Monday, July 5, 2010

Mysterious Deeds

My divorce was finalized in February of 2001, although my lawyer would not let me attend the hearing.

In April of that year, I received a packet in the mail from my lawyer that contained the first two documents shown above (two letters, one from my lawyer, and one from my ex-husband's lawyer) plus a number of copies of property deeds with vague locations and an unsigned quitclaim deed form. When I spoke with my lawyer about this, he said a mistake had been made with the paperwork involved in my divorce and I needed to sign the quitclaim form and return it to him. However, he would not explain the mistake or what all the enclosed deeds were, and I told him I could not sign the form until I felt I understood them. He told me he'd get back to me on this, but he didn't.

In June of the same year, I received the letter from my ex-husband's divorce lawyer shown here and marked as #2, along with more vague deeds. Again my divorce lawyer insisted I sign a quitclaim deed form, and again I could not get a straight answer to my questions about this. I made it clear to him that I needed a better explanation from him as to what I was signing before I could sign the document, and again he said he'd get back to me but didn't. As a result, I never did sign the quitclaim document.

In 2003 when I hired private investigator Ed Hodges, he, the lawyer he worked with in Dallas, and George Petrie, an investigator who worked for him, all told me repeatedly they'd found some sort of evidence of money laundering on the part of my ex-husband that was concerned with numerous deeds at the local courthouse; this is documented here by the last email shown here. These people too kept saying they'd tell me more later, but they never did. (They just kept charging me large sums for investigative work they said they were doing at the courthouse.)

Later, after I found out Hodges and his associates had defrauded me, I learned Petrie had been impersonating a licensed private investigator. I filed a formal complaint against him with the Texas DPS-PSB, but they refused to prosecute him. As with the file numbers in the previous post, I've never been able to get anyone else (lawyer or otherwise) to explain to me what the deeds were or why these two lawyers were so anxious for me to sign off on them. As you can see at the top of the document marked "1A" above, I even faxed copies of all of this to Diop Kamau after he said he worked with an attorney who could look at them--but he never got back to me on this, either.

Because I'm STILL unable to find proper legal representation, I still don't know what this was all about.

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