Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In May of 2002, a Medtronic Defibrillator LP 500 (Serial #14285761) was stolen from the Buchanan Fire Building. An account of this theft in the 5/29/02 issue of the Llano newspaper warned, "Do not let someone who might show it to you talk you in to [sic] trying it out. It is extremely important that this piece of equipment be located and returned." [Something else above this article had been cut out of the issue of the newspaper I saw that was shared with me by a woman I was employing as a housekeeper at the time; I later had to fire this woman when I discovered she was stealing, setting up harassing incidents directed at us, and more. As it happens, my ex-husband has close relatives who live in the area, and he has been working in Llano one or two days a week for many years.]
In 2005, Fredericksburg and Gillespie County officials couldn't locate almost $20,000 worth of equipment purchased with federal homeland security funds during an audit conducted by the Texas Engineering Extension Service. During the auditors' visit, they also discovered a defibrillator sitting in the corner of the Fredericksburg police chief's office in plain sight--and he wasn't certified to use it. [This is the same police chief who is a lifelong close personal friend of my ex-husband's and who has slandered me on one of Diop Kamau's websites.]
There have been all kinds of rumors about what is being done with these defibrillators, but I'll leave that to your imagination.

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Anonymous said...

we dont know why she is interested in defibrillators, she did claim to see one in the police cheifs office

1 she alomost certainly did not see one
2she has no idea whether any particular person had training in this

my guess is she thinks someone is planning to use one against her