Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dating Problems

First of all, it's not what you think.

About a year after I'd discovered private investigator Ed Hodges had forged my name on a fraudulent trust document that gave him and a lawyer friend of his total control of my house and land, I suddenly received the bill shown here and another from his friend the lawyer that was equally ridiculous. Of course all of the charges listed were completely fabricated, had never been discussed with me or previously billed to me, and were not even for anything either man had actually ever done.

Most outrageous of all was the fact that some of the charges were from periods of time when I hadn't even known Ed Hodges! He first called me on the evening of June 25th, 2003 to talk to me about why I should hire him, and I did not know who he was before this and certainly had not previously had any business dealings with him. And as you can also see here, I didn't sign a contract of any kind with Hodges until 6/26/03. (The posted document is a page from the investigation contract I signed with Hodges. It also happens to be the page that contains the DPS violations discussed in an earlier post here entitled "Addresses" from 9/15/09.) The fraudulent trust document in question is dated 12/31/03, which is even later.

Seems to me if you're going to try to con someone out of money, you'd want to make sure you didn't try to charge them for work done at a time when they didn't even know who you were--unless you were so unafraid of being prosecuted or successfully sued that you and your associates considered it humorous to submit something like this.

I received this bill at a time when I'd spent many months searching desperately and unsuccessfully for proper legal representation despite having contacted all of the state and national legal assistance organizations I knew of. It was because of that, having received such a ridiculous set of documents from Hodges and co., and some other things that were equally alarming that I decided to take the fraudulent trust document to the professional document examiner whose findings are posted here under "She Said".

Immediately after I received this, I also sent a copy of it to DPS Investigator Taft Green of Dallas, who'd been assigned to look into my complaints against Hodges and others. Trooper Green called me back and said he agreed with me that the bills were ridiculous--but he never had any charges filed against Hodges or his attorney associate.

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