference in their affairs, especially federal taxes, which they consider particularly odious. During my marriage, I remember seeing radically anti-government literature laying out on the counter at my former in-laws’ home that I found shocking, but they said a “crazy friend” had left it there, so I wasn’t particularly concerned. My children and I also recall being shown hidden rooms built into area houses that contained large numbers of weapons and ammo. (we were told they were people’s “gun collections”). My ex- and his friends all got gun dealers’ licenses and started reloading large quantities of ammo. that we were told was for “target practice”.

You can move here, whether through business or marriage or family ties, and instantly be an “insider”, or you can live your entire life here as an “outsider” who hasn’t got a clue as to what really goes on (like me, although I’m gradually figuring things out). It’s who and what you know, not how long you’ve been here, that matters.

This evening when I walked my dog, an “insider” woman drove by me repeatedly with her window down and waved, yelled things I couldn’t understand, made various faces and gestures at me, and just generally acted goofy. [How did she know I’d be out walking then?] It was all very “high school”—except that she’s in her 50s and is married to a local bank president!

Monday, June 22, 2009

If You Know The Right People You Can Get Away With Murder

There are dozens and dozens of extremely suspicious—and sometimes frankly outrageous—death cases from around here dating back for years. Take for example the teenaged “accident victim” whom authorities say was brought to the hospital alive and died a few hours later of head injuries that hospital workers who were present all say was actually nearly decapitated and brought to the E.R. tossed into the bed of a pickup like a hunter’s dead deer. (This victim was my ex-husband's younger sister.)

Then there’s the local man whom authorities claimed drowned when he went fishing during a flash flood. How about the local woman who supposedly blew her own head off with a high caliber handgun—but stopped to tie a bandanna around her head first? What about the teen who supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the abdomen with a long-barreled shotgun? Or the woman stopped and ticketed by local police (apparently the last persons to see her alive) who was found dead under an overpass near two crosses placed there for previous victims found at the same spot in 1998? What about the case of Col. Phillip Shue, found duct-taped (no fingerprints) and surgically mutilated (no cutting instrument found)--whose death was ruled a suicide by the M.E., J.P., D.A., and even the Air Force? (This case, which involved the same D.A. as our case, was the subject of a recent episode of 48 Hours Mystery on CBS.)

Then there’s the frail, elderly cancer survivor who could barely get around with a walker who was supposed to be driving on an icy freeway in the middle of the night and was found dead under an overpass. (She had been an outspoken environmentalist. After her death, her property was developed.) How about the case of the man on his way here for an important meeting concerning a controversial real estate project who was found dead on the side of the road, the woman who died shortly before she was to testify to a grand jury about my former father-in-law, and the woman who suddenly quit as office manager for my former in-laws’ law office and turned up dead on the side of the road in a relatively undamaged USPS delivery vehicle a few months later?

Then there’s the mystery of the missing defibrillators. One was stolen from a neighboring county fire department in 2002 and never recovered. Another, purchased more recently with Homeland Security grant money, was discovered sitting out in the open in the corner of the local police chief’s office (the one who’s my ex-‘s close friend)—and he wasn’t authorized to use it. Some of the injectable hospital drugs I found among my ex-husband’s things could also be used to stop hearts.

I repeat: there are dozens and dozens of death cases like these here.

Issues of Commitment

Harvey Hildebrand recently introduced state legislation setting up a new facility for involuntary commitments here that has far less outside oversight than previous facilities used for this. At the same time, I received some threatening emails from my ex-husband.

When one of my children returned from visitation extremely frightened and upset and said my ex- was openly saying he intended to have me involuntarily committed, I immediately forwarded copies of the emails, a description of what my child had said, and copies of recently published info. on the new facility to state and federal law enforcement and asked them for protection. (Of course I received no response from them, but so far my ex- hasn't tried this, either.)

There have been persistent rumors around here for years about people being involuntarily committed long enough for others to gain control of their assets. Interestingly, a more recent newspaper article about the new facility detailed ongoing conflicts between law enforcement officers wanting to commit people to the facility and medical staff there refusing to accept patients who had not been thoroughly medically evaluated first. Update: A new newspaper article on the facility states that the staff was all "carefully hand-picked".

