Saturday, November 14, 2009

Illegal Surveillance, Part IV

After I faxed the personal injury lawyer and mass panic apparently erupted among Diop Kamau, local police, and my ex-husband as described in the previous post, two additional things happened: I received the email I believe was a death threat from Investigator Rob Jones as described in my 10/3/09 posting entitled “Other Police Threats”, and I received a second email, also from Jones, that is posted here.

This second email from Jones consisted of a page that appeared to be an eFax with two pages of documents attached to it. The eFax said it was from my correct, unlisted, phone/fax number—but I’ve never had an eFax account of any kind! (although at one point, p.i. Ed Hodges did try unsuccessfully to get me to set one up). Of even more serious concern was the fact that the two pages of documents attached to this were two pages from my private fax to the personal injury lawyer (discussed in the previous post) that I’d sent by regular fax. I’m absolutely positive about this because one of the pages has a handwritten notation I’d made on it right before I’d faxed it to the attorney.

I called eFax and verified that they had no account using my phone number, so the main emailed page has to be a fake eFax. There are only three possible ways I know of for Jones to have obtained the two pages attached to this email: either 1) the personal injury lawyer gave them to him without my knowledge or consent; 2) the lawyer provided them to someone else who sent them on to Jones, also without my knowledge or consent; or 3) someone illegally intercepted my fax. When I’d talked to agents at the San Antonio FBI office the previous summer after first confronting Diop Kamau (who told me Jones worked for him), one of the first things agents there said to me was that they were positive our phone and fax line was secure, which I remember thinking was odd, because they’d offered this information to me without my having asked for it.

My own personal opinion is that this email probably proves illegal interception of my private fax by law enforcement. In any case, I believe Jones brazenly emailed it back to me with the fake eFax just to let me know he had it because he and his associates were angry with me for having contacted the personal injury lawyer and filing a complaint with high-level state and federal law enforcement as shown by one of the attached pages. This email also reinforces the connection between Jones and Kamau, because as you can see, Jones sent Kamau a copy of it.

Diop Kamau originally told me that Rob Jones worked for him (Kamau) and was from Texas. Later, Kamau and others said Jones was from Kentucky, but I believe this may have been because Kamau and others were desperate to try and find a way to explain the Kentucky stamps on the back of my cancelled checks to Kamau as shown in my 8/28/09 “Check Connections” blog posting. (These stamps may actually link Kamau to my father, who lives in KY and has major ties to Philadelphia, the other location stamped on the check backs. The potential implications of this link are discussed earlier in my 6/29/09 “Family Business” post. My father is a known close associate of my ex-husband’s.)

I’ve heard rumors that Rob Jones actually works as an investigator for our local D.A., but no one will confirm this for me. (Am I surprised?!?) Note that I’ve been told repeatedly we need to go to this D.A.’s office both to file criminal complaints and to obtain various legal protections for both myself and my children. Also note that it’s this same D.A.’s office that is involved in the Shue, Dillday, and other notorious suspicious death cases.


Anonymous said...

sorry, you didnt "hear rumors" about anything in the sense that hearing a rumor requires speaking to another human being which of course you cant do , other than the kids.

now, if your hearing rumors is voices from the ether, well, ASSSUGLI will alow that

ASSSUGLI.." SECRETLY FINSHING ATTICS AND REPAIRING STREETS EVERYWHERE" if you dont know who finished your has to be asssugli!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

see mary lou hears rumors in jan.

Thomas Bean said...

When I tried to talk to lawyers......they were either murdered, maimed, or somehow chilled away from talking to me.

The ACLU was absolutely incompetent and worthless: they know nothing about countersurveillance, investigations, etc.

And, the surveillance was well known to Sioux Falls, SD-Minneapolis FBI-FBI HQ.

FBI aids and abets NSA TSP contract surveillance (no warrants) so they can use tainted info that is laundered or "parallel construction" to avoid suppression under The Exclusionary Rule.

The weapons and tactics that are available are military grade: you would not believe how high tech the game can get.

Either sue them, or...move.

It's not worth dealing with this in a corrupt little town.