Friday, August 6, 2010

What The NNEDV Just Said

Recently I faxed the National Network To End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) an updated request for assistance in dealing with the many very serious issues still facing my children and me related to domestic abuse. Some of the things I requested their help with included: helping us find proper legal representation; obtaining physical and financial protection from my ex-husband, his family, and their associates; pressuring the U.S. Department of Justice to properly locate and remove all illegal surveillance and harassing broadcasting devices from our property and properly investigate and prosecute our case/s; obtaining crime victim compensation we are entitled to; pressuring the USPS to stop the constant illegal tampering with our mail; obtaining proper financial and job counseling; assisting us in dealing with local officials who continue to treat us improperly (see previous post, for example); and advising us on how to stop the severe stalking and harassment we continue being subjected to daily.

I received the card shown here in today's mail in response to my request. Notice that the writer only mentions the FBI, rather than the Justice Department, and says nothing or next to nothing about the most serious parts of my request.

The writer of this letter (whose name I can't make out) then gives me a referral to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Center in Kerrville. This just happens to be the same organization that charged me $175.00 in March of 2007 to host a fake mediation session headed by a retired judge from San Antonio that turned out to be nothing more than over four straight hours of the retired judge and my own lawyer at the time (the one I fired as explained in my 8/1/10 post entitled "Still Waiting") taking turns trying to extort large sums of money from me in order to "make everything go away" and trying to force me to "sign off on" a trust document I knew was fraudulent. This "mediation session" finally ended only when I became upset and angry and threatened to take copies of my documentation down the street to the D.A.'s office. I'm also posting a copy of an email I sent to Diop Kamau shortly after this session that contains additional details about what happened that day.

This response from the NNEDV is absolutely outrageous under the circumstances (and possibly criminal as well, depending on why they referred me to the ADR instead of helping me find an attorney, which they knew we didn't have). It is also an extreme example of what domestic violence expert Alexis A. Moore calls "the domestic violence run-around", where victims are shuttled repeatedly from one agency to another rather than being helped.

Please consider going to Ms. Moore's blog at, clicking on the link there, and signing her online petition asking the government to require domestic violence aid agencies receiving federal funds to account for how these funds are being spent. It's painfully clear this money isn't being used to help victims.

Finally, I must also mention here that there's a chance this response might be related to illegal interceptions of my faxes. You'll find a detailed discussion and documentation of this posted earlier here under "Illegal Surveillance, Part IV" (posted 11/14/09).

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