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Trust Issues

I have recently learned that the attorney mentioned in "My Story" below who was recommended to me by the document expert as a "trust lawyer" in fact used to work as a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio. After I fired her, she worked for a time as a personal injury lawyer associated with a major San Antonio law firm. Now she's advertising herself as an "Elder Law Lawyer" holding seminars that are described as courses on how to protect assets. One of these seminars was held in conjunction with a recent meeting of the local Democratic Women.

Update: A recent check of the State Bar of Texas website showed a statement on this lawyer's page that she is now working in a job that does not involve the practice of law.

Update, 4/12: This attorney, Carmen Samaniego, is now running for public office in Bexar County. Both she and her husband told me personally that her husband worked for the CIA, although I have not heard anything about this mentioned with regard to her candidacy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Victims of Kamau

Lately I've been hearing from other victims of Diop Kamau and his associates at the Police Complaint Center. These victims are located from one coast of the U.S. to the other!--and they all say they are very frightened of Kamau because of the threats, demands for more money, publishing of their private/personal information illegally on his website (including their SS#s), harassment, slander, and libel they experience when they confront him or file complaints against him.

Currently we're putting together a website where victims can go to register to receive updated information on where and how to file complaints and any legal or criminal action taken against him or just to correspond with each other over our experiences and compare notes at (I'm hearing stories from others that are remarkably similar to mine--it's been very interesting.) We know from the FL p.i. licensing bureau and the Better Business Bureau that there are LOTS of other victims out there, and we REALLY need to know who you are and what your experiences were so we can stop these people for good.

In the meantime, it is VERY important that you go to the iC3 (federal law enforcement) website and file a formal complaint against Kamau as soon as possible. This process is quick, easy, and private. After you complete the complaint process, you'll be given a code you can use to go back to your complaint anytime to edit it or add information. iC3 works with the FBI, and they can go after Kamau for federal wire fraud, but apparently they tend to give the most attention to cases with the greatest number of victims, so EVERY complaint is critically important.

Also, it is essential that you keep every piece of evidence or documentation that you have: emails, letters, receipts, mailing labels, etc. You should document any threats, harassment, etc. carefully in a diary or logbook, and you should be as accurate as possible about dates things happened, phone calls, what you were told versus what was actually done, etc. Finally, if you paid Kamau by check, it's very important that you try to obtain copies of these cancelled checks from your bank as soon as possible and that you make sure you get copies of the backs of the checks as well as the fronts. (These are needed to see who actually cashed your check, whether it was converted to a wire fund transfer as mine were, and whether there are stamps from additional banks and/or accounts on them.)

Some other places you can file complaints against Kamau and the PCC are the Washington, D.C. Attorney General's Office at, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s website, or If Kamau had you purchase any services from CryptoHeaven in Canada, you should be aware that they placed an additional charge on my credit card without my knowledge or consent and refused to refund it even after I filed complaints against them. If Kamau sold you anything from Pre-Paid Legal Services, you should go to for information concerning an ongoing federal fraud investigation of this company, and you should also be aware that Kamau was (is?) working as a salesman on commission for Pre-Paid Legal Services.

We can work together to do something about what was done to us, and we can help prevent the same thing from happening to innocent others!

Update: We have now located victims in CA (Fresno and LA), TX, NJ, FL, IA, GA, WA, and more. If you are a victim, PLEASE help us by leaving a comment at containing the state you were victimized in, the starting and ending dates of your interactions with Kamau and/or the PCC, and the dollar value of your losses--we desperately need this information for law enforcement investigations.

If You Can't Trust Your Doctor,...

My children and I are finding it impossible to obtain proper medical care, and we suspect it's related to the medical offices going up all around us (on land related to suspicious deaths) plus the fact that all but one of the license plates we photographed at the real estate development meeting a few years ago supposedly came back to area doctors. (My oldest child and I personally saw the doctor who drove up in and got out of the vehicle that I was told had a license plate from a different vehicle on it.)

