Friday, August 27, 2010

Main Street Live Or Dead

This article was published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post on May 25, 2005. As discussed in the article, the Main Street Live project was extremely controversial within the community.

Later, a very similar venue opened in a different building just off Main Street. This off-Main building had been owned by the family of a woman who had worked as the office manager at my former father-in-law's and brother-in-law's law firm. A few months after she suddenly left her job with them, she was found dead along the side of a road near Stonewall, reportedly of a broken neck in a U.S. mail delivery vehicle that had little damage.


Anonymous said...

I guess the point of this is to ,again, claim that everybody who accidentally dies in Texas as well as those who were legitimately murdered were all done by the same people. Wow ML are you saying there is a serial killer in our town.How vain of you to think all the deaths in Central Texas happen in your name. Please tally up the numbers we are curious to see just how many people the serial killing cult have taken. Or have you lost track of all your lies.

Anonymous said...

we all know now that almost every death she relates is slanted, biased and always painful to the families involved

why are certain peaople inherently evil ?
theysuffuer and want you to suffer too

ML said...

I would think the victims' families would want to see justice done, as I do.

Anonymous said...

mary"lying"lou only wants to pin blame for well, everything on her ex. justice is immaterial

Thomas Bean said...

I'd be looking at the retired feds who impersonate FBI agents: very serious

And I like how the retired feds (P.I.'s) also somehow...managed to tamper with your communications to DOJ?

I think ML is onto something with all these bizarre deaths surrounding a real estate law firm-spooks-feds-gang stalkers.

Too bad FBI HQ can't see a ripe case to open up? I'd bring agents from outside Texas and I'd focus on the P.I's (retired feds...certainly these guys talk to their pals in LEO, and know what's going on).