Monday, August 2, 2010

Chronologic Order


In an earlier post entitled "Guessing Games" (7/25/10), I mentioned what was going on at around the same time as the ads shown there. Now I'm posting a sampling of information and documentation presented in chronologic order that you can plug the ads into and also use to understand some of the events that led up to my hiring private investigator Ed Hodges at the end of June 2003.

As you look at these, keep in mind that we have two title companies here: one run by the city attorney, and the other run by a law partner of my ex-husband's divorce lawyer. You should also be aware that the county judge was a classmate of my former brother-in-law's and that the property to the south of mine consists of a very steep hill that is unsuitable for building on.

By the middle of June 2003, I had a tax appraisal protest hearing coming up and had been unable to force my ex-husband to provide me with the agricultural use documentation from past years I needed or to get him to remove his exotic animals from my property (which I'd been forced to feed because he wouldn't). There had also been numerous serious and frightening incidents that I haven't gone into much here. We'd had CONSTANT problems with people trespassing, partying, leaving trash and drug paraphernalia, etc. on my property, and the police wouldn't do anything--in fact, one of the people blatantly trespassing was the local police chief, my ex-husband's close friend. City employees had cleared out a house the city had bought that bordered both my property and the rent house where my ex-husband had been living and dumped a large amount of trash (including furniture and appliances) on my property; when I called the police, the responding officer just laughed and then started asking me over and over again about what I intended to do with my property. Late one night when I let my dog out, he scared off an athletic-looking Caucasion man who'd been tampering with our phone line at the point where it entered our house.

It was at this point that I discussed my situation with a man in my Bible study class at church who was ex-military and someome I considered a friend. He told me he sometimes worked as a private investigator for a man named Ed Hodges from Arlington, and he suggested I hire Ed to help me with some of my problems. I told him to have Hodges call me, we talked on the phone, and I decided to hire him.

Hodges helped me retain my ag. exemption, but he also immediately began trying to get me to sign a trust document that gave him full control of my property. When I refused to do this, he forged my name on the document he'd been trying to get me to sign. The county clerk's office then filed this document at the courthouse even though it wasn't properly notarized, and they faxed a copy of it to an unknown location.


Anonymous said...

mary lou s first item is about freddie zenner. the house on liveoak was owned by a woman with the same last name who isn't related to freddie, even by marriage. mary lou know this yet has made this claim many time and use freddie's name on several of her other bloges (eg mercury rising) and implied it maybe 8 times since

she is completely full of s#$@ and a lying jerk for not bothering to care about freddies families' feelings

Thomas Bean said...

Be careful about anybody infiltrating your social circles to give you advice on what lawyers or P.I.s to hire: it's all a set up.

This land must be worth a lot to your ex....I think the city planner-city atty-and your father in law's real estate law firm "have insider info" on just how valuable your land is.

When the patrol cops are asking you about your know it's worth a lot to some swindling lowlife lawyers.