In 2005, we accidentally discovered that someone had changed the information for the responsible party on my children's account from my information to that of my former brother-in-law (who has NEVER had anything to do with their medical care and has NEVER been listed on any privacy or other medical forms of my children's). The few doctors that will see us refuse to give us HIPAA forms to sign, and when I filed a complaint about this, the person from the state medical board who wrote me the letter of refusal to do anything about it (they claimed there WAS a signed form on file, which my child and I knew was simply not true) had a last name that is linked to local real estate development.

Worse, when I took my child in for a recent medical exam, the physician and their assistant kept coming and going from the room without being called or paged and were asking extremely intrusive and strange questions that had nothing whatsoever to do with the exam, medical history, etc. [Exs: Did I have a boyfriend? What were my future plans?--all things my ex-husband would have wanted to know]. We later found out that this physician's spouse has a P.D. in engineering, he probably works for one of the companies that makes specialty medical and government equipment here, and we suspect that my ex- was listening in on the exam.

According to recent press releases by our local hospital, two new cardiac cath. labs are planned for here--but no locations are given. (Note: This procedure topped the list of surgical procedures most often performed unnecessarily on a recent CBS News report.) With all the construction going on around us, this being Texas, and there being no statute of limitations for conspiracy to commit multiple capital murders that I know of, you'd think at least some of these doctors would fear the needle.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Serious Concern

I'm very concerned that some or all of Brian Collister's reported over $30 million worth of missing Homeland Security equipment might be in the hands of organized crime here. Since he said on the air that he'd turned over the documentation of the missing items to Lamar Smith, I hope Smith looked into this carefully.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Story

