Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Are The Odds, Part 2

What are the odds of a family's house burning down right after their oldest son was found dead (#1)--in the same place someone else had been found dead a little over a year earlier (#2)?

(What are the odds my ex-husband and his wife could know I'd be walking my dog two hours later than usual this evening? They were waiting just around the corner and came speeding by me in a small silver convertible with the top down. They then slowed or stopped in front of our house and may have even pulled into our driveway--I was too far down the street to be able to tell for sure. Eventually, I heard them speed off. My ex- also left 14 new comments in various places in this blog today, and many of these had little or nothing to do with where they were posted.)


Anonymous said...

Sad story about the Brown family but what did the drowning have to do with it. You need look no further than the news to see that people drown all the time. Especially people who can not swim and decide to hop into the local creek or lake. People do dumb things and as a result they have accidents. The news has been full of stories of drownings this summer. In San Antonio the pools stopped charging an entrance fee in certain cases so people would stay out of the rivers. This was done after several drownings and accidents. Then certain groups thought Fredericksburg would do the same and demanded to enter the pools for free . The first thing they said when they were informed they had to pay was that they would go to the river were it was free and if they had an accident it would be the pools fault.
If you can not swim do not play in the water. If there is a flood do not cross the creek. if you are deported do not come back.

Anonymous said...

And as a former resident of Ingram the area of the river behind the Arts Foundation is a very popular place for people to swim in the Guadalupe River. There is a long history of accidents from stupidity and carelessness. Damn sliding,drunk swimmers , children playing in the water unattended, swimming in a flood ,etc. You name it and people have done it back there. It is sad but get people near water and something bad will eventually happen. 15 years ago we witness a 18 year old girl ,drunk as can be who decided to slide down the damn . She ended up cracking her head open , has permanent brain damage now and functions at the level of a 10 year old . She was not pushed and people tried to stop her. Just a drunken accident.

ML said...

I'm surprised to hear this is a popular place to swim, because I've never seen anyone in the water there.

Anonymous said...

Of course ML is in all places at all times. We had a house on the water and yes people are always going back there . It didn't matter if the water was clean or disgusting and muddy. I am surprised that you live in Fredericksburg but know who is in the water in Ingram. As always you refuse to admit you are wrong. And even if he did drown somewhere else bodies usually float when they drown or are carried down stream . Thats why people are usually found elsewhere in a body of water after they have drowned. I would lay my life on the fact that this man got drunk and went swimming or was drinking at the river and had an accident,just like the locals in Ingram said when it happened.

Anonymous said...

mary"lying "lou is of course lying again bout the driveby, in fact she esentially makes up 90% of her encounters with her ex.

it is really hard to answer every kooky allegation but to touch on the highlights.

she has yet to answer to the freddy zenner big lie that is the cornerstone of her whole conspiricy murder thing

Anonymous said...

To the person above, I agree. Mary Lou forgets that there is a community on the hill across and above from her home. Several of us people sit on our balconies in the evenings and watch life go by. We are not looky lou's but we have learned to keep an eye out when Mary Lou is out in her yard in case she decides to make a silly lie up about our friends,neighbors,and loved ones. Not once have we ever witnessed anybody try to run her over and we most certainly can say her ex does not wait for her. We have seen Mary Lou stage weird things in her yard such as scattering garbage ,etc... We have watched her take pictures of innocent people who have to park near her home and always watch her stalking the medical office her ex is a partner at. Mary Lou did it ever dawn on you that people are watching and taking pictures of you too.

Anonymous said...


and, as mary "lying"lou pointed out,, the listing agent is an in-law only three times removed from her ex. what a cruel cruel joke to play on her. and how unprofessional of xxxxx real estate. heaven help xxxxxreal estate if only mary lou figures out how to use one of those telephone devices or even one of those world wide web things we've all heard about to c about this fraudulent listing and expose the bastards!
o note on mary "lying" lou; it has been pointed out that the term for her may be predudicial since it infers she actually must know she is lying to be a liar. to be mor precise. she will now be mary "lying looney" to allow for the possibility of psychosis. if i use the term mary "lying "lou assume i mean mary "lying looney"

ML said...

Of course all the stuff above is simply not true. No doubt the "people up on the hill" are some of the ones we've had a lot of problems with and harassment and stalking from.

Regarding the area where these two victims were found, although I don't live near there, my children and I are active in the arts and have visited the area in question many times over the years. I've taken my kids to see plays at The Point Theater and take art classes and see exhibitions at the art center there many times. A large creek enters the river at that location, and the water's edge is overgrown and hard to get to. I personally have never seen anyone swimming there.

Please remember to post comments at the site you're referring to, or people reading them won't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

so you are spreading trash and ojects around to stage your harrassment just as diop said.

nuff said

Anonymous said...

like most people who have the misfortune of knowing mary lou, my wife and i avoid her like the the plaque. in the last ten years neither my wife nor i drove by her house for any reason whatsoever other than business directly related to the kids. since they are all gone or long ago adults there is no reason why we would drive by her her house.

i would frankly be concerned she would take a shot at me and we are very cautious when we have the misfortune of encountering her in public.

mary lou thinks hundreds of people have nothing better do do than wait around for her to walk the dog so they can drive by her house ...to what end we don't know

we would all be very thankful is she would move away because she does not one bit of good for our town or for society in general

her "ex"

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary Lou the people at Windcrest on the hill are not stalking you . They can not help bearing witness to your kooky antics since you are always up to something. These people ,like everybody else in Fredericksburg, have heard the stories of spying, drugs, murder plots and break ins at your home and decided to keep and eye on you. They can not help catching you lie, they can not help catching you stage situations that you claim others did and they can not help but notice every time you claim somebody tried to run you over that it never happened.
They don't stalk they just know a liar when they see one.