Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Versions of the Truth

During the last half of 2005, I received 4 different invoices from the same few days at the end of June 2005 from the two p.i.s from Boerne that I was working with at the time. One of these invoices (the first one here) was from the former DEA agent, and the other three were from the ex-FBI agent. Notice that there are so many changes and contradictions here, it's impossible to tell from them what really happened. [Very important note: I paid these as soon as I was first given them, at the end of June 2005. Although I received some of the copies much later on, these invoices contained NO past due amounts.]

Here's what I know actually happened. Around 6PM on June 22, 2005, one of my children called me from their dad's house where they had visitation that evening and said their father had just left for what he'd told them was "a big meeting at his office about a major new real estate development in our neighborhood". I immediately told my adult child who was at home with me (because they wanted no more contact with their father by this time due of all the trust-related incidents described previously) that I intended to drive down to my ex-husband's office with a notebook and write down all of the vehicle information and license plate numbers from vehicles parked outside. My offspring insisted on coming with me and bringing a camera to take photographs, so off we went. When we got there, we parked on the street in front of the office; we did not go onto the property at all. We both immediately noticed a small tan car that looked a lot like one we'd seen Ed Hodges driving in the past, and this car also happened to have a license plate frame that said "Arlington" [the city where Hodges lived] at the top which reinforced our suspicions that it was indeed his car. We also recognized most of the other vehicles out front as belonging to local doctors. (There were also a number of vehicles in back of the office that we couldn't see well.) I started writing down plate numbers and detailed descriptions of vehicles parked in front, while my child took photos with their digital camera. As we were sitting there, a white Suburban drove up, pulled into the lot, and parked; then we saw a local doctor we knew well exit the vehicle and go inside. My child photographed this vehicle as well, I took down the information for it, and we watched for a few more minutes as various people milled around just inside the front glass doors of the office with drinks in their hands. Then we left.

Later that evening, I sent an email explaining what had happened that contained all of the vehicle information and some of the photographs to the guys who gave me these invoices and the Boerne lawyer they'd insisted I hire. As explained in my earlier "My Story" post, the next morning the former DEA agent called me with a long list of things he wanted me to immediately do: 1) go to the courthouse and obtain a complete copy of everything they had filed under the fraudulent trust (the one Ed Hodges had forged my initials on and the county had filed without its being properly notarized); 2) mail a retainer check to a lawyer I was told worked for the DEA (her web page with the state bar association listed her as a "Government Lawyer"; I was told to mail the check to a P.O. box) that these two p.i.s said they wanted to consult on my behalf; 3) mail the original of the fraudulent document that had been sent to me to a former FBI document examiner in VA by registered mail, along with a check and a pre-paid return envelope addressed to the Boerne lawyer (rather than me; the p.i. absolutely insisted on this); and 4) go driving around town to see if I could spot the tan car with the Arlington plate frame again. [I did all of these. We did not see the car again, though.]

Now here's what I think also happened, based on these various invoices and other things that happened later on. I believe that shortly after I emailed them the vehicle information and photos, the two p.i.s, the Boerne lawyer, and unknown others had a frantic late-night meeting with this "government lawyer" (whom I have since learned has ties to famed criminal defense attorney Dick DeGuerin of Houston) that was probably adversarial to my interests. They then had the audacity to charge me the retainer I was asked to mail to this attorney after the meeting with her had already taken place. Contrary to what the ex-DEA agent says about this meeting in his invoice, I absolutely WAS NOT INFORMED about this meeting (so I could not have requested it as he states).

Although I later repeatedly requested to speak with the attorney they'd met with, I was told I "wasn't allowed to talk to her"--despite her having cashed my check that was clearly marked "Retainer". The document expert I was told to mail the document to (who also cashed a check from me) was the one who sent me the letter posted below refusing to write me a report or provide me with an invoice. [I eventually filed a formal complaint against this attorney with the state bar association--that was thrown out by them.]

One final but important note: the former FBI agent mentioned to me at the client meeting he lists that the license plate I took down and my child photographed on the white Suburban we saw the doctor drive up in and get out of did not belong on that vehicle. I believe that's another reason why "Ran license plates" was omitted from one of the later copies of the invoice.

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