I am a woman living in one of the many small towns in Central Texas near both Austin and San Antonio. For 20 years, I was married to a professional man from a prominent local family who was born and raised here. (I was born elsewhere and have lived all over the U.S.) Even before we were married, my husband was extremely interested in a cousin of mine who is a well-known equestrian; I believed this was because he envied my cousin’s jet-set lifestyle. During my marriage, I remember my husband making odd statements about my father being “abusive” that he refused to explain, and I also remember being upset when I heard my father refer to my marriage as a “business deal” several times.
Although I believed my marriage was a happy one overall, there were some events of concern. Once while I was pregnant, my oldest child and I nearly died of carbon monoxide poisoning on a night when my husband was gone. A few months later, my husband came home from work one night, and as I walked past him, he suddenly punched me in the back so hard that I fell into the wall—without him saying a word. There’d been absolutely no warning, he’d never done anything remotely like this before, and I was stunned, confused, and upset. I immediately made him leave the house, and later I made it clear to him that he was never going to hit me again. He didn’t, but shortly after my second child was born, I learned my husband was having an affair with a co-worker. We sought counseling, and I consulted a lawyer-friend the counselor recommended I see “for protection”, which I believed to be financial. My husband eventually decided to end the affair, the other woman left town, and we had 2 more children (one of which was stillborn). My husband did work very long and irregular hours and received calls from many different people at all hours, but this seemed related to his job.
In 1990, a lifelong close friend of my husband’s was fired from an undercover job with the DEA. He came back and rejoined the local police force. In 1991, my husband’s father and brother (both attorneys) introduced me to a mysterious and wealthy couple from CA who had come to town to buy and develop property but carried multiple cell phones and had a constant stream of bikers coming and going from their property. At some point during the 1990s, a local man whose family owned a house that adjoined our property was found dead under a tractor out on a ranch, his mother went into a nursing home, and my husband insisted on buying the house to expand our place and rent it out.
In 1999 and without warning, my husband suddenly moved out and filed for divorce. I soon learned he’d been having another affair with a co-worker, so I consulted the same divorce lawyer I’d seen before. About a week later, a woman came to my door with Al-Anon literature and implied my husband had a problem. Then, as I began packing up his things, I began discovering drug-related items: syringes, hospital medications in vials, i.v. parts, a scale, stolen Rx pads, etc. hidden in unusual places. (I also found the cremains of my stillborn child hidden on a shelf in the garage behind boxes of bullets.) I contacted an interventionist for advice; 2 weeks later he called back to say that he and a colleague had been threatened, my husband was addicted to narcotics, and too many people were covering for him to do an intervention.
Meanwhile, we had begun being the victims of constant harassing and often frightening incidents involving both associates of my husband and total strangers. My husband’s friend was made police chief, and I quickly discovered that I got no help when I called law enforcement; in fact, it soon became clear that police and city and county employees were actively participating in the harassment. Around this same time, my children and I began to see signs that my husband was involved in drug trafficking, and a close friend confided in me that my husband’s family had been engaging in real estate and bank fraud for years. I was stunned by all this and extremely frightened, so I contacted the FBI in San Antonio to complain about the harassment and make it clear that my children and I were not involved in any illegal activities. They responded with a letter asking for copies of any financial documents I might have and information about the couple from CA. I told them my husband kept most of his financial documents at his office.
During my divorce there were many signs of fraud, but my lawyer said I couldn’t prove anything and I was too na├»ve to realize he wasn’t representing me properly. About a month after the divorce was finalized in 2001, my lawyer sent me a packet of quitclaim deeds and asked me repeatedly to sign them, but he wouldn’t explain them, so I refused. My now ex-husband, his associates, and large numbers of total strangers continued to constantly harass us and trespass on my property, and the local police were actively participating in this. I complained again to the FBI, but even after their dad took my children on what sounded like a trafficking trip to Mexico, they wouldn’t do anything. Tax documents for three Met-Life policies I knew nothing about turned up in my mail.
Early in 2002, a close friend of my ex-'s who owned considerable property close to ours was found shot to death. A few weeks later, the local tax office questioned the agricultural (ag.) exemption on my property. Between 1/03 and 4/03, three more of my neighbors suddenly died under suspicious circumstances, including the woman next door, who was also found shot to death. Early in 2003, my ex- began emailing me requests to subdivide my land and refusing to provide me with the ag. documents I needed. At the same time, the tax office revoked my ag. exemption and the city attorney also began writing me letters pressuring me to sign a subdivision document; I refused. At the same time, my dog scared off a man prowling near our phone lines. An acquaintance at church suggested I hire his boss, a private investigator (p.i.), to obtain proof of the harassment and additional documentation of conspiracy between my ex-, the tax office, and the city. The p.i. advertised that his firm was large and international, and he emailed me a plan that sounded reasonable, so I hired him.
