Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost And Found

Instead of being confined to the classifieds as usual, the "Lost And Found"s seemed to be scattered all over our local newspaper today.

First, one of the missing persons I've written about before was identified as being the body of a white male that was found in eastern Gillespie County at an unidentified location by an unidentified person last Sunday. Trey Allen Noah, 20, of Kendall County had been missing since last November. The Gillespie County Sheriff, a close friend of my ex-husband's, is insisting on heading the investigation and is not giving out any information, which is frankly "business as usual" around here in suspicious death cases and does not bode well as far as the victim's family receiving any kind of real closure or justice. (This is the same sheriff who, in his previous job as a state game warden, happened to find a number of other victims of suspicious deaths.)

Secondly, I spotted a public notice of a zoning change by the city that was hidden at the bottom of a page in the sports section (amid advertisements) rather than being published in the classifieds section with the other public notices as is normal. Sure enough, the property whose zoning has been changed is described only vaguely, and there were no previous notices published previously announcing any hearings on this change. From the little stated in the notice, I have no idea where this property is or what's really going on, other than that the zoning of it was changed from residential to "public facility".

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Anonymous said...

mary lou regarding the event last night

it is imperative that you start socializing with other people. it wont be long til you wont even leave the house at tis rate you realize when all the kids are gone you will have nobody in the whole world to be close to

1 you need to get ajob
2 you need to come to terms with this paranoia/conspiricy/everyone is against me
3 it wouldnt hurt to seek out some support group
4 i think the best thing is for you to get back with your dad since we will be understanding and do anything to help you
5 if you look at all you wrote essentially 100% of the people othe that the kids have conspired, or turned against you, there is not any word of your doing good,rewarding/uplifting
you know at some level virtually no one is against you other that the handful of enemies you created

thart thinking positive,stop thinking negative