Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Muegge Murder

How many coincidences are too many? You be the judge!

Linda Muegge (55) was found murdered inside her burning home in Fredericksburg on May 14, 2007.

The following is a list of interesting facts connected with this case that I've referenced to various newspaper accounts by number for documentation purposes.

1) Locals first tried to pass off Ms. Muegge's death as having been due to a house fire.

2) First responders just happened to be training nearby at the time of Ms. Muegge's death, resulting in their being at the crime scene unusually quickly.

3) Ms. Muegge happened to be attacked on the one day everyone who knew her knew she was always at home.

4) The newspapers published conflicting information about previous local homicides.

5) The friend who admitted to being at the murder scene very quickly happened to also have lost her mother to a suspicious death. (See "Boot Ranch" on this blog.)

6) This same friend happens to have her office in the same building as a doctor who is currently developing property close to mine.

7) Ms. Muegge's boyfriend died shortly after she did. He had worked for the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

8) Ms. Muegge had worked at a local title company.

9) An animal of Ms. Muegge's was shot a year before her death.

10) Both Ms. Muegge and her friend's late mother were born in Buffalo, New York.

Update, 2/14:  According to KXAN Investigates, the Muegge case is active again, and they are asking for any tips anyone might have.  In their recent coverage, KXAN stated that Ms. Muegge was stabbed in the head, which is different from the accounts of her death above.  KXAN reports that Ms. Muegge's ex-husband is considered a suspect in the case but that there are also a number of other suspects being looked at.

Update, 5/14, from legal notice published in the Fredericksburg Standard:

Bryla is a lifelong close personal friend of my ex-husband's and the partner of my ex-'s divorce lawyer.  The area described in the notice is Ms. Meugge's general neighborhood.

Now see


Updated material from the Muegge case can be found at

Update 9/15:

Note that Bruce Curry has also repeatedly impeded the investigation into the murder of Phillip Shue in Boerne.

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Medawar said...

The phrase "stabbed in the head" could mean a wild lashing out with a kitchen or hunting knife, or something much more deliberate, with a specialised weapon.

Given that the idea seems to have been to make everyone think Mrs Muegge simply died in a fire, and it wasn't immediately apparent to everyone that this wasn't the case, the latter is a possibility.


especially the "SOE Sleeve Dagger", because one of the methods SOE officers were taught to use, especially when assassinating a high ranking Nazi whose obvious murder would trigger reprisals, was to stab the victim in the head, just behind the ear.

It would be easy to miss this as a cause of death, if some other "accidental" trauma were arranged, such as a fire, or fall.

Someone with medical knowledge could probably think of equally effective ways to deploy one of these, or a similar weapon, to cause a fatal but relatively unobtrusive injury to other parts of the head, especially around the spinal cord.

Practically everyone in Texas seems to have a gun collection: collections of bayonets, daggers, swords, swordsticks and the sort of thing for sale to collectors via the webpage indicated, will be much less common.

A surgeon with a good medical technician could even have such a weapon made or adapted specially for the job.

It's perhaps fortunate for the ends of justice, that plasterboard dislodged by the fire, may have protected the evidence from the fire.