The p.i. immediately arranged an ag. lease for my property, and my ag. exemption was restored. He also asked me to turn over all my logbooks of incidents, the drug-related items I’d found, and our computer hard drive for him to inspect. About 2 weeks later, both he and an atty. he worked with called and said they had evidence that my ex- had extensive development plans for my property and was desperate to obtain it. Worse, they said that a number of my neighbors had been murdered for their property and I was in great danger. I did know of a number of recent very suspicious deaths of people owning property near ours and had been hearing rumors about this; also, I knew my ex-husband’s sister had died violently, so I became very frightened. The p.i. and the atty. began charging me for investigative work they said I needed done to protect myself, and they also began pressuring me to set up some sort of trust that the Texas Rangers were asking for transferring ownership of my property temporarily to the p.i. so they could document threats and prosecute. I refused to sign anything like this, especially after they provided me with a sample document that gave total control of my property to the p.i. and the atty. and did not exclude my ex- and his family. The p.i. made all the changes I insisted on and sent me 4 copies of the new document for my signature. At the same time, several extremely frightening/threatening incidents happened (including a van trying to run me off the road), and the city atty. also began pressuring me heavily again to sign the subdivision document. Early one morning, my ex- and others were seen destroying a section of my fence, removing livestock, and killing them; the city atty. and the p.i. both insisted they couldn’t prosecute this until I signed the documents, so I reluctantly did. The p.i. insisted I mail all 4 copies of the trust document back to him for filing, and he later sent one back to me that I put away without examining.
The p.i. then asked for a check for the current property taxes and another to set up an escrow account so the trust would look legitimate, which I gave him. Over the next few months, a series of legal notices with vague descriptions and locations began being published in the local newspaper, but the p.i. said not to worry about them. (Some of them were for property near ours related to one of the sudden deaths that was now owned by the county judge, who’d grown up with my ex-. Others were in regard to a planned development by a company called “Toskana”; people began emailing me a photo from the Internet related to this.) Over the next year, it gradually became apparent that the p.i. was charging me for work not done and was not informing me about the progress on the investigation. Further, he tried to get me to accept a low cash offer for my house and property. When an associate of his tried to get me to go on a free cruise with her, I confronted him; he and the man who’d recommended him quit and threatened me.
I was extremely scared and confused. I talked to a former DEA agent from a nearby county who worked as a p.i. and was told to check the DPS’s p.i. licensing website where I discovered that the p.i., his company, and his associates weren’t properly licensed when I’d hired them. I met with this p.i., an associate who was ex-FBI, and an atty. they took me to see. They examined the trust document returned to me and said it gave total control of my property to the p.i. and his lawyer-friend. I looked at it closely and discovered it was not the document I’d signed and was identical to the first document submitted to me. I now realized I’d been defrauded, so I hired the new investigators and atty. to help me handle this.
The new investigators insisted I begin a series of long (and expensive) meetings with them to gather copies of all evidence and put together a detailed statement for law enforcement. The atty. insisted on my getting the fraudulent trustees to resign immediately so they couldn’t sell my property, but they were insisting I pay them a large amount of money and sign a release document, both of which I refused to do.
At the same time, my ex- and his father began pressuring my 2 oldest children (over 18) to sign trust documents giving their dad total control of their assets, which they refused to do. One night, the younger kids called from their dad’s house to say he’d gone to “a big meeting about real estate development in our neighborhood” at his office. My oldest child and I drove there, took photographs, and logged detailed vehicle information on who was there. One of the cars parked out front resembled the first p.i.’s, so I emailed the photos and info. to the new investigators and lawyer.
The next morning, the ex-DEA agent called with a series of detailed instructions for me: 1) go to the courthouse and get copies of all documents filed under the fraudulent trust; 2) mail a retainer check to an additional atty. they wanted to consult; and 3) send the original document to a former FBI document examiner for inspection. I did what he asked and also filed a tax protest when I discovered the fraudulent trust had been used to conceal enormous increases in my appraisals. The atty. working with them (a city councilman in his town) sent me a formal invoice for the first time that mentioned a will and another document I knew nothing about. The two p.i.s gave me invoices showing they’d actually met with the additional atty. (listed as a “Government Attorney” with the state bar) right after I’d emailed the vehicle info. and photos. They also mentioned that all of the vehicles except the ?p.i.’s belonged to local doctors and that one vehicle had a plate that did not belong on it.
