Saturday, October 3, 2009

Other Police Threats

The incident described in the previous post is not the first time I've been threatened by law enforcement. In the fall 0f 2007, after refusing to let local law enforcement officers illegally invade our home (see posted emails), I received this emailed photo of blue sky (heaven)from Investigator Rob Jones. I immediately forwarded it on to both Texas law enforcement and the Justice Department as I had with the threatened illegal invasions of our home by police--but received no responses from law enforcement in reply.
Soon after this, someone I'd considered a trusted friend and forwarded a copy of the blue sky email to for safekeeping sent it back to me with some added text they claimed to have found from Jones; someone also hacked into my email account and added this text to Jones' email (which makes the email appear non-threatening). However, this was added AFTER I'd already forwarded the email to high-level law enforcement (and to others for safety), and my children and I had already carefully examined the email for text, so we're positive the text was added later in an attempt to make the email look less incriminating.

This post of mine will no doubt unleash a new round of libelous comments about my purported mental state by my ex-husband (a close, lifelong friend of the local police chief). What my ex- will not explain is why he has instructed people to scream "Monkey Turd" at me and make ape-like noises at me for years as his way of dealing with the fact that I'm told he was known as "Horse Turd" in high school. I'm confident he will also never explain here that while in graduate school, he was asked to come in on a Saturday and take additional, more extensive psychological testing than what his program normally required. (One of his best friends was also asked to do this. I was never told anything about the reason for this or the results.)

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Anonymous said...

this was apparently a benign greeting that hadnt finished loading when she printed this

either that or someone hacked into her email to add the text later(sure!)

the monkey turd comment is unexplainable