Friday, August 27, 2010

Request For Information

A well-known true crime author is close to finishing a book about the Matt Baker case in Kerrville and Waco and would very much like to talk to anyone who knows his family well. She is especially interested in speaking with anyone who was a foster child of the Bakers when they were the houseparents at Buckner Baptist Benevolence.

If you can help her out, please email me ASAP at

I'm also looking for information on another suspicious death I keep hearing about that was not in any of the newspapers as far as I know. I first began hearing about "an extremely wealthy Kerrville man" who was found dead under a tractor on a ranch in Kerr County about a year or two ago. I would like to know who this man was and any details about the circumstances of his death, if possible. Many people have mentioned this to me, and their accounts have been similar, so I tend to believe this death did occur. I will of course keep any sources of information confidential as I always try to do.


Anonymous said...

Mary Lou you know damn well you are discussing the death of Sonny Chance and just claiming it took place in a different county. The man died of a heart attack ,he was not murdered. And why are you looking for info? A tell all book ? You are just a nosy hag with nothing better to do but pry into things that have nothing to do with you. Stop lying for attention.

ML said...

I most definitely am not discussing Mr. Chance's death here. The death I'm referring to took place in a different county and happened more recently than that of Mr. Chance.

The statements you make about Mr. Chance's death are completely different from the newspaper accounts of what happened. The published accounts all say he was killed violently and was found underneath his tractor. (They do not give a more specific cause of death.) I find it interesting that the published accounts say Mr. Chance was found by a neighboring couple who happen to be close associates of my ex-husband and his family.

For additional information on the Chance death, please see the post entitled "Boot Ranch".