The atty. and two p.i.s continued to insist that I pay off the fraudulent trustees and get them to resign, and I continued to refuse. The atty. then suddenly called and asked me to come in to sign some documents, which I discovered were a will that mentioned trusts, a POA, and related documents. He insisted I sign these for my protection, so I did so reluctantly, but I noticed problems with one document when I got home and destroyed it, and I later destroyed all these documents. I then insisted on going back to his office to pick up my law enforcement statement and my 2 trust documents. When I arrived, I was confronted by the atty. and both p.i.s in a meeting that was very threatening and scary. They did give me a partial copy of my statement and the fraudulent trust document, but they refused to return my copy of the first trust document that had my handwritten notes about the changes I’d insisted on. As I left, I saw my former father-in-law’s vehicle nearby and realized he’d been listening in, so I fired all of them and began filing complaints with law enforcement.
I prepared a complaint and a box of documents for the FBI, but when I went to mail it, several men with badges followed me into the post office and the FBI said they never received the box. I went to San Antonio and met with an agent who refused to do anything, so I began filing state-level complaints against all the p.i.s and, in the process, began to notice code names, fake addresses, and other signs of criminal intent. Despite filing repeated complaints, however, law enforcement at all levels did nothing. At the same time, the second set of p.i.s began stalking and harassing us and attending meetings at my ex-‘s office and his family’s law office. I was so frightened by the harassment from former federal agents, DPS troopers, and local law enforcement officers who were now also following us around that I complained to the DOJ—who also did nothing.
When a man turned up at the front door saying he wanted to discuss development of my property and I could not find an atty. to represent us (most wouldn’t even talk to me), I took the fraudulent trust document to a document examiner with ties to the FBI. She wrote a report saying the document was manipulated and recommended an atty. that she said would help us. I met with the lawyer she recommended and decided to hire her to deal with the fraud. Immediately after I hired her, the first p.i. filed a lawsuit (using an atty. connected to the man who’d made the low cash offer for my place) alleging I owed him a large sum of money for back property taxes (which I’d paid myself and had the receipts for) and vague, ridiculous “trust expenses”. I had my atty. file a countersuit, but I began to have problems dealing with her and was not sure if she was representing us properly, especially when my kids said their dad showed them blueprints for medical office buildings he planned to construct next door and site work began along our fenceline.
My next shock came when I received notice that the p.i. suing us had an ex-Secret Service agent with extensive state and federal law enforcement credentials who was willing to testify that the fraudulent trust document was legit., which I knew to be false. This expert witness would not provide a report, however, and he abruptly quit when I tied him to my ex-husband and local real estate. He was replaced by another document expert, this time with ties to the CSI t.v. shows (also with no report).
Meanwhile, the harassment of us by law enforcement and others was so bad that I did internet searches and found the Police Complaint Center, which offered to help citizens file effective complaints, document incidents, and advertised Emmy award-winning investigations they’d done. I contacted the PCC, and Ex Dir. Diop Kamau asked for more information. I mailed him sample documentation and gave him more info. on the phone, and he said he could help us, so I paid him a retainer and signed a simple contract. He soon called back to say that my ex- was desperate to get hold of my property, and he said he couldn’t help me file complaints until I installed (expensive) security equipment in and around our home. I was frightened and agreed to this despite the cost, but in the months that followed, he continued to charge me for various goods and services that were never provided, and employees of his kept wanting access to our house to install and/or check equipment we never saw. Since he advertised legal services, I asked him whether our new atty. was representing us properly. Soon after this, a packet from Pre-Paid Legal Services arrived in the mail with my name and my ex-‘s address on it. This contained a will; Kamau claimed he knew nothing about it in an email.
Also, it gradually became very apparent that my ex-, his family, friends, and even complete strangers had access to private conversations inside our house and that amplified harassing noises were somehow being broadcast from various locations to disturb us at all hours. I’d already begun to suspect all was not right with Kamau when I accidentally discovered a local phone listing for an associate he’s said was from Wash., D.C. I immediately began asking Kamau for reports, detailed invoices, and a list with locations of all equipment he had on my property. When he missed 2 deadlines for providing this, I went to the FBI and told them I believed we were under illegal surveillance.
The FBI told me I needed to contact the TX DPS instead, and I was told by them to fax a request for a sweep of our property to their head, Col. Davis. I did this (repeatedly), but there was no response
One day, I happened to notice that the fraudulent trust document had been filed without being properly notarized. I emailed my atty. about this, and she emailed back that it didn’t matter. At the same time, legal notices of zoning changes and other hearings regarding land close to us were being published in the local paper, but the locations and other info. were vague and my atty. told me not to be concerned. Then late one afternoon, she suddenly faxed me notice of a hearing in 2 hours for land that sounded like mine (but she said it wasn’t). I ran over to the city office, confronted the city planner, and learned that it was indeed my property up for rezoning to commercial (and the applicant was the city). I filed a hasty protest, but my land was rezoned anyway. I fired my atty, filed a complaint with the TX OAG, and continued to pressure the FBI and/or DPS to sweep our house for illegal devices. I also obtained copies of my cancelled checks to Kamau and discovered they’d all been converted to wire transfers. On the backs of the checks were stamps from other states: FL, KY, and PA.
