Thursday, September 17, 2009

He Said

The first expert witness used by p.i. Ed Hodges was a former Secret Service agent from Wisconsin. I was deeply shocked that someone with such an extensive law enforcement background would state he was willing to testify under oath to something I knew for a fact to be utterly false.
I was not surprised that Hodges would use a Secret Service agent, though, since I knew my ex-husband had grown up with the families of LBJ's agents and knew many of them well. (Notice that LBJ isn't one of the presidents listed here, even though the agent's email address uses the location of the LBJ ranch.) Then I discovered that a woman of about the same age as the agent with a the same rather unusual last name and a local maiden name (his wife?) is a realtor with her own local firm. I also discovered a younger man with the same last name (their son?) works at the local hospital. Then I noticed that my ex-husband had a Wisconsin checking account. Shortly after I pointed all these things out to my attorney at the time [the one in "She Said"], this witness abruptly quit.
On 9/13/07, I received a strange phone call from a man with a distinctive, high-pitched voice who first said he was an FBI agent from Milwaukee, then abruptly said that wasn't right; he was actually an FBI agent from San Antonio. He then proceeded to repeatedly try in various ways to persuade me to leave town: law enforcement couldn't help me, the stalking and harassment would end if I left, I needed to "sign off on the trust" (which I knew by then was a con), etc. He then began trying to quiz me about what I knew about local drug trafficking and whether I'd ever gone to the DEA. At that point, I became frightened and quickly ended the call. I immediately contacted the San Antonio FBI and asked them to confirm that my caller really was an FBI agent. No one there would do this, so I contacted the Justice Department, but they also refused to confirm or deny and investigate this call.
This expert never provided a detailed written report of his findings. And I have to ask, because it's the "elephant in the room": has this guy ever lied under oath before?


ML said...

Update: I have just received a letter from a government agency in Wisconsin concerning Diop Kamau that claims to be in response to a complaint I filed with them--but I never filed anything with them and had never even heard of them until now! Since the guy discussed above is the only person I know in Wisconsin, I can only assume he had something to do with this, especially since I've had problems with him harassing me before.

I have just posted the letter in question at my other blog,, as "Kamau 247". As I discuss there, the Texas agency the letter directs me to is one that refused to help me previously when I filed a complaint with them against Kamau.

Anonymous said...

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