Friday, September 21, 2012

Blowin' In The Wind

In the years since my husband suddenly left, my children and I have found some rather interesting items on our property. I'd say these were blown here from elsewhere by the wind, except that most of them were either found by us on days when the air was still or else were items not likely to have been deposited by the wind for other reasons (too heavy, found in unnatural positions or locations, etc.).

These unusual items began turning up not long after my husband left and around the time I first asked the San Antonio office of the FBI for help. One Sunday morning, I stepped out of the front door of our house to walk up the driveway to retrieve our morning newspaper when I spied two wadded-up pieces of paper that had been tossed onto our front porch. There was no wind at all on that particular day, I was positive the wads of rather heavy paper hadn't been there the night before, and I seriously doubed that two similar paper wads could have coincidentally blown onto our porch at the same time, so I assumed someone had deliberately left them there. Imagine my shock when I flattened out the papers and discovered them to be official baptism certificates for two very young children. And these were the original certificates issued by St. Mary's Catholic Church in Fredericksburg, not copies.

I couldn't imagine why someone would throw away their children's baptism certificates at all, let alone wad them up and toss them onto someone's front porch on a Sunday morning. Because I had recently contacted the FBI and also because at the time I had fairly young children myself, I considered the incident threatening. I immediately mailed copies of the certificates to the FBI and asked them what I should do. I never received any kind of reply.

Following that initial incident were many years of finding large quantities of party trash (beer cans and bottles, hard liquor bottles, cigarette butts, etc.) and drug parapharnalia (used syringes, dirty spoons, steel wool pads, rubber tubing, small balloons, etc.) on our property. We also found golf balls placed under trees where they couldn't possibly have been hit or carefully laid out in trails throughout our pasture. Some of the things we found were seriously disturbing: two small dead goats that weren't ours, one with a garrotte still wound around its neck, for example. (It was my children who found these.)

Many of the items we've found on our property have been medical. We once found two bright orange surgical sponges that had been left under fairly heavy follage at the base of a cedar tree. Another time (on a windless day), we found what looks like someone's EKG record that had been left on the ground beside our driveway (see below). And in an incident reminiscent of the Tara Grinstead case in Georgia, we found a latex glove someone had dropped in our basement crawlspace that runs along one side of our house.

Recently, we found this piece of paper in our pasture:

By its condition with regard to the weather, it could not have been there long.

I'm told that it's the instructions for assembling a NATO-style screened DC power cable for high powered radio frequency equipment, with both conductors of the cable being separately sheathed and screened. I'm also told that this would be the right type of cable to power a strong directed radio frequency (RF) source or a very powerful communications system. These facts are especially interesting, given the large amounts of expensive communication and surveillance equipment bought with Department of Homeland Security money that have gone missing in Texas; see

I, as well as others, have been repeatedly asking government officials to investigate and try to track down these missing items. Disturbingly, it's straight answers from officials, not the found items, that are "blowin' in the wind".

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Psychological Violence

A friend and fellow victim of organized stalking from the Houston area has provided me with the link to a very important video:

This video gives excellent examples of what my friend Medawar calls "psychological violence", where people are forced or coerced in various ways (often by being told outright lies as illustrated here) to believe things they would not ordinarily believe.

Psychological violence is one of the basic tools organized stalkers and organized stalking groups use to get people to participate in acts of stalking and harassment being perpetrated against innocent victims. (Other commonly-used methods for getting people to commit acts of organized stalking include overt threats, financial pressure, and peer pressure.) The video linked above shows very nicely how easily psychological violence can be done, particularly when perpetrators flash official-looking badges and/or i.d.s. And all too often, these badges and i.d.s are the real thing, because lawn enforcement officers and other officials are commonly involved in organized stalking.

Another famous example of psychological violence is the well-known experiment in which test subjects were instructed by persons they believed were in positions of authority to administer what they believed were painful and potentially lethal electric shocks to others. Most of the subjects did this without much hesitation.

I realize that it's not possible to persuade true stalkers to change, because they are mentally ill and get thrills out of committing acts of psychological violence, but I hope others will take the time to check out the above video carefully and thoughtfully, so that if you are approached by someone you believe to be in a position of authority at some time in the future and that person tries to get you to do something you ordinarily would not, you will know to be aware that the person may be attempting to commit acts of psychological violence against you. It's critical that people make the effort to question things and situations that make them feel uncomfortable instead of blindly accepting them, thereby potentially allowing all sorts of evil to be committed.

When I have time, I'll look up the link to Medawar's piece on psychological violence and post the link here. I'll also try to find and post the link to the experiment I mentioned above.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Consider the following set of emails, each of which was received by me between 2007 and 2012. Please note: Some of these contain mild adult content. Information identifying my children, myself, and an email address used by us has been deleted for reasons of privacy.

Notice how most of these emails, at least upon first glance, appear to be quite different from one another. Yet, I believe all of these emails were written and sent to me by my ex-husband. They are, in fact, examples of some of the literally hundreds of harassing emails I've received over the past 13 years. And yes, I can say with a good deal of confidence that all of these are indeed from him and not someone else. They each contain various items that appear to have been deliberately inserted because my ex- knew I'd recognize them. I'm also told there are signs in the source information from these emails indicating they were sent by my ex-, although I don't feel qualified to discuss that aspect of them without assistance from computer experts.

