Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Potential Medical Problems

I've written a little about my father before (see "Family Business" posted here on 6/29/09), but while I'm on the subject of "medical problems", I feel the need to add a short discussion of some I've come to believe my father might have. I'm sure he would disagree with me, but see what you think.

Years ago (when I was still married) while on a visit to see my father (who lives in another state), I remember him telling me he had lost a large sum of money in a financial investment that had gone bad. At some point someone had apparently persuaded him to invest a large chunk of his retirement money in some sort of medical scheme (possibly related to nursing homes??) that involved a major medical corporation which has their national headquarters near where he lives. I remember being very surprised to hear he'd invested in anything to do with this company, because my father was always very much influenced by my husband, and my husband and his close friends were always talking about how much they hated this company. (One of my husband's closest friends even had a letter that railed against this company published in a national news magazine.)

My father refused to tell me much in the way of details about what had happened, but I do remember being shocked to hear him say he'd lost enough to be concerned about his retirement status. He was obviously very angry and upset about it. I told him that one of our children had been rushed to a San Antonio hospital owned by this corporation as a newborn but that my husband had told me it was because it was the only place they could find an open bed in neonatal care the night our infant became critically ill. Recently when my ex-husband finally did provide me with valid health insurance information for one of the children, I was surprised to see that the coverage was through this same company.

After my divorce, I remember my father mentioning to me that he had signed some sort of trust document. I didn't think much about this at the time, but after I had all the problems with fraudulent trust documents discussed in "My Story" at the beginning of this blog and elsewhere here, I began to wonder exactly what sort of trust document my father had signed and who had gotten him to sign it.

I also realized belatedly that my father had once told me one of his doctors had insisted on his taking some sort of a "mental function test", supposedly to check for dementia-related illnesses, and I remembered my father bragging that he'd made a perfect score on this test that the doctor congratulated him on. I was already extremely concerned about the amounts of potentially addictive medication this doctor and others were prescribing for my father, and I tried to talk to him about this to no avail. Given what had happened with my children and me, I'm concerned that this test may have actually been given to try and head off a possible court challenge of my father's mental state relating to the trust document he told me about.

As explained in the earlier post, I was forced to break off all ties with my father in 2004 when I realized he was conspiring against my children and me with my ex-husband and others and after enduring serious threats from him when I told him I'd contacted the FBI. Even then, he seemed to have symptoms of being addicted to prescription medication, but without additional information I don't have access to or being around him since then, it's difficult to know what's going on for sure. In any case, my father has made it very clear that he will never listen to me or believe me because he prefers people with far more money and power than I'll ever have. He doesn't seem to understand the basic tenant of white collar criminals: they don't stop until they have completely cleaned out one victim; then when they have, they move on to the next one.

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Anonymous said...

this is pathetic

your dad is by far the best chance of you regaining your mental health. nothing in the blog indicates any wrongdoing by your dad.

you have projected his comments into your paranoia .

frlankly your comments are ugly and demanning (addicted to meds,"bragging"

after the "nasa" event (as you put it) it is clear that you need help with your issues you talked to not one person vountarily other than xxxx, when people asked about the kids you were either vague or outright lying and very unfriendly

you hung around and bugged xxxxwhen xxxx was tryin g to work to xxxembarrassement,

mary lou the fact is that almost no one has anything against you except the people mentioned by name in your blogs

its time for you to get your life in order

get right with your dad

quit posting ugly things about good people

find some positive meaning in uyour life

try to get at least one healthy relationship, a friend