Around this time, a very close associate of my ex-husband’s who also owned extensive property bordering ours suddenly died the same day my youngest child and I had seen a city ambulance in front of my ex-‘s office with its lights flashing. My kids and I were terrified, and I again contacted law enforcement with no response.
In the meantime, I’d been frantically and continually searching for another atty. to represent us without success. They all either insisted on my signing over 30-40% of my (now commercial) property first or else they flatly refused to talk with me. I began turning to various legal assistance organizations, but I ran into the same problems with every lawyer they sent me to. I began to realize that none of the document experts or attys. had ever mentioned anything about the fraudulent trust document’s not being properly notarized, so I contacted a personal injury lawyer with federal contacts and asked about filing a major lawsuit.
The next day, an attempt was made to break into our house. Within the next few days, Diop Kamau emailed threats to illegally invade our home with local police in order to remove “equipment”. I begged the FBI, DPS, and DOJ for protection, but they would not respond. Thankfully, we were left alone in the end, but an investigator Kamau said worked for him emailed me what looked like a death threat and also brazenly sent me back 2 pages of my private fax to the atty. Again, the FBI, DPS, and DOJ all refused to respond. A legal assistance organization advised me to go to the D.A.’s office and get protective orders, but I’d started hearing rumors that the man that had sent me the death threat might work there, so I was afraid to do this.
Not long after this, I received a strange phone call from someone claiming to be an FBI agent from 2 different offices who tried to convince me to sell my property and leave town. I asked the FBI and DOJ to either confirm or investigate this call but they refused. I then prepared a detailed chronology of our case plus a catalogued, tagged, and ordered set of our documents along with a case summary; after I’d finished, I was shocked at the relationship between what had been going on with us and the timing of the various suspicious deaths. I took all this to the D.A.’s office, and a woman there gave me a handwritten receipt and said an investigator would be in touch with me (but they weren’t). I tried to take a matching set of evidence to the FBI in San Antonio, but the agent there refused to accept it and said he couldn’t do anything. Over the next year, I continued to file complaints that were ignored and to search unsuccessfully for proper legal representation.
In Oct. 2008, WOAI’s Brian Collister reported on over $30 million worth of DHS equipment that was missing, some of it sophisticated surveillance devices; I knew some local first responders had been in trouble for missing federal equipment before. I found out that local companies had government contracts to manufacture surveillance and other equipment for the DHS, NASA, and the CIA, and I discovered that my ex-husband had ties to these companies.
I then began hearing that my ex-husband’s family had close ties to Tom Loeffler, David Dewhurst, and other high-level political and law enforcement officials. I did know that the former head of the DPS’s CI Unit was a life-long friend of my former father-in-law and that my former brother-in-law had been a classmate of Alberto Gonzales. I also knew that the Bush family and Karl Rove have ties to this area and that the LBJ ranch is nearby.
On 1/1/09, another person with ties to our neighborhood turned up dead in San Antonio—a day after her parents’ home near the LBJ ranch was broken into. I sent info. to SAPD, but no one ever contacted me. In April 2009, legal notices and signs regarding proposed medical office buildings on both sides of us that similar to the ones my kids had been shown by their dad began appearing, but we still had no atty. I recently received 2009 tax appraisals that are 39% higher than a year before, and I need to file a protest of this by 7/6/09 but have no help with this so far. I have received several communications regarding the pending lawsuit that no one will explain to me plus a copy of a death certificate for the first p.i./fraudulent trustee. Now actual construction work has started on the offices all around us and I am hearing rumors of other local suspicious deaths connected to real estate development. I received several strange letters from the DOJ refusing to prosecute any of this that a San Antonio newspaper reporter asked for copies of but never did anything with. At this point it seems clear these people are not at all afraid of being prosecuted or held accountable, for whatever reason.
I have extensive documentation for all of this and will continue to search for the help we need. Finally, we continue to be followed and harassed by local, state, and federal law enforcement, and we continue to see many signs that we are still under illegal surveillance (people still repeat our private conversations back to us, for ex.). We would be extremely grateful for any suggestions as to what we should do. I don’t know how such things can happen in a supposedly free country; I only know that they have.


I'm a resident of Central Texas and a victim on an ongoing basis of the organized criminal activity that's rampant here. I'm starting this blog in an attempt to shed light on some places that are very dark indeed so they can be publicly exposed and dealt with properly. I hope this will be a forum where victims (and there are many!) can share their stories, hold people accountable, and find the outside help and support they so desperately need.

As I've been telling my children for years, the truth keeps on reinforcing itself, whereas lies unravel each other--it's really miraculous the way this works!