Sunday, April 4, 2010

Possible Hate Crime

Today, Easter Sunday, my children and I enjoyed a very nice, quiet day together. This was in stark contrast to what happened to us on Easter morning last year as documented in this entry from one of our logbooks. We had all been up late having fun together the night before Easter last year, and it was very disturbing and frightening to have been suddenly jolted awake by loud noises being broadcast from downstairs in our house.

Since we are well known to be practicing Christians, it was Easter morning, and the loud noise that was somehow broadcast in our house was definitely the sound of a nail gun being fired repeatedly, I wondered if this incident of harassment qualified as a hate crime. I asked the FBI this question when I filed a complaint with them about the use of sophisticated federal equipment (some of which is manufactured here by the same companies that make equipment my ex-husband uses in his business) for purposes of harassment, stalking, and domestic abuse when I filed a complaint with them, but of course I never received any kind of response.

We have had many, many similar disconcerting, startling, and extremely obnoxious incidents involving various broadcast harassing noises directed at us over the years, both inside our home, outside our home, and even in other locations around town over the years; I will be glad to provide additional information on this to the proper authorities. These noises are a great deal louder than normal, so there's no question of them being real. My children and others have heard them many times at the same time I hear them, and certain people around town later make specific mention of them or even joke about them. (I can name many of these people that have knowledge of what's been done.) The DOJ, DHS, and other high-level federal agencies are aware this is being done to us, but instead of protecting us and prosecuting the perpetrators, all they do is cover the situation up.


Anonymous said...

piggy-backing off real victims.

mary lou is most certainly not a christian. she is stealing from people who have real problems..equating herself to perhaps the lynched blacks of the reconstruction south.

we can all be sure if there is indeed any noises, the have have a logical explaination

you unchristian thief

Anonymous said...

just so everyone understands..there was no crime or harrassment of any kind ever, we can agree ml heard a noise but of course it was inconsequential

Anonymous said...

the christian

honor thy father? nope
love thy neighbor? hardly
do not lie or scheme? negative
turn the other cheek? dont think so
? never yet

christian? NOT