Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Texas Rangers Said

This email exchange I had with the Texas Rangers (since our local Ranger had refused to see me or even speak with me on the phone) shows I had prepared and tried to file a criminal complaint at D.A. Bruce Curry's office but was told they couldn't accept it (they said I had to go through law enforcement, but local law enforcement also refused to accept it). Here the Texas Rangers told me I'd been right in the first place to take it to the D.A., so when I went back to Curry's office and they again refused to accept it, I showed Jane [the only person in the office who would ever speak with me] this email, and then she did accept my complaint and all the documentation (which filled a medium-sized cardboard box). She wouldn't give me a receipt, so I asked her to sign the email, which she did as you can see. She also said an investigator would call me the following day after he'd had time to look the complaint over--but I never heard anything from anyone at the D.A.'s office again.

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