Thursday, October 22, 2009

Local Harassment

Dear Diary,
Awakened by various very loud construction noises of various kinds that seemed to come from around all sides of our house at various times. Many of these were so loud and so bizarre that kids and I don't think they're real--must be broadcast somehow. Had to listen to these off and on all day. Mid-morning, just as I'd gone into the bathroom, the dog started barking like crazy at someone out front, so I went to see who it was. Saw a blue pickup parked in the middle of the street in front of our house, but didn't see anyone inside it or near it. About 5 minutes later, dog still barking, so I looked out again; this time could see a tall, thin, Cauc. man with dark brown hair RUNNING up and down the hill above us while holding a piece of surveying equipment. As soon as he was sure I'd seen him, he quickly jumped into the truck and sped off. Then tonight as I was walking my dog, a young Cauc. couple in a smallish black car swerved at me as they passed, and I had to jump up onto the curb and into wet grass to get out of their way; they sped off laughing and making some sort of gestures I couldn't see well. A few minutes after that, I realized there was a man down the street behind me who was following me. As I turned into my driveway to go back home, this man passed me and started grinning and waving at me repeatedly in a goofy way so I'd be sure to notice him. I couldn't tell for certain (because he was on the hill above me), but I think he was a former county judge who's been in trouble with the law in the past. (His daughter is now head of the local hospital foundation.)
Just another day around here...


Anonymous said...

paranoid personality disorder explains this posting

she sees a lot of cars looking at her and 'driving by'

she wrote kanau there were a jillion drive-bysin one her notes to him (maybe it was a zillion)

everyone drives by to look at her(they obvioualy have nothing better to do

ML said...

I have had to remove a comment here because it blatantly violated the rules of this blog, either by identifying someone I deliberately did not identify here, by libeling someone, or both. These behaviors won't be tolerated here or anywhere else on this blog; offending comments will be deleted as soon as I can locate them and have time to remove them. If you want your comments to remain, please bear this in mind. I will be particularly strict about this when it comes to young people.

Anonymous said...

In others words MaryLou can mention anybody she wants to by name(always the dead) or by reputation but if you put a name up of one of her lying friends or somebody she happens to think is her friend she takes it down. I am just sorry the car that swerved at you (never happened) didn't hit and kill you. I guess if you don not stay out of the middle of the street taking pictures and stalking people you will get run over anyway . Hopefully sooner than later.

ML said...

I'm sure you are actually well aware that I don't stand "in the middle of the street taking pictures and stalking people"; these statements are utterly false.

All threats are reported to the U.S. DOJ. Computers can be traced.