Friday, December 25, 2015


First, consider the following two articles, both of which were published in the December 16, 2015 issue of the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post newspaper:

Then consider the following update, which was published by the same newspaper a week later:

Now it's time for an explanation of what is actually going on here.

The property being considered as a site for the new tax office is in a residential neighborhood that is well off major highways and not at all close to any other comparable offices.  It lies just west of my house, homestead, and agricultural property.  All of this land, including my property, was illegally zoned commercial in 2007 as detailed elsewhere in this blog.

A little additional information:  There have been repeated attempts to illegally obtain my homestead and agricultural land for development in the past.  Most of these have involved the GCAD, and all of these have specifically involved the man who now heads this agency.  I have detailed and documented many of these attempts here previously, and I have attempted to file numerous criminal complaints against the perpetrators, who have very high-level government connections, also as detailed and documented elsewhere here.  In addition, I have already tied my ex-husband, his family, and various associates of his to these attempts.  The current listed owners of this property under consideration as a location for the new GCAD office are also close associates of my ex-; the wife is a fellow local physician, and the husband is a member of the local school board who works for a major local construction company.  The bank financing the proposed project is my ex-husband's family's bank.

The asking price of 1.57 million dollars for the property in question is frankly outrageous.  It clearly represents both an attempt to funnel large amounts of public money to certain entities, and it also clearly represents an attempt to establish what the GCAD intended to use in the near future as a comparable property value for my own land so as to provide an excuse to raise my property taxes to a level that I can't afford to pay.  No doubt, my ex-husband and his associates also thought it would be extremely amusing to place the office of one of the main public entities that has committed crimes against me practically right next door to my house.

It's encouraging that some local officials finally had the courage to stand up to this attempt.  Unfortunately, the same issues of this newspaper also contain notices that longtime incumbent county commissioners are no longer running for office, which implies threats against them.

I find it both interesting and ironic that the attempt to rush this deal through was made at Christmastime.  I believe a very high-profile homicide in London that took place in 1999 was the direct result of a visit the victim had made to this area that was related to the Christmas holiday.  During this visit, I believe the victim learned of the shocking criminal activities taking place here and that they were killed to prevent this information from being revealed publicly.  At least some locals appear to realize that the eyes of people from around the world are now fixed on them and that they are now being held accountable for what they do.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Knife Attacks

On the morning of November 2, 2015, my adult daughter got up early to bring our horses up to the barn because the farrier was coming to shoe them.  Above is the sight that met her just inside our gate, where the perpetrator knew she would find it.

This blackbuck antelope is one of a number of exotics that my ex-husband and I used to raise on our property when we were married.  After my ex- left, some of the exotics escaped capture and have remained on the property.

Notice that the killer of this animal left behind what is a very nice set of horns.  Also notice that the removed flesh is mostly skin, muscle, and connective tissue; that the animal has not actually been gutted; and that the knifework was done with surgical precision.  This does not in any way appear to be the work of a game poacher.

My daughter called the city police, and they sent out an officer. My daughter said that the officer appeared extremely uncomfortable about being there, took down only very minimal information, and did not do any sort of examination or further investigation.  He did say he would "write a report".  He was not on the scene for more than 5 minutes or so.  We have never heard anything further from law enforcement.

That same morning when I went to fix my breakfast, I discovered that a box in our refrigerator containing gluten-free waffles (i.e., something that only I eat) had been slashed several times with a knife; see below.  I'm positive this box had not been cut when I had taken it out the morning before.  These cuts could only have been made by someone breaking into our house while we'd been asleep the previous night.

The attack on the antelope clearly targeted my daughter.  The slashed box clearly targeted me.  Both of us have made a number of serious complaints to high-level law enforcement recently about the continued stalking, harassment, and hacking that we are constantly being subjected to.  We believe these attacks were done in retaliation.

My daughter and I are totally disgusted, outraged, and appalled at the way law enforcement at all levels continues to cover up for someone who is clearly extremely dangerous and deranged.  We and the general public at large demand protection from this monster!

For more information, I refer you to a 3-part series of posts I did earlier:

Finally, please consider the following:

New Moniker

The following notice is from the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post.  See #3. 

My homestead and agricultural land are now openly being referred to by the city in official documents as a "Wellness Court". 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

International Police Association

First, see


This organization is currently holding a major conference in Central Texas (San Antonio and Fredericksburg).  Why it's being held here is not clear.

Notice that their motto is in Esperanto.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hitler Youth

This article is from the San Antonio Express-News.  I'm posting a copy of it in order to share its contents with the residents of Central Texas for their consideration.  (I live in a clannish German immigrant community here.)

