Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mr. Toskana And His Friends

Note: This post is a continuation of my 8/2/10 post entitled "Chronologic Order".

Almost immediately after private investigator Ed Hodges filed a fraudulent trust document at the county courthouse in January of 2004 that gave him total control of my property without my knowledge, the two notices shown here in #1a were published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post. I saw them and wondered what land was being rezoned, since the descriptions sounded like my land or land very close to mine. I immediately contacted Hodges and asked him to have the Dallas-area attorney he worked with check into this for me.

Hodges said they'd looked into the matter and it was not my land involved in the rezoning. He explained that if it had been my land being rezoned, someone from the city or county would have contacted me first about a hearing, and he repeated that he was positive it wasn't my property. I told him I was confused because even though I hadn't been contacted and the descriptions of the land were vague, the locations did sound close to my property. I also told him I thought it was odd no notices for the public hearings that always come before these ordinances had ever been published. Hodges only repeated that this wasn't my land and I didn't need to worry about it. At that time I trusted him completely. Much later, however, I discovered Hodges had lied to me and at least one of these tracts (the smaller one) was indeed my land that had been rezoned without my knowledge or approval, without proper notification from public officials, and without even holding or announcing the required public hearings. (I now believe the second tract involved here may have consisted of property formerly belonging to my ex-husband's pilot-friend who had been found shot to death as described in my 8/2/10 post. This second tract has since been developed into a medical office complex.)

One month later, in February of 2004, a notice of public hearings was published in the same newspaper for land to the northeast of mine that was also slated to be rezoned to commercial (2a). This land was listed as being owned by the county judge, a close lifelong friend and classmate of my ex-husband and his brother. This time, not only were there announcements of hearings prior to rezoning and statements regarding ownership of the property involved, but also a detailed description of where the property was located and a general explanation of the type of development being proposed for the property. As soon as I'd read the location information, I realized this was the same property where the car lot run by a young man who'd died suddenly a year earlier and his father had been located (see the 8/2/10 post mentioned above). A month after this, part of the proposed changes was approved by the city and a detailed description of what had been decided was published in the paper (2b).

Then in May of 2004, a notice of public hearings regarding proposed zoning changes for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) were published for a large tract of land just to the southwest of us (3a). This time a detailed location was also included in the notice, and I realized that the land in question had either belonged to the widower of my neighbor who had been found shot to death (see the 8/2/10 post again) or immediate neighbors of theirs. Now the property was listed as being developed by "Toscana, LLC", which I'd never heard of before. In June, the PUD was approved (3b).

No sooner had the PUD just down the street from our house been approved then a close friend of my father's (see "Family Business", 6/29/09) started sending me emails containing the photo shown in #3c here of a sign reading, "Mr. Toskana has had an expensive divorce and now needs the money, so sale now on!" This caused me to suspect my ex-husband had an interest in Toscana, LLC, but Ed Hodges assured me this was not so.

Much later (well after I'd learned Hodges had defrauded me), I discovered that around this same time, someone at the local tax appraisal office illegally changed the ownership addresses for my house and land tracts from my own to that of my ex-husband's office. (The documentation for this is posted at "How To Steal Property In Four Easy Steps", 8/29/09). I also later found there had been huge increases in my property tax appraisals I'd never been notified of.

At the same time, my father and step-mother suddenly insisted on visiting us from out-of-state; this was the visit detailed here earlier in "Family Business" (6/29/09).

About 2 weeks later, Hodges informed me he'd been approached with a cash offer to buy my house and land made by a man Hodges said had no connections to my ex-husband (4). This offer was so low as to be ridiculous, and I told Hodges I wasn't interested in selling. (Much later, I discovered the person making this offer did indeed have connections to my ex-husband and his family; the Dallas-area attorney Hodges was working with at the time even admitted this in a letter a few years later. Also, in 2006 I learned the man making this offer to buy my place was a real estate agent who had formerly shared an office with the Kerrville attorney Hodges used to file his lawsuit. This Kerrville attorney also has known ties to a former Kerr County judge whose son is the current Kerr County Attorney.)

The same friend of my father's continues to periodically embed the Toskana photo in various emails he sends me. (Recently he also started repeatedly sending me copies of an email that states online petitions are worthless and a waste of time. This is probably in response to my previous requests here that readers go to domestic violence victims' advocate Alexis A. Moore's blog, click on the link, and sign the petition asking the government to require domestic violence victims' organizations to he held accountable for how they spend their funds, since their money is not getting to victims. Oh yes, and he also was an active participant in the "Swift Boat Campaign" against Kerry, as was the p.i. who originally sent me to Hodges.)


Anonymous said...

so your ex is this toskana, an asian name in what, new york?

you are absolutely f+*&^%g crazy completly deviod of logic, cant you get a psychiatrist somewhere?

Anonymous said...

can somebody have this hag legally locked in a psych ward or seize all her computers to keep her from putting this bullshit up.

Stephen Michos said...

I know its been a while but the last 2 must be from the guilty parties in this obvious attempt at stealing land with no regard for human life that finds itself in the way of greed.

Thomas Bean said...

It's really looking more and more and more like a murder for profit conspiracy involving Dr. Feelgood, his father and brother (real estate lawyers).

I like how Hodges got away with passing off a fraudulent legal instrument to steal land....and nobody at Texas Rangers or Texas AG's seem to be interested?

Methinks, ML's communications are illegally misdirected to cut her off from any help.

That's a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Too bad FBI HQ has no interest in helping out a single mom.