After so many years of receiving so very many of these emails, I've come to believe that each of the different styles are examples of my ex-husband writing as a different persona. Notice how, in some of them, the writing style is very fragmented and chaotic, while in others, it's quite highly developed. Some of the personalities are somewhat pornographic; others quote the Bible. Some purport to give financial advice; others contain fictional story lines. Despite their often extreme differences, however, most contain some form of malice, either overtly expressed; loosely concealed within the text, names, or email addresses; or implied by symbolism (e.g., Willow). Further, there are many references to both my name and my ex-husband's, either directly or indirectly.

Next, I ask you to look carefully at the many comments posted on this blog. I believe the vast majority of these were also written by my ex-husband; again, I believe this because he almost always deliberately includes one or more items he knows I will recognize.

Most of these comments are more recent examples of my ex-'s writings. If you examine his comments carefully in chronological order, you will discover that the early ones are written under his own name and tend to be angry and full of lies. Later, he begins writing anonymously and becomes boastful at times, revealing his inside knowledge of critical information; for more on this, please see my post titled "Comments On Comments" on this blog.

Gradually, over time, some of my ex-'s personas become more well-developed and begin making separate comments at the end of my posts in their various styles. [It's important to note here that he often places new comments randomly at the end of any old post of mine he chooses, so you really do need to go to the "Comment" section of the blog and view them in chronological order.] One of his personas that seems to be obsessed with Tampa begins posting increasingly long and increasingly rambling diatribes and eventually spins off to create an entire new blog devoted to continuations of his comments made here. You can find this blog of his at

However, some of the most spectacular examples of my ex-husband's writings as various personas can be found on the Topix Gang Stalking Forum, at First page

My ex-husband is the person who actually started this blog, under the persona of Hektor Seven, a permutation of his real name. As you read down the blog, keep in mind that Vocct [me], Medawar [a British victim of organized stalking], RunGSRun [a Houston-area victim], and Eleanor White-Ontario [a Canadian victim] are all known to be separate individuals writing as themselves, but ALL OR NEARLY ALL of the other writers on this forum are various personas of my ex-'s. Notice that most of these exhibit distinctive writing styles and personalities: Wloclawek Warrior is angry and violent; ptw is helpful; Garrett Ram is negative; fisheyes is pseudo-Christian; Xsiv is "blonde, busty, and brainy"; Sara Quell is pseudomedical; etc. Many of his more well-developed personas on this forum are female: CT lady and Mrs. Sainah Samurai, for example. Some are stereotypes: italia and Mrs. Susan Shabangu, for example. Others, like Dirty Duck and iDareU, are just plain silly. It's disturbingly fascinating to watch these various characters carry on entire conversational streams, discussion, and arguments with each other on this forum once you're aware that this is really a single person "talking to himself". And according to Eleanor White, my ex-'s personas post dialogs with one another on other forums as well, although I've never taken the time to check these out personally.

[Update:  After I posted all this, my ex- transferred much of his posting activity to

He posts there as Tampa, CT lady, and others.  His most recent posts there as Tampa are long and rambling and show signs of stress.]

[My discussion continues below, at the end of the email group.]

Now, here is a final, very recent example from a series of emails I've been receiving from one of my ex-'s many personas:

My good friend Kitty, who writes the Anti-Organized Stalking blog at

says she believes Galina is a real person because she knows someone who has met her, but the series of emails I've received under this name is definitely the work of my ex-, as evidenced by the many, many familiar names, terms, initials (many of which are his own!), and more that are included in the long lists of email addresses for me to recognize. (Dr. John Hall's email address,, is real. I suspect most of the rest are fake, but I've never checked to be sure.) The most important thing to notice here is how much more organized and well-developed my ex's personas have become and how much more time he appears to be spending in writing as them.

I have no training in psychiatry or psychology, but it takes nothing more than a small dose of good, old-fashioned common sense to see that spending approximately 1 to 3 hours a day (that being my current estimate, based on a combination of what I receive plus what I see posted) writing and sending or posting this stuff is NOT NORMAL. (The harassing emails to me are illegal as well.) My ex- and his best friend probably failed a basic psychological test they were required to take as part of a post-graduate class years ago, because they were asked to come in for additional testing on the following Saturday. (They explained this at the time by saying they'd volunteered to be research subjects.) My ex-husband's family was close to LBJ and knew most of his security staff very well, so so my ex- and his family could have easily obtained coaching in compartmentilizing personalities in order to pass the exam, by answering the questions as if they were a different person with a different personality and point-of-view. (Note that this technique can also be used to pass a polygraph test.) Unfortunately, I believe it can be quite dangerous when practiced by someone who is already mentally ill, because it can potentially cause dangerous splitting of the personality in someone with already impaired reality. It's important to point out that such a splitting is different from classic multiple personality disorder, though, because in this case, the splitting can be done deliberately and at will.

In closing, there is one additional fact I need to leave you with. Of ALL the posts in this entire blog, the one with the most views overall (by quite a large margin!) is "Note To The Texas Medical Board", posted on 3/20/11. That fact, plus the fact that I'm including it here, will puzzle outsiders considerably, but local insiders will not be surprised at all and will understand completely. Personally, I find this very symptomatic of the problems here.

Update:  Many of the comments below were written in a single barrage that all came from Ip 97.9.19.# Cellco Partnership, DBA Verizon Wireless.  He was on for hours.