Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ancient History

There is a long history of strong anti-government sentiments in this area. As shown by the article from the San Antonio Express-News posted here, these feelings go all the way back to the first white settlements. During the Civil War, local German farmers sided with the North because the large Southern plantations with their relatively cheap slave labor competed with the Germans' small farms. Many Germans here were persecuted or killed as a result. In one well-documented incident, a group of local Germans were attacked and many killed as they attempted to join the Union army by first making for Mexico.

As you might guess, the persecution of German locals here was severe during the two World Wars. At the same time, earlier alliances with Mexico among the Texas Germans developed into important smuggling networks that became very important to the local economy during Prohibition and later, with illegal drugs and human smuggling.

I believe if you're going to try and understand what goes on in Central Texas today, you must first look to what's happened in the past. It's important to understand how strong and deep-rooted the anti-government feelings are here and how close and long-standing the ties to Mexico are. I know there are many groups in the U.S. that are anti-government, but this particular group has connections to the very highest levels of the government, military, law enforcement, and the media (see for example my earlier posts entitled "Namedropping" and "Questions and Answers"). They are making a concerted effort to send as many members to the various military academies as possible and place their members in as many high-level positions as possible.
They have access to billions of dollars made from trafficking in illegal drugs and various other criminal enterprises. They have access to sophisticated government weapons and equipment (see for example "What's The Buzz Revisited?"). They pose a real and serious threat to national security.

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