See also

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

News Flash/Flash News

We had something very frightening happen last night, around 1:15 AM.

I was up late working on my computer, which is located next to a set of double French doors that open out onto the front porch of our house.  These French doors are always kept locked, and they are covered on the inside by thin blinds that let light in but prevent people from seeing either inside or out.  A family member was asleep in a bedroom directly above the room I was working in, and another family member was asleep at the back of the house.

Suddenly, and with no warning of any kind, there was what I can only describe as a soft explosion right in front of me, just outside the French doors on the front porch.  At the same time, an extremely bright white light shone directly into the room I was in.  My first thought was that someone had thrown some sort of incendiary device onto our porch.

A second or so later, all the lights in our house went out and my computer switched over to battery mode, meaning the power had gone out.  A second or so after that, another soft explosion just like the first went off outside on the porch, and again the very bright white light came shining into the room with me through the blinds on the French doors.  Both times, even with the blinds in between, the light shining into the room with me was almost blinding.

Again, the light only lasted a second or so.  As soon as it went out this time, our electric power suddenly came back on.  The entire event from start to finish lasted only about 10 seconds, but the power was out long enough that we had to reset all the clocks in the house.

The noise from the explosions on the front porch woke the family member who was sleeping above me, and they went running to their front window to see what was going on.  This family member got to the window just as the power went out, and they said they saw all of the lights in the houses on the hill above us go out at the same time ours did.  They also said that everyone's lights came back on at the same time. However, this family member never saw the bright white light, even though it came on for the second time while they had to have been standing by their window looking outside and the light was nearly blinding me directly below them.

The third family member woke up briefly only when they heard us talking about what had happened.  Because they were at the back of the house, they never saw or heard anything.

It should be noted that there were never any shock waves of any kind associated with the explosions we heard.  All of the energy from the explosions appeared to be associated with the bright light, which clearly was being aimed directly into the room where I was and nowhere else.  Whatever was being done seems to have caused a power overload trip that was rectified amazingly quickly; alternatively, the lights may have been put out to prevent us from being able to see the perpetrators.  (Note that there was no moon out last night.)

The incident was most definitely not a transformer blowing out and sparking.  Our transformers are all located along the street up the hill from us, where the family member above me would have been the one to see lights instead of me.  The family member at the back of the house would also have been likely to hear and see a transformer blow and spark, because they were on the same side of the house as the closest transformer.

A reliable source I described the incident to believes I might have been the victim of a "strobe weapon", an electronic flashgun that looks rather like a large lantern-type flashlight.

I am told there are civilian versions of this that are weaker.  What I was subjected to were separate flashes of light, not strobing ones.  Apparently, police officers use these bright flashes of light to temporarily blind or distract perpetrators.
We were never able to see or hear any persons or vehicles outside in connection with this, but clearly some person or persons did this to frighten and harass us as part of the extensive campaign of organized stalking that we are longtime victims of.  The fact that they may have used equipment to do this belonging to law enforcement officers is of particular concern, as is the fact that this equipment appears to be in the hands of and/or used by organized crime (the entity behind organized stalking).

Saturday, June 13, 2015

People Named Cortez

First, see

Now see

I know nothing about the causes of these deaths, but clearly many people named Cortez  are dying very young in our area for some reason!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Also Rather Unsuitable

First, see

Now see this latest notice of public hearings:

The property that is the subject of this hearing is also under or right next to the major power line.  It will be interesting to see if first the Planning and Zoning Commission and then the City of Fredericksburg decide it's okay to put the elderly and infirm so close to an electric line that it becomes a health hazard... but then again, this is the same town and area that were written about in


so it may well be that the real intent is to keep medical and long-term care costs down by getting rid of the residents.

Finally, the property that is the subject of these upcoming hearings is almost directly across from the land that is the subject of

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cellular Tracking

This article appeared recently in the San Antonio Express-News.

There are a great many indications that these types of equipment are in common use in Central Texas, both by law enforcement and by organized crime.  In particular, the equipment is most definitely being used to facilitate organized stalking.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Millionaires Row

First, see the following article from the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post:

One additional note:  I believe these statistics are only from inside the actual city limits.  (If they were expanded to include the surrounding county areas as well, Kerr and Gillespie Counties in Texas could probably top the national list!)

Next, see this article on the same subject, which was published in the San Antonio Express-News:

Now see this editorial, which was published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post:

Finally, read this Letter To The Editor, also published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post:

Friday, February 27, 2015

More On License Plates

I know this is an old article, but I've realized that it explains why approximately one in four vehicles in Central Texas sports either illegal or no license plates.  I've also posted a copy of it at the bottom of my previous post titled "License Plates".

This situation is outrageous, and frankly hard to believe!