Thursday, July 19, 2012

Critical Reading

Today I'm sharing an editorial published in the San Antonio Express-News and written by Kathleen Parker. I hope you will read Ms. Parker's comments on the lack of critical reading skills in modern day society with a critical eye, because she has some very important things to say here.

Update: I don't know why this article uploaded with the stripes. Will try it again when I have time.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Death Of A Doctor

As noted in the first article shown here (which is taken from, Lubbock pathologist Dr. Joseph Sonnier III was recently found shot to death in his home. Apparently, the death was a homicide and there are no suspects at this time.

The second article here, which is from, tells about the shooting deaths of Becky and Fermin Gallegos and their dog. These deaths occured two years ago (almost to the day!) in Fredericksburg, Texas (which is located here in Central Texas). A copy of Mrs. Gallego's obituary from the Fredericksburg Standard is also included.

The important connection between these two fatal shooting incidents is that Becky Gallegos is the ex-wife of Dr. Sonnier.

I never believed the deaths of the Gallegos to be murder-suicide as ruled. I now believe all of the killings are in fact related homicides. I find it interesting that the Lubbock account makes no mention of the Fredericksburg deaths. I also find it interesting that a current Fredericksburg pathologist with close ties to my ex-husband also has strong ties to Lubbock.

Pathologists are one of the first lines of defense against potential cover-ups of suspicious deaths. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that a pathologist and his former wife might have knowledge of such cover-ups and might possibly be silenced as a result.

Update: An alleged hit man and the plastic surgeon alleged to have hired him have been arrested for the murder of the pathologist. This is the same case above where the first reports said there were no suspects.

These sudden arrests are very convenient as far as distracting attention away from the Fredericksburg connection and, as far as I know, do nothing to explain it.